Kingdom Valley Islamabad


Kingdom Valley Islamabad - An Affordable Project in the Capital of Pakistan

Are you searching for a low-cost housing scheme to make an investment in? If so, Bravo! You are at the right place.
Kingdom Valley Islamabad is one of the most modern and affordable housing projects recently launched. As you know, the society is located in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad.
If we specifically talk about the location of this housing project, it is located at Chakri Road, close to Lahore-Islamabad M2 Motorway.
This housing scheme has a lot to offer. Other than commercial and residential investment, you also get an opportunity to invest in farmhouses. The other great thing is that each property comes with an installment plan and amenities needed to live a quality life.
If you are among those who are planning to move soon, investing in this project is a great option for you. It is because Kingdom Valley Islamabad is developing at a very fast pace.

Another point that plays a crucial role in increasing the popularity of Kingdom Valley is its Overseas block. This is a block that is specifically designed for Overseas Pakistanis. The location of this block is also quite far from the city’s hustle. Furthermore, all the modern and luxury facilities are available in this specific block.
The positive points of this housing project didn’t end here. Down below, we have mentioned all the other details related to this project. So, give it a read, and thank Property Street later!

Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Owner & Developer

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Developers

Are you wondering who the proud owner of this project is? Well, allow us to tell you! No one else but Kingdom Group launched this magnificent project. The team of Kingdom Group has done extraordinary work to make this housing project a success. Well, we did also like to inform you that the CEO of this project is none other than Mr. Ghulam Hussain Shahid Sanpal. He is a known personality all around Pakistan, as he has delivered many successful real estate projects in the past. Also, it is a project of Kingdom Group that is launched in collaboration with the NAYA Pakistan Housing Scheme. This is another reason the developers are able to set the rates of each property relatively minimally as compared to other projects launched by other developers. The developers are sure that they will complete the development of the project quite soon.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Developers


Details about Kingdom Valley Islamabad Location

Are you looking for a place that is far from city hustle but at the same time allows you to stay connected with it? If so, Kingdom Valley is the right housing project for you to invest your hard-earned money.
The housing scheme is in a perfect spot. It is located on Chakri Road, near the M2 Motorway (Lahore Islamabad Motorway).
You might be surprised by the heat, but it is only 5 km away from the Rawalpindi Ring Road. This makes Kingdom Valley Islamabad's location even more accessible to reach from different points. In short, stay at ease, as commuting isn’t going to be an issue for you once you start living in Kingdom Valley.
Access Points
As mentioned above, Kingdom Valley Islamabad is highly accessible. Here you will learn how?
Close to the M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway
Chakri Road - Almost 5 Min Drive
International Islamabad Airport - Almost 25 Min Drive
Adiala Road - Almost 25 Min Drive
Rawat-Chakbeli Road - Almost 26 Min Drive
Close by Places & Landmarks
The nearby places and landmarks Kingdom Valley is surrounded by are as follows:
M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway
International Islamabad Airport
Qurtaba City

Kingdom Valley Islamabad nearby land marks

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Map

Remembering or understanding everything related to the location isn’t easy. It can cause a lot of confusion. So, the management of Kingdom Valley launched the map, so the investors don’t face any trouble.


kingdom valley location
kingdom valley islamabad NOC

Kingdom Valley Islamabad NOC

Do you know what NOC is? Well, NOC stands for No-Objection Certificate. Having this certificate is quite essential for housing projects. As it is a legal public document that tells investors the real estate project is legal, as it is approved by the development authorities.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad NOC is approved. Its NOC is secured under the NAYA Pakistan Housing Scheme. The registration number is DRG/PHATA/2176-2021.

Master Plan of Kingdom Valley

A master plan of a society is the collection of all the elements that will be part of the final product.
As we have learned before, society covers a huge area of 15000 Kanal, and this area allows the development of various aspects of society.
Kingdom Valley Islamabad has residential and commercial areas. In which overseas blocks, farmhouses, and villas are included. All are available with an easy-to-follow installment plan.
The master plan of the society also includes stunning infrastructure. This includes theme parks, healthcare centers, educational institutes, and other amenities that lead to high-quality lifestyles. That is why investing in such a high-tech area also leads to better investment opportunities as well as high ROI.
Moreover, the developers of this project have kept all the necessities of the public in mind. They are leaving no stone unturned to build a real estate project that is remarkable and sustainable.
A respected team of developers, architects, engineers, and designers are working with modern strategies, and the results are creative and advanced.

kingdom valley islamabad master plan


Kingdom Valley Islamabad Plot Details

The Kingdom Valley Islamabad can be divided into various plots which range from residential to commercial. Let's learn in detail about the various categories of plots that are available for investment in Islamabad's Kingdom Valley.


