7 Wonders City Multan Payment Plan & Development Updates


7 Wonders City Multan - A Wondrous Project in Multan

You are living in Multan and looking for an investment opportunity. If so, a great opportunity is right around the corner for you.
7 Wonders City Multan – An upcoming project that has something for all. It is a project of known developers called GFS Builders & Developers. The developers have focused on every little detail of this project.
If we are to talk about the infrastructure of the housing scheme, it is of international standard. Furthermore, the location opted for this housing project by the developers is also quite premium. If you invest in this project and are planning to build your future home, allow us to tell you, you will not face any issues when it comes to accessibility. Furthermore, the project is quite close to famous landmarks.
When you visit the site of the 7 Wonders City Multan, you will understand how committed and dedicated the developers are to this project. Those who know about this project are waiting anxiously to invest in this project.
The team organized for the completion and delivery of this project is experienced and qualified. So, surely this project in Multan will give a hard time to other projects if they don’t put extra effort into the development and other aspects.

7 Wonders City Multan

Owner & Developer

Who Are 7 Wonders City Multan Developers?

Global Financial Solutions (GFS) is the proud owner of 7 Wonders City Multan. If we talk about their experience, they have over 2 decades of experience in construction. They have unlimited construction solutions for all. Moreover, they also bring options for the investors and their clients that are profitable. The GFS CEO is Mr. Irfan. He believes clients deserve the best. So, he focuses a lot on the quality of work. And once you look at the features, master plan, and other aspects of the 7 Wonders City in Multan, you will surely see that he is a man of his word.
Also, 7 Wonders City is a project that will not be limited to Multan City. The developers are thriving to produce several other projects of the same caliber in other cities of Pakistan as well.
7 Wonders City Islamabad 7 Wonders City Karachi 7 Wonders City Peshawar

7 Wonders City Multan

Learn in Detail About 7 Wonders City Multan Location

Well, the 7 Wonders City Multan location isn’t just revealed yet by the developers. However, as per resources, it might be close to DHA Multan. There is also a possibility that it may cover some of DHA Multan villas.
If we assume that this is going to be the location of the project, it is quite clear that the location is going to be the best without a doubt.
As per the developers, the exact location will be announced soon. So, if you are eager to learn about it, stay tuned with us. As soon as the officials announce the 7 Wonders City Multan location, we will update you!

Details About 7 Wonders City Multan NOC

Well for now the 7 Wonders City Multan NOC isn’t approved yet. But as the project is still in the pre-launch phase, the process might take time.
However, the developers are sure that once the project will launch, it will receive its NOC pretty quickly. Even the interested investors are quite confident about this project. There are multiple reasons behind it. Firstly the housing scheme is owned by known and experienced developers. Furthermore, its popularity makes it certain that investors or clients will not have to face any legal issues.
So, if you are interested in investing in this project, there is no need to hesitate. And once the update will come from the officials related to NOC, we will update you about it ASAP.

The Greatest Master Plan of 7 Wonders City Multan

Now that you have learned a lot about the 7 Wonders City Multan, surely now you would like to know about its master plan. Well, allow us to tell you that the 7 Wonders City Multan master plan is designed in the best manner.
In this housing project, the investors will be able to invest in commercial and even residential units. Moreover, the developers had ensured the clients that the price for each unit was going to be very reasonable.
Furthermore, many other amenities and unique features will be available for the residents. From malls to parks, retail shops, and so on.

Development Status

Latest Details About the Development Status of 7 Wonders City Multan

In 7 Wonders City in Multan, multiple options are available for investors and clients. For example, if you are interested in residential property, here different options are available for you. Contrary to that if you are willing to invest in a commercial unit. You can find different options within this housing project as well.

Plots Details

The Details About 7 Wonders City Multan Plots

BTK2 provides all the luxury modern features for their residents' lifestyles. So it's the best opportunity for the investors and people of Karachi to buy plots in Bahria Town Karachi 2. It offers both commercial and residential plots with an easy monthly installment plan.

Residential Plots

Available Residential Plots in 7 Wonders City in Multan

In Pakistan before people prefer to invest in a residential unit first rather than commercial units. It is because they believe building a home of their own is the greatest investment they can make in their lives. Moreover, before making an investment people look for a housing project that offers them different options. For example, residential plots are available in different sizes, low cost, and so on. The good news is that in 7 Wonders City Multan, you are able to get all. The available plots in this housing scheme are:
✔ 5 Marla
✔ 7 Marla
✔ 10 Marla

Commercial Plots

Available Commercial Plots in 7 Wonders City in Multan

Making an investment in a commercial space is a great decision anyone can take. It is because, firstly, these properties allow you to generate good side income. Moreover, the demand for these properties always stays high in the market. So, if you want to sell a property in the future, you can without an issue. However, commercial properties are a bit more expensive than residential ones. But the benefits of owning a commercial unit cover this con. So, if you are interested in making an investment in commercial property, 7 Wonders City Multan has different options for you. Such as:
✔3 Marla
✔4 Marla

Payment Plan

7 Wonders City Multan Payment Plan

As the society is still in the pre-launch phase you might think that payment plans of any sort are not disclosed by the developers. Well, to your surprise, it is! The pre-launch rates of the housing society for investors are available. Once you will have a look at the prices, you will come to know that they are quite affordable. Would you like to learn the details? Well here they are:

5 Marla

5 Marla Plot Total Price

5 Marla Plot Total Price: 1,800,000 PKR Down Payment:270,000 PKR Confirmation Fee: 90,000 PKR Possession Fee: 100,000 PKR 48 Monthly Installments

7 Marla

7 Marla Plot Total Price

7 Marla Plot Total Price: 2,500,000 PKR Down Payment: 375,000 PKR Confirmation Fee: 125,000 PKR Possession Fee: 125,000 PKR 48 Monthly Installments

10 Marla

10 Marla Plot Total Price

10 Marla Plot Total Price: 3,500,000 PKR Down Payment: 525,000 PKR Confirmation Fee: 175,000 PKR Possession Fee: 200,000 PKR 48 Monthly Installments

7 Wonders City Multan Payment Plan 2023

Why is No Other Project Better for Investment than 7 Wonders City Multan?

