9 Stunning Media Wall Designs in Pakistan That You Should Know About! 

Buying a house is often just the start of a fairytale. Now, that you have a home, you are in charge of decorating it according to your preferences and taste. A rather new and more contemporary approach is having entertainment walls in the houses. An entertainment wall is also known as a media wall. It is a wall where an entertainment center such as a TV or a play station is either hung or placed. 

When it comes to designing a media wall, there are many factors that should be taken into account. For instance, the right TV angle, the glare, and the optimized use of the space are some of the most important factors that should be considered. 

Therefore it is obvious that people are in search of media wall design in Pakistan. We have compiled a healthy and useful list so that you are able to sit back and relax. Here are our top picks for media wall design in bedroom in Pakistan. 

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Frame and Floating Furniture 

This one is a rather trending concept of media wall decoration that is taking the internet by storm for all the right reasons. The main reason behind such liking is that this popular media wall design in the bedroom works best for cluttered spaces. A little management and you will end up with a quirky and fun vibe to the overall house. 

Hang your entertainment center on the wall and try to evacuate some space from below the area. This will create a healthy illusion of extra space in the house. Then experiment around in your house regarding where you want to place your TV. 

Go All Wooden 

This is a tale as old as time. Wooden walls are the most popular media wall design in Pakistan. Wood is a stunning element to add to the house. It adds up to the natural appeal of the house and also leads to a stunning background. Adding wood to the wall and then hanging your tv on it is a solid experience. The wood leads to a natural and neutral tone which enhances the overall experience. 

A good word of advice is to keep the size of the TV moderate so that it does not lead to an eye-soaring experience. Make sure to add up a box for all the cables and other wired stuff so that the main area does not appear crowded. 

Luxury Suede Wall 

For all those who have a thing for suede walls, this one media wall design is for you. It is glamorous, classic and adds the right dose of texture and character to your house. It allows creates the perfect amount of space between the TV and the wall ensuring that the system and the area do not heat up in the middle of the process. 

It is best to avoid placing any fireplace in the space below the media wall because the wallpaper can get damaged if exposed to heat for too long. 

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Gallery Wall 

What’s better than to hang your TV and some of the family portraits on the same wall? It might sound too much but if done right will create the perfect ambiance for your house. A rather popular media wall design in Pakistan is one in which the gallery units are created above and below positioning the TV in the center of it. 

Not only this leads to a rather coherent space development but also allows room for sending family-friendly vibes. 

Power of Customization 

Another media wall design in Pakistan is famous for its efficacy and efficiency, in this design, the walls are kept clean and untouched.  Hang your TV on the wall and then do all the customization on the space that is available beneath the entertainment center. Another thing that you can try is to customize a TV space so that you can place it anywhere in the room except on the wall. This versatility is what promises ample space and does not allow rigidity. 

Just make sure that you plan this whole customization scenario before constructing the house. This way you will be able to do something about the cables and wires. 

Backlit Media Wall 

You might have heard about lit-up spaces in a house.  But you have to try this backlit media wall to believe it. When this media wall is designed, not just the TV is lit up but the whole TV wall panel is illuminated. It leads to the generation of a cozy glow that is shining and glowing. 

It is the perfect reminiscence of the old and traditional fireplaces. Moreover, you can also try a hearth at the base of the tv station to add more glamour to the space. 

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall 

Calling all the mirror lovers out there!  Mirrors are a true symbol of grace and beauty. They add elegance and nuance to the styling of the house. But you would have to buy a mirror TV for this purpose. And if you have one already then you are golden. These bespoke and technologically advanced TVs are the perfect way to add mirrors to a space. 

Mirror TV serve as both a tech-savvy entertainment source and as a mirror when turned off. Hailed from the minds of the most creative architects, this media wall design is a roadmap to perfection. 

Hang it Among the Geometry 

Geometric patterns on the walls are a hit and a miss. If done wrong they can create confusion and make the spectator dizzy. On the other hand when done right, you not only have a quirky media wall design but also a utilizable craft as well. 

You can mount your large TVs or any other form of entertainment center-style object on the wall.  But as we have discussed before, try to be subtle in the details. 

Illusion Changes the Game

Another popular media wall design in the bedroom is the use of optical illusion for the greater good. Optical illusions are the use of lights and rods in a sustainable fusion so that the whole aura of the place can be restored. 

Make sure that you are hiring the right persons for the job so that you are not ending up with a pattern vomit on your walls. 

The Bottom Line 

The above-mentioned article contains first-hand details about media wall design in Pakistan. Make sure to extract information from these designs so that you can enjoy a luxurious house construction experience. 

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