Residential Plots

Residential plots are an absolute need of real estate projects. People are looking to settle in those housing societies that promise a high-quality lifestyle and easy payment plans.
Kingdom Valley Islamabad hits all the right boxes as it provides an affordable residential experience in the best possible location in the city.
Given below are the residential plots that are available in Kingdom Valley Islamabad:
✔5 Marla
✔8 Marla
✔10 Marla
✔1 Kanal


Commercial Plots

The demand for commercial plots is increasing day by day. It is because people want their businesses to be near their residences. So, commercial plots provide a chance to create a space where people can establish their businesses.
As a society is NOC approved, there is no shadow of a doubt that it will be a legal society. So, as an investor, you can book your plot. Furthermore, from a location perspective, this one is stunning as well. This is what makes it the perfect fit for commercial investment. Here are the plots sizes that are available in the commercial block of the society:
✔2 Marla
✔4 Marla
✔8 Marla

Overseas Block

Overseas Executive Block

The overseas block is a dedicated block for all those Pakistanis living abroad but looking for investment opportunities in Pakistan. The overseas executive block is taking the meaning of luxury to new heights. The overseas Pakistanis are used to living with the best possible amenities of life. So, the management of the society knows their residential needs should be fulfilled.
Given below are the plot details which are available in the overseas block:
✔8 Marla
✔12 Marla
✔16 Marla



People these days are looking for opportunities to reside in a housing society that promises everything. They are not just looking for an average residential project. They are looking for a real estate project that has luxurious facilities as well. One such facility is a farmhouse in Kingdom Valley. Farmhouses in Kingdom Valley Islamabad promise a peaceful environment. The developers have added farmhouses to the master plan of this society as they are in high demand.
In addition to all this, the location of the farmhouse is also near a water stream. This is something that will offer a great view to residents in the future. The farmhouses are available in the following sizes:
✔2 Kanal
✔4 Kanal
✔8 Kanal


Kingdom Villas

The Kingdom Valley is setting the bar too high when it comes to offering luxury in the capital city of Islamabad.
The Kingdom Villas in the housing project is an entrance to a new world. A world of modernism where people will live a great life. Given below are the Kingdom villa sizes the Kingdom Valley Islamabad is offering in the society:
✔3.5 Marla
✔5 Marla
These villas are close to the theme park, libraries, and community centers.


Kingdom Heights

Kingdom Heights is another feature of Kingdom Valley Islamabad that increases the popularity of this magnificent project.
This tall infrastructure provides all the basic lifestyle amenities and takes everything to the next level. Kingdom Heights also have the following:
✔Parking Area
✔Swimming Pools
It is a space where you can live a healthy and sustainable life. Thus, if you are looking for a better investment chance, this one is for you.

Payment Plan

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Payment Plan 2023

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is an all-rounder real estate investment venture. The payment plan of this housing society is the perfect one as it stretches over 4 years. You can secure 8 bi-annual payments and 40 monthly payments. In addition to all this, the developers only demand a down payment and a certain cash deposit at the time of balloting. The Kingdom Valley plot for sale prices ranges from PKR 975,000 to PKR 13,000,000. Here are all the details that you might need to secure a plot in Kingdom Valley Islamabad:
Read More: Kingdom Valley Islamabad Payment Plan 2023

General Block Payment Plan

Kingdom Valley 5 Marla Residential Plots Payment Plan

New 3.5 Marla Residential Payment Plan

Kingdom Villas Payment Plan

Executive Block Payment Plan

Overseas Executive Block Payment Plan

Executive Block

New Payment Plans Executive Block

In case you are wondering what the latest updates regarding the updated Kingdom Valley Islamabad Executive Block payment plan are, here they are:

Kingdom Valley Executive Block Commercial

The Kingdom Valley Executive Block Commercial is no less than a treasure for all investors. 
It is premium, generates good money, and is a solid bet for investors out there. 
The payment plan of this block starts from PKR 5,800,000/- to PKR 10,800,000/-
This easy-to-follow investment plan adds value to the property and can turn out to be a valuable asset.