Listed below are some of the stand-out features of 7 Wonders City Multan that make it a safe bet for investment. 

  • Eco-Friendly

There is not a single shadow of a doubt regarding the fact that 7 Wonders Multan is a sustainable real estate venture. From its infrastructure to design and detail everything about this society screams sustainability. This one is a perfect combination of the rustic yet ancient city space and the infusion of modern and contemporary details into it.

  • 24/7 Availability of Water

7 Wonders City Multan is also known for boosting a city’s very own water management system which ensures unhinged water supply to all the residents of the society. This clean and undisturbed water supply promises comfort and ease for the residents of the society.

  • Healthcare Facilities

One of the most promising things about 7 Wonders Multan is that its developers are keen to provide top-notch healthcare facilities for the people. They are providing a centralized healthcare center that aims to provide a wide range of services that are nothing short of extraordinary. The healthcare center covers all the basic needs of people from routine checkups to emergency care.

  • Commercial Areas

The society is located at one of the most premium locations in Multan. This connectivity and accessibility are what allow investors to invest in this housing society. This also ensures promising job opportunities for people. There is enough space in the area where people can construct shops or cafes.

  • Parks and Open Areas

The makers of the society are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the residents of the 7 wonders city are living life to the fullest. That is why they have also incorporated parks and open areas inside the society as well. This is something that will provide them with an escape from the city’s everyday hustle and bustle.

  • Well Developed Roads

The developers of the 7 Wonders City are also bringing well-developed roads for the people. This is done to ensure that whether someone is a resident or a visitor they are able to travel within the society without facing any sort of hurdle.

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Plot Booking Procedure

How to Book Your Plot in 7 Wonders City Multan? Detailed Procedure

Wondering how to secure an investment in this housing society. Here is how you can do it in the right manner.
✔Visit the Official Website of 7 Wonders City Multan
✔Search for the Booking Option
✔Download the Form
✔Fill in All the Columns and Attach All the Required Documents
✔Deposit the Down Payment
✔Collect Your Receipt From the Office Once You Have Submitted All Sorts of Documents

Outstanding Features

Some of the Outstanding Features of 7 Wonders City Multan

Here are some of the prime features of 7 Wonders City Multan that make it one of the safest bets for investment in terms of residential or commercial real estate.

Sewerage and Waste Disposal System

One of the most important yet underrated aspects of modern real estate is sewerage and waste disposal management. The developers of this society are efficient in these terms. They have paid special attention to providing an underground sewerage system that does all the major work. The underground system collects the waste and then transports it without any hassle to the waste treatment plant.

Sports Complex

Nowadays societies are upping their real estate game. One such example is the incorporation of a sports complex in the housing society. The sports complex offers both indoor and outdoor facilities. It will have everything. From a tennis court to a gymnasium, this sports complex is one for the books.

Educational institute

In terms of education and its providence, 7 Wonders City Multan is doing a tremendous job. Many well-known and reputable institutes are eager to open their campuses on the society’s premises. This will lead to children having access to the best educational opportunities in Multan.

Club House

In case you are looking for a community gathering then a clubhouse is the perfect place for it. The clubhouse offers everything to the residents as well as investors. From a place to hang out to a private location, this clubhouse allows residents to enjoy the best of community gatherings.

Jamia Mosque

The developers of the society have an idea about the religious needs of the people. That is why the master plan of the society also includes a Jamia masjid. This Jamia masjid will be located at the heart of the society. From having a large and spacious courtyard to a stunning prayer hall, this one is a true testament to the developer’s worth.

Boundary Wall

A boundary wall is another feature that is important for providing the illusion of a safe and secure space. This feature promises exclusivity and privacy for the residents of the society. Moreover, it also separates the society from the hustle of the city.

Beautiful Entrance

In this modern day and age,  the visual appeal of society is very important. It is necessary to keep the spectators spellbound and leaves a good impression on the residents of the society. This is also necessary for the visual appeal of society and for the mental health of the people living in it.

Gated Community

No one wants to compromise on the safety and security of their kids or loved ones. That is where 7 Wonders Multan hits it out of the park. The developers of this society are promising to provide all the basic facilities and top-notch security features as well. A gated community is a way to ensure that society is offering nothing but the best when it comes to safety and security.

Underground Electrification

In order to reduce the hazards and issues in society, it is important to stay with the proactive approach and 7 Wonders City Multan does a spectacular job in this regard. They have kept all the electrification underground so that the people are kept safe and away from all sorts of risks of this magnitude.


The Bottom Line!

7 Wonders City Multan is a prestigious and ambitious project of world-renowned developers GFS. GFS is a construction company that is known for bringing innovation to the real estate industry. Their efforts are laudable and their dedication to craft is visible in the project design. This project is a testament to their craft and ability to transform the real estate landscape. Therefore if you are looking for an investment opportunity in Multan, make sure to invest in 7 Wonders City Multan. For further details and information, contact Property Street anytime any day. Furthermore, if you would like to learn about some other projects, such as Hateem City Multan, Blue World City Islamabad, Lahore Smart City, Capital Smart City Islamabad, and so on, you can rely on our team. Property Street will assist you in every manner!

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