New Metro City Gujar Khan


New Metro City Gujar Khan - History in the Making

Gujar Khan – A land that is also known as the “land of Shaheed” is located right in the middle of the Potohar region. The Gujar Khan is also in close proximity to Rawalpindi and Islamabad. This is what makes it ideal when it comes to real estate investment. Considering this a great gift is in the making for Gujar Khan residents.
Now is the time for Gujar Khan Residents to enjoy the comfort and luxury of peaceful living. Considering this, the New Metro City Gujar Khan project was introduced by BSM Developers. The extraordinary amenities don’t mean the middle class will not be able to invest in this project. One of the best features of this project is its affordability.

Also, the location of the housing scheme is quite ideal, as it is right next to the GT road. The developers are sure that in Gujar Khan, the New Metro City is going to be a project of its kind. No other housing scheme will be able to beat its extensive features including affordability and luxury. 

New Metro City Gujjar Khan

Owner & Developer

The Owners & Developers of New Metro City Gujar Khan

The developers of New Metro City Gujar Khan are quite renowned and trusted by the investors – BSM Developers Pvt. Ltd. BSM Developers was the vision of Bilal Bashir Malik. He is the grandson of Bahria Town owner – the famous and renowned business tycoon of Pakistan.

New Metro City Gujjar Khan Owner and Developer

About BSM Developers

New Metro City Gujar Khan isn’t the first project of BSM Developers. BSM Developers has stepped into the real estate world with the project called Golf City Gawadar. It was a great success for them.
After that, they launched New Metro City Kharian in 2019 which also gained a good response from not only the local audience but overseas Pakistanis. The development of the project is almost completed and looks like a wonder in an underdeveloped area.

And after the great success of New Metro City Kharian, BSM Developers launched their latest project in 2022 in Gujar Khan with a similar name – New Metro City Gujjar Khan and upcoming Project of BSM Developer is New Metro City Mandi Bahauddin.


New Metro City Gujar Khan NOC

Is New Metro City Gujar Khan NOC Approved?

If you are not aware of what NOC is? It is a No Objection Certificate, a certificate that proves the society or any agency is legal.
The great news for the investors is that New Metro City Gujar Khan is NOC approved by TMA. Moving forward the layout plan of the housing scheme is also approved by Rawalpindi Development Authority. The layout approval number of Gujar Khan New Metro City is No: RDA|F-PHS-GRK-06/738.
Are you concerned about the legality of commercial plots of the housing society? Well, they are also approved as each and every commercial plot is part of New Metro City premises.

Launching Date

Launch Date of New Metro City Gujar Khan

14th July 2022 was the launch date of this prestigious project and from that day till this date the development work is going fantastic.

What is the New Metro City Gujar Khan Location?

Before investing in any housing scheme, the one thing which each investor focuses on is the location. The developers of the New Metro City understand this well. Considering this they have chosen the ideal location that is the best and accessible from multiple routes.
New Metro City Gujar Khan is located at the main G.T road. And everyone knows that G.T road is the most used road to commute within Punjab. As it is a road that links all the major cities including Lahore and Rawalpindi.

As per the developers in the coming future, the society will also be interlinked with the Sialkot-Rawalpindi Motorway extension.
The New Metro City Gujar Khan Map shows how prime the location is. And surely in the future, the residents will not face an accessibility issue of any sort.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Location

New Metro City Gujar Khan Map

The NMC Gujar Khan Map shows how prime the location is. And surely in the future, the residents will not face an accessibility issue of any sort.


New Metro City Gujar Khan is Quite Accessible

near by Lnadmarks NMC

Master Plan

Detailed New Metro City Gujar Khan Master Plan

The Lahore Smart City payment plan allows investors to invest in residential and commercial plots with a 10% down payment.
Investors can reserve their desired plots in Lahore Smart City using flexible cash and installment plans.
The following is the smart city Lahore payment plan:

The master plan of the housing scheme is something that grabs the attention of investors. It gives confidence to them that their investment is safe and will surely benefit them in the future.
For this specific housing society, 16,000 Kanal lands are acquired by the developers. In 4000 Kanal the basic development began and is being continued at a very good pace. This housing society is backed by the creative minds of engineers, developers, and other related and concerned parties.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Master Plan

Development Update

Latest Development Updates Related to New Metro City Gujar Khan

The great news for each investor is that the development work on NMC Gujar Khan is in full swing.

