Royal Orchard Multan Payment Plan & Development Updates


Royal Orchard Multan - All the Project Details That You Need to Know

The real estate of Multan is changing dramatically. However, the change is not negative. Everything that is happening around is quite good for the residents of Multan and the investors, looking for suitable investment opportunities.
Now, we have a question for you. Are you living in Multan, or are you an overseas Pakistani who used to live in Multan and looking for a suitable housing project to invest in?
If so, Royal Orchard Multan is a residential project that is the best option. This housing society is emerging very quickly, and there are several reasons for it.
Firstly, the location of this residential project is supreme. It is close to Multan’s three main roads. Moreover, the developers of this project are very much known, not only in Multan but in Pakistan and even internationally.
Also, this Royal housing scheme is approved by the development authorities. Moreover, it has unlimited options for investors when it comes to investment. You name it, and the housing scheme has it, from residential to commercial and even mixed-use properties.

royal orchard Multan

Owner & Developer

Who Are Royal Orchard Multan Developers?

Are you researching for Royal Orchard Multan developers? Well, allow us to tell you that Royal Orchard Multan developers are the two known entities. Royal Developer & Builders and Habib Rafiq Private Limited are the developers of this stunning and mind-blowing project. Remember, the success of any real estate project also depends upon its developers. Investors mainly prefer to be a part of a real estate project that is owned by trusted, expert, and known developers. The good thing about Royal Orchard Multan is that it is owned by fantastic companies, as mentioned above. They both have done multiple projects in the past. Every single project was a huge success. This gives investors confidence that their investment will not go to waste. And furthermore, they will be able to generate great ROI.

royal orchard Multan owner and developer

Upcoming Projects

Royal Developer & Builders upcoming projects

If we specifically talk about the Royal Developer & Builders, their upcoming projects are as followed:
✔ Royal Orchard Islamabad
✔ Royal Orchard Lahore
✔ Royal Orchard Rahim Yar Khan
✔ Royal Orchard DG Khan
✔ Royal Orchard Peshawar
✔ Royal Orchard Karachi
✔ Royal Orchard Gujrat
✔ Royal Orchard Mandi Bahauddin

Current project

Current project of Royal Developer & Builders

If we talk about the current project of Royal Developer & Builders, the list is as followed:
✔Royal Orchard Sargodha
✔Royal Orchard Sahiwal
Now the participation of HRL in this project makes it even more popular. Would you like to know why? Well the HRL is working on projects that are unique and smart. For example, HRL is a real estate developer that introduced the concept of smart cities in Pakistan.
They are the developers of two smart cities in Pakistan.
Capital Smart City Islamabad
Lahore Smart City

What’s the Royal Orchard Multan Location?

Would you like to invest in a housing society that is located so far from the city and its major landmarks? Surely, you will say no. Furthermore, would you prefer to invest in a project whose location is secured or in a project whose location isn’t? Surely, you prefer to invest in a project that is located in a crime-free area.
Now the best thing about Royal Orchard Multan location is that it is located in the heart of the city and close to all the major landmarks. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about your safety and security as the management has taken care of this part too.
|The housing project is pretty close to 3 of the main roads of Multan. The roads are:
1. Mattital Road
2. Multan Public School Road
3. Shaikh-e-Madina Road
Furthermore, as mentioned before, multiple famous landmarks and even housing projects are quite close to the premises of this project.

Few of Royal Orchard Multan’s Access Points
Wondering about the accessibility of Royal Orchard Multan. Given below are the ways with which you can access this location:
1. Adjacent to the Multan Bypass
2. Bosan Road – 2 Min Driveaway
3. Multan Public School Road – 1 Min Driveaway
4. MA Jinnah Road Gulshan E Wahid Multan – 4 Min Driveaway
4. Nawabpur Road Multan – 4 Min Driveaway

Nearby Landmarks
Given below are some of the areas that are in close proximity to Royal Orchard Multan: 
Multan International Airport
Railway Station
Judicial Complex
Sports Complex
Gym Khana

Is Royal Orchard Multan NOC Approved?