Kingdom Valley Executive Block Residentia

This is one of the top-class additions to this housing society. It is an addition that will easily convince you to make an investment. 
Not only does the master plan promise all the basic facilities of life, but it also offers high-end living standards. 
The payment plan for this block starts from PKR 1,340,000/- to PKR 3,200,000/-

Why Is Kingdom Valley the Best to Make an Investment?

Prime Location

If there is one thing that people need to understand before making an investment, it is the location of the project. Location is one of the key defining factors for any real estate project. 

Kingdom Valley is located right next to the main Chakri Interchange and Thalian Interchange. This location is prime in every prospect.

You can still connect with all the main points of the city while staying away from all the noise and hustle of the city. It is also just minutes from various landmarks of the city. Hence a positive investment opportunity for all the investors out there!

Affordable Prices

If there is one thing that people are seeking nowadays, it is how to invest in real estate. They think so much because of an increase in inflation. 

However, there is no need to worry much when Kingdom Valley Islamabad is here. Kingdom Valley Islamabad provides good residential opportunities at affordable rates.

Serene and Peaceful Ambiance

One of the most well-known elements of Kingdom Valley Islamabad is that it offers a peaceful environment to its residents. 

Surrounded by natural beauty is something that increases this housing project demand even more. Furthermore, it also plays a role in increasing the value of properties. 

All this promises a luxurious lifestyle for the residents and makes it a stunning real estate investment. It is the perfect escape from a busy life.

Secure Investment

The real estate sector is known for providing stable and highly secure opportunities to investors. People are gaining more and more interest in this sector because it promises high returns on investment.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad promises the same thing. As it is backed by well-known developers and covers a huge land, this one is your safest bet for real estate investment.

Well-known Developers

People are always eager to learn about the developers of the real estate project that they are investing in. The developers of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad are well-known in the real estate sector.

Ghulam Hussain Shahid Sanpal is the owner of this project. There is not a single shadow of a doubt about the fact that he is the best in the business. He has gathered the team, which includes engineers, architects, planners, managers, and construction workers.

Well-organized Map

Kingdom Valley Islamabad developers are known for delivering premium projects. They are continuing the trend here as well. 

They have a team of developers that have combined various elements of development in society as well. 

For example, they have kept the roads wide and the streets spacious and bright.

Development Status

Development Status of Kingdom Valley

If you are interested in investing in Kingdom Valley, surely you would like to know about its development status. Well, the development of the entire project is going at a very fast pace, as mentioned before. If you visit the site, you will see the heavy machinery is there working day and night. Even the development pictures shared by the management of Kingdom Valley tell how well the development of the project is going on.

Plot Booking

Plots Booking Procedure

Booking Documents

Documents Needed for Booking

Booking a plot is an essential thing to do to secure an investment in any housing scheme. Here is how you can book your plot in a luxurious housing scheme such as Kingdom Valley Islamabad:
✔Buyer’s CNIC - A Copy
✔Next to Kin CNIC - A Copy
✔Passport Size Picture
✔Booking Costs via Cheque, Pay Order, or Cash

File Verification

File Verification Process

File verification is an important step if you are looking at whether a project is legal or not. Moreover, it is not a tough task to check the file verification process for Kingdom Valley Islamabad plots. Here is how you can do it:
✔First Things First, You Have to Open the Official Site of Kingdom Valley Islamabad
✔Then Click on the Open File Verification, on the Top Menu
✔A New Window Will Open Asking For Your Application Number
Make Sure to Add the Right and Valid Application Number
✔Another Window Will Open Asking For Your Associated Data
✔In Case the Application Number That You Have Entered Is Not Valid, the Window Will Show No Result

How to Book Plots in Bahira Town Karachi 2

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Plot Booking

Here are a few terms and conditions that you need to keep an eye on while you are planning to book a plot in Kingdom Valley Islamabad:
✔In case you are looking to book a corner plot, a plot that is facing the park, a property that has three edges free, or a plot that is located on the main road, you are entitled to pay an additional 10% of the charges.
✔The payment plan that is currently public will be changed once the developers announce the start of the developmental work.
✔The developers are eligible to change the payment plan anytime they want without giving any prior notice.
✔The client can only book a plot if they have provided all the necessary documents for booking.
✔The residential plots in the society are solely for residential accommodation. If the residents are seen violating this, this might lead to the cancellation of the plot booking immediately.