The construction process of the gatehouse and Main Boulevard is at its last stages.
Construction of the Canal Bridge and Trafalgar square has also begun.
To everyone’s surprise, the 5 and 7 Marla Villas construction pace is also going quite well along with Glow Park.

Payment Plan

New Metro City Gujar Khan Payment Plan 2023

One thing the developers have kept in mind when launching this project for the investors is that they ensured anyone can invest in it. The New Metro City Gujar Khan rates, be they commercial or residential, are minimal and come with a flexible payment plan.

Residential Plots in New Metro City Gujar Khan

New Metro City Gujjar khan is one of the most anticipated residential housing schemes that is offering the following residential plots for residents:
• 5 Marla Residential Plots
7 Marla Residential Plots
10 Marla Residential Plots
1 Kanal Residential Plots

Why Lahore Smart City?

Premium Residential Plots in New Metro City Gujar Khan

New Metro City is leaving no stone unturned to provide a residential experience of a lifetime. Here is a list of premium category residential plots offered by NMC Gujar Khan:
• 8 Marla Residential Plots for Sale
14 Marla Residential Plots for Sale

Why Lahore Smart City?

Commercial Plots in New Metro City Gujar Khan

Not only is NMC Gujar Khan offering luxurious residential plots for residents, but this real estate project is also providing commercial plots for keen and eager investors. Here is the range in which NMC Gujar Khan is providing commercial plots:
2.66 Marla Commercial Plots for Sale
• 5 Marla Commercial Plots for Sale
• 8 Marla Commercial Plots for Sale


Why Lahore Smart City?

Balloting Process

New Metro City Gujar Khan Balloting Process

The first-ever balloting for the New Metro City Gujar city was held on Aug 20, 2022. After the successful conclusion of the first balloting, the New Metro City Gujar Khan has provided the results to eager and lucky investors.

Name Blocks Date
Early Bird balloting Block A Aug 20, 2022
Special Balloting Block A Sep 30, 2022
Grand Balloting Block B Nov 18, 2022
Special Balloting Block C Dec 30, 2022

Note:  The balloting scheme for the year 2023 will be revealed in a few months. Make sure to check the previous results at the official site of NMC Gujar Khan.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Balloting Official Results

You can either get in touch with the official site for the balloting results or you can contact the BSM Developers for the results.
Here is a step-by-step guide on how to check New Metro City Gujar Khan balloting results:

Enter your full name
• Enter the registered email

• Enter your country name
• Enter your phone number
• Enter your WhatsApp contact number

• Hit the submit button and wait for the results

Why Lahore Smart City?


Amenities and Luxury Offered by New Metro City Gujar Khan

Listed below are some of the salient features of New Metro City Gujar Khan:

Why to Invest?

Perks of Investing in New Metro City Gujar Khan

Listed below are some of the key reasons why you should invest in this alluring real estate project:

All the Needed Amenities

This desirable real estate project is headlined with the availability of all the required amenities for improved life quality. It has a trade mall, educational institutes, parks for recreation activities, hospitals, and medical healthcare institutes. All of this makes it difficult to miss this golden investment opportunity.

Landmark and Accessible Locations

For a real estate project to thrive accessibility is one of the most sought-after features. Whether it is a residential scheme or a commercial venture, it should ensure maximum connectivity points and should be easy to access from multiple fronts. And New Metro City Gujar Khan checks all the necessary boxes on the checklist.

Association of Renowned Names with the Project

One of the most important things to consider while making a real estate investment is cross-checking the market reputation of the aligned names with the project. And New Metro City Gujjar Khan passes that test with flying colors. Bilal Steel Mills, Gwadar Golf City, and New Metro City Kharian are some of the prime examples of the fine work, vigor, and creativity of the owners and developers of this project.
From the right skillset to experience, they have got all the right ingredients that make this project a recipe for success.


