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Regal City Sheikhupura - A Majestic Housing Project

Sheikhpura is a city with a rich history. In the old days, the name of this city was “Virkgarh.” It is because at that time a lot of Virk Jatts used to live in this area.
Now allow us to tell you that Sheikhupura is the 16th largest city in Pakistan and is doing great in the past years in terms of development. The main reason behind it is many but the one that tops the chart is that it is close to the city of Lahore and is easily accessible from the G.T Road.
So, are you a resident of Sheikhupura and planning to invest in a real estate project that is close by? Or are you looking for some real estate project that is affordable and close to the major cities and also approved?
If this is the case, no project is better than Regal City Sheikhupura. The project is of trusted developers and is the very first project of the city that is approved by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA).
This is a project that is nothing but a huge blessing for not only the residents of Sheikhpura but for even those who live nearby and looking for a great investment opportunity.
This is a housing project that will allow you to live a healthy, comfortable, peaceful, safe, and luxurious life.
If we look at this project from a business perspective, allow us to tell you that Sheikhupura is known as the business hub for traders. It is because firstly it is close to Lahore as mentioned before. Secondly, Lahore Gujranwala and Faisalabad Roads also passed through this city.

Owner & Developer

Regal City Sheikhupura Developers

Before making an investment people prefer to know who is the developer of the project. Well, Regal City is the very first modern housing project of the Sheikhupura, so in the beginning, people were not sure whether to invest or not. So, they wanted to know who is the mastermind behind this project. So, allow us to tell you that Saad Akbar Developers and Builders Pvt Ltd are the owners of this magnificent and prestigious project. The company is known among many, as they have delivered multiple successful projects in the past. They use modern technology for proper technology, construction, and everything else. If we talk more about them in detail they are owned by none other than Masters Sanitary Fittings. This brand is the top brand of Sanitary Fittings in Pakistan. They are also running multiple top brands all around Pakistan. Now when it comes to Regal City, the developers have ensured that future residents enjoy everything within the premises. Within the walls of the housing scheme, universities, hospitals, schools, restaurants, commercial areas, and everything else will be available.

Regal City Sheikhupura Location

There are many things that people look out for before making an investment in a housing scheme. One of them is the location. It is not wrong to say that location matters the most when making a decision.
Considering this the team of Regal City has opted for the best location for this project. The housing project is very close to the Sheikhupura Bypass and Sheikhupura Link Road.
It means that the project is in the middle of the city. So, you will not face any issues in terms of accessibility.
The other good thing about this supreme location is that already the property rates are quite good. And as per the management, the property rates will increase as time passes.

Nearby Areas
The nearby areas are:
✔Al Samad Town – 1 Minute Away
✔Community Housing – 10 Minutes Away
✔Shaheen Orchard – 4 KM Away
✔VIP Town – 1.8 Kilometers Away

Is Regal City Sheikhupura LDA Approved?

A common query of investors and people who are looking for real estate opportunities to settle in is often regarding the legal status of a project. That is why it is understandable that people are asking questions about the NOC status of Regal City Sheikhupura. Well, the good news for all the investors is that this one is a solid LDA-approved project.

As the management has provided everything the authorities have given this society the green light.

Regal City Sheikhupura Project Masters Plan

Learning about the master plan of society is another crucial thing to do. Not only it allows you to increase your knowledge spectrum it also helps you to make informed decisions regarding residential and commercial real estate investment in society.

The developers of the society have carefully incorporated several things in the master plan of this society. From stunning villas for residential options to the availability of commercial plots for investors, this one is a complete real estate package for everyone.

The Regal City Sheikhupura master plan also includes a society-centric commercial market. This market will provide residents with direct access to basic life requirements. Moreover, the housing society will also have a 9-hole golf park – the first of its very kind on the society premises.

Payment Plan

Regal City Sheikhupura Payment Plan 2023

You might think that the Regal City Sheikhupura payment plan is out of reach for many. However, this isn’t the case. The plot rates of this housing project are very reasonable. In this housing project, you can find commercial, residential plots, and even villas. We’d also like to tell you that the booking of the plot starts from 20% and the installment plan expands up to 5 years. For more details, have a look at the payment plan.


Residential Plots Payment & Installment Plan

The residential plots available in the project are of many sizes. So, it is obvious that you will never fall short of options. Have a look at the payment plan and invest in a plot you think is the best suited to your needs and budget.

