One Capital Residences


One Capital Residences - A Concept of Futuristic Apartments

Once Capital Residences is the latest talk of the town. It is a project that was introduced by no one else but the developers of the first-ever smart city of Pakistan, Capital Smart City Islamabad.
Capital Smart City needs no introduction. It is the housing project that completely changed the real estate industry of Pakistan for the betterment. The mastermind and developers of CSC were known names:

Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Ltd
Future Developments Holding Ltd (FDHL)
Even the master plan of CSC was not designed by any ordinary company. A Singaporean Company Surbana Jurong designed the master plan of this wondrous housing scheme.
Now coming back to the One Capital Residencies, this project will be built within Islamabad’s Smart City. It is a futuristic project that will surely open a lot of opportunities for investors. Mainly to those who are looking for a peaceful, comfortable, and as well as modern environment to be in.
This is a project that is also designed by a known and international designer. One of the Arquivio Architects founders Dr. Daniel Fraile designed this entire project. When you look at the design you get an idea it is something that has all the smart features, safety, and luxury.

One Capital Residences

Owner & Developer

One Capital Residences Islamabad Developers & Owners

Once Capital Residences Islamabad is going to be the most modern and spectacular apartment building all over Pakistan. The developers of this project are sure about it. As mentioned before, the project lies within the premises of Smart City in Islamabad, so there is no need to doubt that the project is owned by FDHL and HRL. However, the design of the entire apartment project is designed by the most famous Dr. Daniel Fraile. Dr. Daniel Fraile has done his Ph.D. in Architect and Design. Also, he is among the founding members of Arquivio Architects. It is a company that was established in Spain in 1999. The company was also awarded many awards in these years.

One Capital Residences Location

So, are you eager to learn more about this magical project? If so, we think it is the right time to learn all the details related to the One Capital Residences location.
As the project is within the premises of CSC, it is clear to many that the location is going to be ideal. However, surely you would like to learn the exact location of these apartments within the housing scheme.
Well, the luxurious apartment building is in the east of the Overseas Block. To be more specific, the front of the entire apartment building will be occupied by a popular block that is Crystal Lake. Also, the Sports Arena and even the mosque are going to be quite close to the premises.

Here is the detailed Map of Islamabad’s Smart City that will allow you to understand the One Capital Residences location better:

One Capital Residences location

Easy to Access From Multiple Locations

We are sure that after reading about the location in detail above, you get an idea about the location of One Capital Residences and also get to know that it is accessible from so many different points.
However, allow us to eliminate even a little confusion if there is any by mentioning the access points one by one. The details are below:

1. From Main Entrance Of  Capital Smart City – 1 Mins
2. From Second Entrance of Capital Smart City – 3 Mins
3. From the Proposed M-2 Motorway Interchange – 4 Mins
 4 .From Main Chakri Road – 10 Mins
5. From Chakri Interchange – 30 Mins
6. From the Main Adyala Road – 40 Mins
7. From the New Islamabad International Airport – 40 Mins
8. From M-1 Motorway – 45 Mins

What Is the Legal Status of One Capital Residences Islamabad?

Well to find out about the legal status of One Capital Residences, you have to find out whether the Capital Smart City is approved by the development authorities or not.
Well, the big news is that in 2019, the Rawalpindi Development Authority approved the NOC of a smart city in Islamabad.
Moving on in January 2022, the housing project received approval from Northern Gas Pipelines Limited for the Gas Supply. Moreover, the management has also received the approvals letter from the concerned departments for electricity, sewage system, and even water management.
So be sure that even when you will invest in One Capital Residencia, you will not face the trouble of any kind when it comes to legality. Also, you don’t have to worry that you may fail to get gas, water, or electricity. Because this is something that is not going to happen as the management has taken all the necessary steps already.

Total Land

Total Land Covered by One Capital Residences

When you think of an apartment building, you automatically assume that it will cover a maximum area of 20 to 30 Kanal, mainly in Pakistan. However, One Capital Residences is about to make history in this regard. These luxurious apartments cover the huge land of around 287 Kanal. From these 287 Kanal, 30% of the land is used to make residential apartments. More than 130,000 sq. ft. is designated for entertainment, leisure, and retail purposes. A huge portion is also set aside by the management for green areas and water bodies.

Apartment in One Capital Residences

Available Residential Apartment in One Capital Residences

In One Capital Residences, as per the management, more than 1780 apartments will be available. Each one is designed considering the future needs of residents. Also, each apartment has everything from modern facilities to safety and security. The types of apartments and their number of units available are:

One Capital Residences Studio Apartment

One Capital Residences Studio Apartment

Total Area of the Apartment: 483.32 Sq. ft. Covered Area of the Apartment: 401.20 Sq. ft.

1 Bed Apartment

1 Bed Apartment

Total Area of the Apartment: 795.77 Sq. ft. Covered Area of the Apartment: 660.47 Sq. ft.

2 Bed

2 Bed Apartment

Total Area of the Apartment: 1446.13 Sq. ft. Covered Area of the Apartment: 1229.99 Sq. ft.

2 Bed Duplex

2 Bed Duplex Apartment

Two-Story Apartment Total Area of the Ground Floor: 659.61 Sq. ft. Total Area of the First Floor: 1412.98 Sq. ft.

2 bed apartment
2 Bed Duplex Apartment

3 Bed

3 Bed Apartment

Total Area of the Apartment: 1975.75 Sq. ft. Covered Area of the Apartment: 1636.54 Sq. ft.

3 Bed Duplex

3 Bed Duplex Apartment

Two-Story Apartment Total Area of the Ground Floor: 659.61 Sq. ft. Total Area of the First Floor: 1412.98 Sq. ft.