Affordable Prices

BSM Developers are making sure to leave no stone unturned to make New Metro City Gujar khan an accessible and affordable residential and commercial scheme. Although a contemporary and modern project, NMC comes with all the necessary and needed life amenities. As the real estate market is a dynamic sector, the prices may increase in the near future due to economic inflation, thus a suitable investment at this very time is highly advised.

A Great Investment Opportunity for Overseas Pakistanis

Are you an overseas Pakistani living in Canada, the USA, UK, or somewhere else but planning to settle in Pakistan in near future? Or you frequently visit Pakistan and need a place that is far from city hustle but still linked to big cities.

If this is the case, New Metro City located in Gujar Khan is the best project for you to invest in. Not only is it budget-friendly but will surely benefit you in the near future in terms of profit.

why new metro city gujar khan

Outstanding Features

Few Outstanding Features of New Metro City Gujar Khan

Aesthetic Entrance

The main entrance plays a key role be it a home, building, or housing scheme. Because that is the first thing visitors notice and make up their mind accordingly. Considering this, the BSM Developers have made sure that the grand entrance of the NMC is not only aesthetically appealing but meets all the safety standards.

Vigorous Developments

The development of Gujar Khan’s first modern, luxurious yet affordable housing scheme is not only wondrous but sturdy. The developers have an idea of what they are doing, and considering this not only are they focused on making infrastructure modern but ensure that quality material is used during the construction.


While investing in any housing scheme, the first thing on which investors focus is accessibility. They prefer to invest in a society that not only allows them to move within the city easily but to other major cities too. New Metro City Gujar Khan fulfills this desire of the investors, as it is located on the main G.T road.

Affordable Rates

Everyone dreams of owning a home once in a lifetime. However, these days fulfilling this dream isn’t simple due to high property prices. But NMC Gujar Khan has something for all. The plot prices of the housing scheme are quite reasonable. Secondly, the payment plans are flexible. All this allows everyone to invest.

Retail Shops

As it has been said that “NMC Gujar Khan has something for all.” This is the truth! If you aren’t interested in investing in residential plots and want to buy a commercial property, you get multiple options. On the other hand, those investing in residential plots get a sense of calmness that in the future they don’t have to worry about groceries and other stuff, as everything will be available within society.

24/7 Security Services

Along with other amenities and features, BSM Developers has focused on making society safe and secure for future residents. The installation of the latest security cameras, 24/7 availability of guards at the entrance, and time-to-time patrolling of security guards are a few among many things. In short, society promises the safety of your and your loved ones.

Water, Gas, and Electricity Services

These days all around Pakistan, water, gas, and electricity aren’t available to everyone. Even though we know these 3 things are the basic needs of daily life. The BSM Developers have taken steps to ensure that such issues as water, gas, and electricity load shedding will never happen within the society at least.

Proper Sewerage System

With the help of the best engineers and using modern technology, the sewerage system installed in society is one of a kind. The developers are pretty sure that in near future the residents will not face any sort of sewerage issues, be it heavy rain or other disasters.

Environment-Sustainable Features

The best part about the project is its environment-friendliness. You will find green belts all around and much more. In short, the residents will be able to breathe fresh air. All this is something that will allow them to lead a happy and healthy life.

The Bottom Line

New Metro City Gujar Khan is a promising real estate venture with a single aim and that is to provide world-class amenities at affordable prices for residents and investors alike.
The Property Street proudly advises all enthusiasts and opportunity seekers to grab this one for multiplied and guaranteed ROI. In case you need further assistance, you can contact us through the website or can visit our office.

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Yes, it is a TMA-approved and legal real estate project.


You can reach out to the official management for the possession allotment or you can check the website for the possession allotment processes.


You can book a property in New Metro City Gujar Khan with the help of the following steps:
Select a property area or size

✔ Fill out the form with all your necessary and needed personal information
Enter the data for the nominee
✔ Enter the payment or decide on the payment mode
✔  Sign the document
✔ Submit the form


You can easily track the booking through the official website of NMC Gujar Khan.


Bilal Bashir Malik, grandson of Malik Riaz (Bahria Town Owner) is the owner of NMC Gujar Khan.


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