2 Yeas Plan

Regal City Undeveloped Plots Payment Plan

3 year Plan

Regal City Undeveloped Plots Payment Plan

Plots for Sale

Plots for Sale in Regal City Sheikhupura

Wondering about the plots for sale in the Regal City Sheikhupura? Listed below are the available plot sizes in both residential and commercial capacities in the promising project:


Residential plots for sale

Following are the available residential plots sizes in the society:
✔ 5 Marla plots for sale
✔ 7 Marla plots for sale
✔ 8 Marla plots for sale
✔ 10 Marla plots for sale
✔ 15 Marla plots for sale
✔ 1 Kanal plots for sale
✔ 2 Kanal plots for sale


Commercial Plots for sale

The available commercial plot sizes in the society are as follows:
✔2 Marla
✔4 Marla
✔8 Marla


Villas for Sale

The Regal City Sheikhupura also promises villas with distinguished infrastructure and a luxurious lifestyle. Following are the available plot sizes for villas in the society:
✔ 5 Marla
✔ 10 Marla
✔ 1 Kanal

Commercial Plots Payment & Installment Plan

The housing project is incomplete without commercial plots. The management of Regal City knows about this well. The commercial plots payment plan is as follows:
✔On Lump Sum Payment Enjoy 15% Discount
✔For the Corner, Main Road, and Park Facing Plots, 10% Extra Charges
Within 180 Days From the Booking Date, All the Extra Charges Will Be Payable

Sailent Features

Why Invest in Regal City Sheikhupura?

For an investor, a secure and stable ROI generation is of peak importance. That is why it is important to ask the common question as to why one should invest in Regal City Sheikhupura. If you are also looking for such answers then we have some pointers that might help you out:
✔Regal City Sheikhupura hosts the first-ever tallest restaurant in Pakistan
✔The makers have added a 9-hole golf course in the society which is the first of its kind in Punjab
✔A community center that is dedicated to the society residents is also in the making
The society will also include a Sheikh Zayed Replica Mosque, hence promising an equally stellar experience for the people
✔Regal City Sheikhupura has its own graveyard which promises comfort and convenience for the residents
✔A high quality and triple screen cinema is also a part of the masterplan of the society
✔In order to enhance the real estate appeal of the city, a commercial center and a civic center is also on the cards
The society also boosts a quick response fire fighting and ambulance system to cater to the emergencies

Outstanding Features

Regal City Sheikhupura Features and Facilities

If you are planning to invest in this housing project, allow us to tell you that this housing project has wonderful features. The facilities and features you will enjoy are:

Widespread & Clean Roads

One of the best things about Regal City Sheikhupura is that the society master plan contains widespread and clean roads. The road network is wide and carpeted and allows people to roam around in society freely and safely. This also reduces the inconvenience that the residents can face otherwise.

Sewerage System

Another thing that stands out in this housing society is that there is a sewage system that has been installed to ensure that the waste is being managed properly. Nowadays as there has been a strict check on waste management within societies, this is something that is a stand-out feature.

Art Infrastructure & Safe Environment

The infrastructure plan of the society is one for the books. From stunning pathways to incorporation of green belts everything about the society screams perfection. Moreover, this society is high on the environmental-friendly scale as well.

CCTV Security Cameras

Security is a necessary feature that cannot be compromised. People who have families tend to invest in those areas where there is a promise of safety and security. The CCTV surveillance ensures that the premises are safe and that the kids can enjoy playing in a secure facility

Lush & Green Parks

People need to have a breather in the midst of everything and the parks are something that is important in the said context. They provide the much-needed break from all the concrete that has been surrounding us for the past some time. Moreover, the kids can also play in these parks.

Gated Community

The makers of the society are leaving no stone unturned to ensure and produce a housing society that will stand the test of time in the coming years. That is why they are ensuring a 65 feet high main gate. This gate suits the overall aesthetic value of the housing society and matches the grandeur.

24-Hour Health Facilities

Health is a basic necessity that cannot be compromised. In order to ensure that the residents of the Regal City Sheikhupura have direct access to health facilities, state-of-the-art health centers are included in the master plan of the society.

Underground Electricity, SUI Gas & Water Facilities

The underutilization of resources is what causes their depletion of them after some time. This is what has been happening in Pakistan for quite some time. Therefore to ensure that the residents of the society are not facing any such issue, the makers are ensuring a continuous supply of gas, electricity, and water. Moreover, the pipeline work for all of this will be underground.

Education & Entertainment

The Regal City Sheikhupura promises educational centers which are hosting kids from pre-nursery to higher education. The education centers will also provide educational facilities for medical, engineering, and business studies students. Moreover, the deserving students are also eligible for a 25% discount on their studies expenditure.


Regal City Sheikhupura - A Complete Real Estate Package!

Regal City Sheikhupura is without any doubt one of the most promising real estate ventures of the present time. It is modern, urban, supreme, and all the right things that should be included in a real estate project. From Islamic libraries to the quick response fire fighting and ambulance systems, the perks of investing in this society are endless. Thus, what are you waiting for? Call Property Street and invest today. If you are interested in some other projects such as Lahore Smart City, Citi Housing Multan Phase 2, Capital Smart City, or some other project, then you can contact us. As we deal in multiple projects.


The Regal City Sheikhupura location is right next to Sheikhupura Bypass and Sheikhupura Link Road.

Saad Akbar Developers and Builders Pvt Ltd are the developers of this project.

Yes, Regal City Sheikhupura is an LDA-approved project.

Yes, Regal City Sheikhupura is an affordable project. The payment and installment plan is very much flexible.

Regal City Sheikhupura is the very first project within the city that is approved by LDA. Also, it is a modern project that has state-of-the-art infrastructure.

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