Now that you have learned about the location and developers of the society in detail. Surely you would like to know whether Royal Orchard Multan NOC is approved or not.
Well, this housing project is legal. The NOC of this project is approved by the development authorities of Multan, also known as MDA.
We’d also like to tell you that the developers of the housing project have all the necessary documents needed to approve the legality of this project. The other big news is that the residential sector of the project has the approval for gas and water too.

All the Details about Royal Orchard Multan Master Plan

As you have learned about the details related to this supreme housing project. It is only right now to talk about the Royal Orchard Multan master plan.
Well, the master plan of the housing project is designed very well. The management focused on every little detail and ensured it is as per the requirements of the clients or investors.
Well firstly as mentioned the location is more than perfect. Secondly, allow us to tell you how much area is covered by this housing society. The Royal Orchard Multan covers a huge area of 4,000 Kanal.
Moving on, it has other elements too, such as retail shops, malls, universities, mosques, schools, health facilities, and so on.
Lastly, if we talk about the development status of this project, it is going at a good pace. As per the survey and the management, in the coming two years, the development of the housing society will be complete. Quite good news for the clients, Right?

Royal Orchard Multan Plots

The Plot Details of Royal Orchard Multan

If we talk about the royal orchard Multan plot details available in the project. The details are here:


Residential Plots for sale

✔5 Marla for sale (125 sq. yard)
✔10 Marla for sale (250 sq. yard)
✔12 Marla for sale (300 sq. yard)
✔1 Kanal for sale (500 sq. yard)
✔2 Kanal for sale (1,000 sq. yard)


Commercial Plots for sale

✔2 Marla for sale
✔4 Marla for sale
✔6 Marla for sale
✔8 Marla for sale
✔10 Marla for sale


Royal Orchard Multan Villas

5 Marla
✔3 Bedrooms
✔819 sq. ft. First Floor Area
✔925 sq. ft. Second Floor Area
✔1744 sq. ft. Total Area
10 Marla
✔4 Bedrooms
✔1431 sq. ft. First Floor Area
✔1583 sq. ft. Second Floor Area
✔3014 sq. ft. Total Area
20 Marla or 1 Kanal ✔5 Bedrooms
✔2064 sq. ft. First Floor Area
✔2854 sq. ft. Second Floor Area
✔4918 sq. ft. Total Area

Royal Orchard Multan Plots

Royal Orchard Multan Payment Plan 2023

Royal Orchard Multan payment plan is very much easy to follow. You don’t have to worry much about your budget at all. The management has ensured that the rates stay low. In short, if you fall in the middle-class category, you can still be a part of this project. Each payment plan comes with an installment plan too. And in the beginning, you only need to pay a 20% down payment.
Investment Tip: Buying Plots in DHA Multan

Development Status

Development Status of Royal Orchard Multan?

Here are the developmental updates of Royal Orchard Multan:
✔Development of the Main Entrance Is in the Final Stages
✔The Landscape Development Is in Full Swing
✔Roads Are near Completion
✔Parks and Community Areas Are Soon to Be Completed

Booking Procedure

Plot Booking Procedure

Wondering about what are the documents that are required to book a plot in Royal Orchard Lahore? Here is a list of all the necessary documents:
✔2 Passport Size Pictures ✔A Copy of NICOP for Overseas Clients
✔2 Copies of the National Identity Card ✔2 Copies of the ID Card of the Next of Your Kin

Silent Features

Why Is This Housing Project the Best, If You Want to Make an Investment?

Looking for ways to secure an investment in Multan? Here is why you should invest your hard-earned money in Royal Orchard Multan. 

  • Sustainable Project

People are nowadays seeking high-quality real estate projects that promise sustainability. If that is what you are looking for then we are here to tell you that Royal Orchard Multan is what you are looking for. The pitch at which the developers are projecting this project is a testament to it being an eco-friendly project. From a nature-centric approach to ensuring that society has something for everyone, the makers are bringing their best to the real estate game.

  • Best for Long-term Investment

In case you are looking for a real estate investment that is a source of passive income in the longer run, Royal Orchard Multan is the answer to your investment problems. The society is located at one of the prime locations in Multan. This location and accessibility are what make this society one of the most sought-after real estate ventures in Multan.