3 Bed (Dip Pool

3 Bed Duplex Apartment (Dip Pool)

Two-Story Apartment Total Area of the Ground Floor: 1549.14 Sq. ft. Total Area of the First Floor: 1202.03 Sq. ft.

4 Bed

4 Bed Duplex Apartment

Two-Story Apartment Total Area of the Ground Floor: 1511.68 Sq. ft. Total Area of the First Floor: 1412.98 Sq. ft.

3 Bed Duplex Apartment (Dip Pool)

One Capital Residences Master Plan

Finding a fault in the One Capital Residences master plan is not possible. It is designed with utmost perfection and dedication.
The entire building is designed in a manner that it will have everything. If you are looking for residential property, you will find one in it. In case you prefer to invest in the commercial sector, this magnificent project offers this opportunity to you.
Moving on to the other features, from walkways to sports facilities and office spaces, this one-of-a-kind building will have all.
The details about each facility and feature available in this project are as followed:
● 1,738 → Residential Apartments ● 60,400 → Sports Facilities
● 90,000 sq. ft. Area Reserved → Serviced Office Spaces
●131,000 sq. ft. Reserved → Commercial Shops and Brand Outlets
● 160,000 sq. ft. → Green Area 30,000 sq. ft. → Water
●  Body 1.75 Km → Walkways
Moving on to the division of the building: it is categorized by the management in such a manner:
● Serviced Apartments  ● Emerald Daisy
● Silver Belt Oleander Nursery Jade

Commercial Complex

Commercial Complex in One Capital Residences

The main purpose behind the design of this entire building was one and that is each individual gets every facility close by. So when the project will be complete you will find commercial places in multiple places within the building. From restaurants to coffee shops and much more.

Payment Plan

One Capital Residences Payment Plan (Detailed)

In One Capital Residences, as per the management, more than 1780 apartments will be available. Each one is designed considering the future needs of residents. Also, each apartment has everything from modern facilities to safety and security. The types of apartments and their number of units available are:

Why to Invest

Is It True That You Can Enjoy Several Benefits Once Invested in One Capital Residences?

Whenever someone plans to make an investment, they think about multiple things. The most important of all is that they would like to learn about the benefits. It is because real estate investment is a huge step taken by anyone. Here no one likes to take risks. So, if you are interested in investing in One Capital Residences, you would like to learn about the perks of investing in this project. Allow us to tell you that the advantages are several, such as: The project is located in a fine location, as it is in Overseas East District. Moreover, the development of the Overseas East District of CSC is almost complete. The masjids, commercial areas, and school construction are also about to complete. The CSC smart villas are also ready in the Overseas East Block. The basic necessities such as gas, electricity, and water are available in this area. All these are the points indicating that in the future, in this specific block property prices will increase dramatically. This means if you invest in One Capital Residencies, a futuristic apartment building, you will be able to generate high returns on your investment. In short, this is a golden opportunity for residents of Pakistan and even for Overseas Pakistanis living in the UK, the USA, or Canada.

Outstanding Features

Available Facilities in One Capital Residencia Capital Smart City

What would you prefer, investing in a project that is affordable but promises no facilities? Or a project that is a bit expensive, but promises a peaceful living experience and much more. If the second option is what you prefer, here is what One Capital Residencia has to offer you:

Sports Arena

A dedicated sports arena ensures that the people who are residing inside do not have to wander off to the outside spaces. In order to maintain a balance between work and life, people often require good opportunities for physical activity. This sports arena exactly offers that.

Restaurants and Coffee Houses

In order to spend time with their families and friends, restaurants and coffee shops are the perfect place. One Capital Residencia offers people this aspect so that they can engage in good entertainment activities while enjoying good food as well.

Crystal Waterfalls

One of the most stunning features of One Capital Residencia is the crystal waterfalls that give the appearance of falling dewdrops to the onlookers. It’s everything one can dream about. Crystal waterfalls are stunning, extremely beautiful, and stylish as well. It is bound to leave everywhere in a spell.


The residential accommodation has some of the most stunning walkways to boost. The developers of society are making sure that the residents and investors are able to enjoy the premium perks of side walkways which are lush and gloriously planned out.

Green Landscape

A premium need of the current time is having a green landscape which ensures a close connection with nature and a rare chance to breathe air without all the pollution. The housing venture’s developers are keen on providing a green landscape for the property’s residents to ensure their ease and comfort.

Grocery Store

The real estate venture has its own grocery store which reduces the commute to the outside world, promising direct access to all sorts of living standards. This grocery store promises every basic need of life and gives access to the best materials.

Swimming Pools

Another premium perk of One Capital Residencia is that this one comes with swimming pools. The swimming pools are luxurious, modern, and sophisticated to say the least. It is urban living at its finest and premium best!

Highly Maintained Property

One Capital Residencia is a highly maintained property. From the best of locations to the infrastructure development, this society is built according to the most exclusive real estate parameters. Moreover, the developers are also ensuring that society is properly maintained and well-kept.


Final Words!

One Capital Residencia is a classic blend of modern and sustainable real estate development. This real estate development is perk-loaded and ensures the best of modern living for the people and investors. Invest in it today and embrace the new and better future of real estate which promises high-end delivery of the best of things. Contact Property Street for further details, bookings, payment procedures, and the investment potential of One Capital Residences, today. You can also contact us if you are planning to invest in some other city such as Lahore. In Lahore, there are projects like Lahore Smart City, Park View City Lahore, and Etihad Town Lahore. Moving on, we also provide assistance in other projects such as Blue World City Islamabad, Kingdom Valley Islamabad, Royal Orchard Multan, New Metro City Gujar Khan, and so on! Reference:

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