Remarkable Features

Few of the Remarkable Features of Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Given below are some of the salient features of Kingdom Valley Islamabad that you cannot ignore

Gated Community

Nowadays, people want to settle in a housing society that promises security and has a lower crime rate. Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a gated community that promises top-notch security for all the people who live in it.

So, not only is it well-facilitated, but it is also safe and premium in every possible way.

The developers of the residential society have placed CCTV cameras on every corner. This will provide live coverage of everything happening around. Also, the security guards will be there on duty 24/7, as per management.

Grand Mosque

No one can deny the importance of Mosques in Muslim lives. It is a place where Muslims gather to perform various religious activities.

The developers of Kingdom Valley Islamabad have kept this in mind. Every block of the housing society will have a separate mosque where the worshippers can gather around. 

In addition to all this, there will be a mosque located in the center of the society as well. The mosque will be grand and beautiful.

Educational institute

Education is a need to make a better society. The developers of this housing society have kept this in mind. Parents do not want to compromise their child’s education.

To ensure that parents do not have to send their children to distant places for education, the management of the housing schemes took the necessary steps. Kingdom Valley Islamabad will have the following educational institutes in the housing society:
Superior College of Girls Chakri Campus
Global School System
Usman Institute of Higher Studies

Theme Park

In this modern and fast-paced world, taking some time out for recreational activities is important. However, it is hard to find suitable spaces these days.
But in Islamabad’s Kingdom Valley, this isn’t going to be an issue. Here the development of a theme park is under the cards. The theme park will incorporate the following:
Fun rides
All of such things promise an exciting and thrilling experience for people out there.


24/7 Supply of Utilities

You do not have to worry about load-shedding issues when you are residing in this society. One of the biggest perks of residing in this housing scheme is that it promises 24/7 availability of the utilities such as water, gas, and electricity.
Moreover, the developers have also ensured underground electrical wiring, which simply means very few hazards.

Health Facilities

It is the basic right of everyone to have access to health facilities. Health is something that no one should compromise on. 
The developers of the housing society have included clinics and hospitals in the master plan of the society. 
Furthermore, the following medical healthcare institutes are also in close premises:
Children’s Hospital
Armaghan Clinic
Basic Health Unit Opposite Al-Haram City

Stunning Infrastructure

The modern world demands modern infrastructure. People are in search of housing societies that are not only functional but have good infrastructure as well. 
The master plan of the Kingdom Valley has all the stunning details inside it. For example, refined technology and contemporary architecture.
developers have a team of professional architects that are leaving no stone unturned for the development of state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Easy Access to Landmarks

As we have mentioned previously, this one is located at one of the main points of the city. It also provides residents easy access to the important landmarks of the city. 

It doesn’t matter whether you have to go! To the airport or Rawalpindi, you can do so. Moreover, this location also connects the residents with the educational as well as commercial areas of the city.

Easy-to-follow Payment Plan

One of the main things that people need to understand is that a payment plan for any housing project should be manageable for you. The payment plan should be easy to follow and convenient. 

That is when the developers of this housing society brought something that surprised everyone. You can now pay in 8 bi-annuals and 40 monthly installments over 4 years.



Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a top-notch housing society that promises a luxurious lifestyle at affordable rates in Islamabad. It is located at one of the main points in the city and is highly accessible from all the major landmarks. The payment plan of the society is also easy-to-follow. If you are looking for further details related to Kingdom Valley Islamabad plot for sale or file verification, feel free to contact Property Street. Property Street is a known company providing real estate services in Pakistan. We deal in multiple projects, including Lahore Smart City, Capital Smart City, Soul City Lahore, Blue World City Islamabad, and the list goes on!

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