3.5 Marla Residential Plots


Lahore Smart City 3.5 Marla Residential Plots

In order to facilitate the residents and investors who are already dealing with the burdens of inflation, the developers of the Lahore Smart City are launching 3.5 marla residential plots.
The management is yet to provide the payment plan for the 3.5 marla residential plots. The payment plans of the society come with easy installment packages.
Keep in mind that the management is leaving no stone unturned to provide the residents with a real estate project that is providing all the top-notch facilities without compromising the budget capacity of the investors.
Lahore Smart City is a prominent real estate venture located in one of the most accessible locations of Lahore. This venture is reputable among all the other real estate projects in the country because it promises urban land management and resource optimization to the fullest.

Lahore Smart City 3.5 Marla Plots

Owner & Developer

Lahore Smart City 3.5 Marla Harmony Park Owner and Developer ?

You are probably living under a rock if you haven’t heard about Lahore Smart City. It is the second smart city in Pakistan and the first ever in Lahore. An esteemed project of two of the most reputable real estate companies in Pakistan, LSC is a joint collaboration of FDHL and HRL. Both of these companies are renowned and have a strong reputation and a recognized name in the niche of real estate not only in Pakistan but on a global level as well. The main aim of the developers is to produce cutting-edge real estate projects in Pakistan which are sustainable as well. These companies are known for establishing various real estate projects all across Pakistan.

Lahore Smart City Owner and Developer


3.5 Marla Harmony Park Lahore Smart City NOC

Now in addition to everything else, before investing in 3.5 Marla residential plots in Harmony Park Lahore Smart City one of the most important things is the legality of the project. Because everything that you have invested in the project can go down the drain if the project is illegal. But, rest assured, LSC is a legal project. The project was approved within a month of its initiation and it is really remarkable.

Almost 20,000 Kanal land, right beside the Lahore bypass has been approved by Lahore Development Authority.

Lahore Smart City NOC Approved


3.5 Marla Harmony Park Lahore Smart City Master Plan

Lahore Smart City Master Plan

As we have discussed before, Lahore Smart City has acquired land of 20,000 Kanal. This extensive land gives a multitude of options for the developers. There are several things that are a part of this master plan. Let us take you through some of the districts that are a part of Lahore Smart City other than Harmony Park where 3.5 Marla residential plots are launched:

Education District
Executive District
Farmhouses District
Financial Square District
Gate Precinct District
General District
Healthcare District
Overseas District
Silicon Valley District
Sports District

Payment Plan

Payment Plan of 3.5 Marla Residential Plots in Harmony Park Lahore

Now coming back to the 3.5 Marla residential plots that were recently launched on Harmony Park Block in LSC, its payment plan is the best so far.


3.5 Marla Residential Plots (Harmony Park Lahore)


Total PriceDown Payment (20%)14 Quarterly Installments
1,850,000 PKR370,000 PKR105,714 PKR
Lahore Smart City 3.5 Marla Plots Payment Plan

investing in 3.5 Marla

Perks of investing in 3.5 Marla Residential Plots - Harmony Park

Perks of investing in 3.5 Marla Residential Plots - Harmony Park There are many reasons which prove worthy from an investment point of view in Lahore Smart City - Harmony Park:
This one is an obvious one. There is not a single shadow of a doubt regarding the fact that Lahore Smart City is offering one of the most affordable housing schemes for people with the 3.5 Marla residential plots launched.
Supreme Location
In terms of location, Lahore Smart City is located near Lahore Bypass. This location is one of the most accessible points in Lahore, from a trade or commercial point of view. This close access to all the nearby landmarks is what makes this one a desirable project.
Easy to follow Installment Plan
This is also the biggest advantage of investing in 3.5 Marla residential plots in Lahore Smart City. The plots are available in 14 quarterly installments which are to be paid in the span of 3.5 years. Iconic right?


Previously the society was offering residential plots

5 Marla
7 Marla
10 Marla
12 Marla
1 Kanal
All of these plots are a huge hit among the investors and the residents. This is what makes Lahore Smart City a profitable and one of the most sought-after real estate opportunities of this current decade.
For more updates related to 3.5 Marla residential plots, stay tuned with Property Street.


The launch of 3.5 Marla residential plots in Lahore Smart City is a historic feat. Not only this is a clear indication of the fact that developers are keeping a keen eye on the economic state. But also hints that real estate can still be affordable for people who are struggling in this inflation-ridden Pakistan.
As the inventory of the plots is limited, we would advise you to book your plot as soon as possible. For further details and plot bookings, call property street now!

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