  • A Promising Business Hub

It is important for real estate projects to satisfy both the urge for residential as well as commercial real estate for people. This is what you can get in Royal Orchard Multan. The project is the right blend of both affordable residential accommodations as well as commercial prospects. People who are investing in this venture can have access to nothing but the best possible commercial amenities.

  • Luxurious Residential Accommodations

Now a real estate venture should never go wrong with residential prospects, and Royal Orchard Multan caters to this demand of the public. From villas to top-notch residential plots, the developers of the project are leaving no stone unturned to flesh out property premises that are up to the mark. Moreover, the installment plans of society are also easy to follow.

  • 24/7 Availability of Resources

It is an understandable fact that Pakistan is suffering from resource underutilization and shortage to some extent. But the makers of society are bringing a permanent answer to these issues. All of this is to ensure that the people who are making an investment in the project are not facing any sort of discomfort.

  • Education Complex

People, especially those who are parents tend to reside in those areas which promise an education complex. And Royal Orchard Multan is one such location. It promises a state-of-the-art answer to all the educational institute’s problems for parents. From high-performing teaching staff to stunning institutes, Royal Orchard Multan proudly presents an education complex.

Outstanding Features

Some of the Out-Class Features and Amenities of Royal Orchard Multan

Listed below are some of the features that make Royal Orchard Multan one of the most sought-after real estate ventures in Pakistan:

Water Resources

Pakistan is facing a severe shortage of water resources. But the makers of Royal Orchard Multan are planning an internal and intensive water unit that will answer the problems of water shortage for the residents of this housing society. This water reservoir will cater to the extensive water demands of the housing societies.

Health Facilities

Health is something that can never be taken for granted. The makers of Royal Orchard Multan have included the design and construction of various healthcare institutes in the master plan of the society as well. Moreover, the emergency areas of these institutes will also stay open 24/7.


When we say that Royal Orchard Multan is a holistic solution to all real estate problems we mean it. This housing society is built with a promise to provide for the residents in every possible context. The development of a graveyard is one such development.

Community Center

One of the stand-out qualities of Royal Orchard Multan is that it provides venues for community building. This one is an important aspect. A real estate project in its entirety should not seclude the residents from one another. This is where Royal Orchard Multan shines the brightest. The community center of this housing society will keep the residents engaged with one another.

Grand Masjid

Royal Orchard Multan also promises a Grand Jamia Mosque for the people of the society. This is done to ensure that the people are able to pray in the mosque and that they do not have to travel to faraway places for their religious offerings.

Gated Community

Bahria Town Karachi Phase 2 offers a variety of shopping and entertainment options for           their residents in a shape of shopping malls, cinema, playgrounds and theme park etc

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

The developers of the housing society are leaving no stone unturned to provide for the residents of Multan. Royal Orchard Multan is a contemporary housing society that has a supreme housing infrastructure. The architecture of the society is tough to beat. It takes excellence from the best in the world.

Prime Location

One key feature of Royal Orchard Multan is its location. Location plays a key role in the success of a housing society. And this one is prime in that context. This one is located on the Multan Bypass. Not only this location promises ease of accessibility but also connects the main areas with the city’s hustle.

Carpeted Roads

Another prime feature of Royal Orchard Multan is that the makers are providing carpeted roads to connect society with all the accommodations be it residential or commercial. The promise of carpeted roads is one of the main reasons people are looking to invest in this housing society.



Royal Orchard Multan is a blend of sophisticated infrastructure and top-notch facilities. Not only is it comprehensive in its facilities but also provides stunning venues for investment. The payment plan of this housing society offers easy-to-follow installment plans and is affordable for people because of its economical rates. So, are you impressed with this project and all set to invest your money? If so, contact Property Street! We have a team of experts who will help you at every step when buying a plot. In case you are interested in some other housing projects such as Hateem City Multan, Blue World City Islamabad, Capital Smart City, Lahore Smart City, or other projects, you can even then rely on us. As we deal in multiple projects!

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