DHA Multan Latest Updates and payment Plan 2023


DHA Multan - A Mega Project in the City of “Saints”

After the massive success of delivering DHA housing projects in multiple cities such as Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, the Defence Housing Authority surprised everyone with another magnificent launch.
They have extended the chain of DHA and launched it in Multan with the name DHA Multan. A city that is known as the city of Saints.
As the DHA housing project has a big name in Pakistan, everyone has high expectations of it. A similar is the case when it comes to DHA Housing Scheme Multan.
The good news is that the management has fulfilled everything. The housing project is entirely approved by the authorities. Moreover, the DHA Multan total area is over 9,000 acres of land.
If we talk about the available facilities, luxuries, and modern amenities in this project, they are countless.
In other words, this project has everything investors are looking for. And the most important point above all! In the past, people used to think DHA housing projects were only for the elite class. Well, management had tried to change people’s perspectives with this specific project.
If you look at the DHA Multan payment plan, you will notice the property rates are pretty reasonable. Moreover, a flexible installment is also offered by the developers.

dha multan

Owner & Developer

Who Are DHA Multan Developers & Owners?

Defence Housing Authority is the name of the trust. And they are the force behind the making of DHA in Multan. Simply put, DHA Multan developers are none other than Defence Housing Authority. However, there is one thing you should focus on here. DHA housing schemes aren't owned by one specific entity. The entire project is mainly controlled by senior or retired armed forces and even other law enforcement personnel. But once the name of DHA is linked with any project, there is no doubt left in any investor's mind. Investors feel confident and believe that, in some time, they will be able to generate a good return on their investments. The DHA is living up to its name to this date. They ensure to deliver the best every time, keeping in mind their client's needs, requirements, and even budget. Regarding Multan’s DHA, the entire housing project is designed very nicely. The modern features yet quality can be noticed very easily. Even DHA Multan prices are quite reasonable.

dha multan owner and developer

What Is the DHA Multan Location?

The one factor that cannot be compromised regarding any real estate project is its location. Location plays a very promising role in the success or failure of any real estate project.

DHA Multan passes the location test with flying colors. It is located at one of the most sought-after points in Multan – Bosan Road. This is an easily accessible location because it connects to various mainstream points of the city.

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dha multan

Is DHA Multan NOC Approved?

NOC is the No Objection Certificate. It is one of the essential documents for any housing society. It gives legal status to any housing society.

As this is a project of well-known investors there is not a single doubt that the authorities have passed the authorization of DHA Multan as well. Hence, making DHA Multan NOC approved.

What Are the Access Points of DHA Multan?

In terms of location, accessibility is a factor that cannot be ignored. The developers of the DHA Multan are very keen to consider this factor as well.

Here is a detailed analysis of how you can access DHA Multan from various locations:

Located at Bosan Road
Ahmed Road – 6 Min Driveaway
Mattital Road – 3 Min Driveaway
University Road – 11 Min Driveaway
Northern Bypass – 12 Min Driveaway
Multan Bypass – 13 Min Driveaway

near by land marks

Nearby Landmarks

Few of the Nearby Landmarks

If we are to talk about the accessibility of DHA Multan. Given below are some of the landmarks that are located in the close vicinity of this project: Lutafabad Buch Villas Kotla Saddat Multan Cantt Gulistan Homes Gulshan e Tauheed Tomb of Shah Rukn e Alam Green Fort Housing Scheme Multan International Airport

Details about the DHA Multan Master Plan

The developers of DHA Multan have left no stone unturned to churn out a master plan that makes the best possible use of the 9000 acres of land. The DHA Multan master plan contains all the details of the area coverage, establishments, sectors, and recreational sites that are going to make this one a fitting investment venture for everyone. Phase 1 of DHA Multan consists of various blocks which are named after the letter set. In addition to all this society’s master plan also incorporates the education city and a central square. These establishments pave the way for DHA Multan to become the next residential and commercial hub in the area. 


When Was DHA Multan Launched?

The city of Multan is widely recognized for its historic infrastructure. It is also one of the most mainstream cities in Pakistan, especially in South Punjab. Now, real estate developers are trying to mix up historic infrastructure with modern infrastructure. Considering this, they are launching projects like DHA Multan. This housing project was launched on 4th March 2017. Since then the development of the housing society has been in full gear


Available Sectors in DHA Multan

Given below are the sectors that are available in DHA Multan for residential or commercial purposes:
✔DHA Multan Central Square ✔DHA Multan Education City ✔DHA Villas ✔DHA Multan RGC ✔DHA Multan Sector A ✔DHA Multan Sector B1 ✔DHA Multan Sector B2 ✔DHA Multan Sector C ✔DHA Multan Sector D ✔DHA Multan Sector E ✔DHA Multan Sector F ✔DHA Multan Sector G ✔DHA Multan Sector H ✔DHA Multan Sector I ✔DHA Multan Sector J ✔DHA Multan Sector K ✔DHA Multan Sector L ✔DHA Multan Sector M ✔DHA Multan Sector N ✔DHA Multan Sector O ✔DHA Multan Sector P ✔DHA Multan Sector Q ✔DHA Multan Sector R ✔DHA Multan Sector S ✔DHA Multan Sector T ✔DHA Multan Sector U ✔DHA Multan Sector V ✔DHA Multan Sector W1 ✔DHA Multan Sector W2 ✔DHA Multan Sector X ✔DHA Multan Sector Y

Plot Sizes

DHA Multan Plot Sizes

he DHA Multan housing society provides all types of plots such as residential as well as commercial plots. Therefore it is important to learn about the plot sizes in both capacities. Given below are detailed insights into the DHA Multan plot sizes:

Residential Plot Sizes

DHA Multan Residential Plot Sizes

Given below is the size range of the residential plots that are available in DHA Multan:
5 Marla
6 Marla
10 Marla
1 Kanal
2 Kanal

Commercial Plot Sizes

DHA Multan Commercial Plot Sizes

DHA Multan is also offering plots in a commercial capacity. Given below is the size of commercial plots provided by the society:
4 Marla

Villas Sizes

DHA Multan Villas Sizes

In addition to urban residential accommodations, the DHA Multan is also a promising villa. Listed below are the sizes of the available villas in the society:
9 Marla - (2751 sq. ft.)
12 Marla - (3149 sq.ft.)
12 Marla - (3530 sq.ft.)

GFS Villas Sizes

GFS Villas DHA Multan Sizes

The GFS Multan is also offering villas in the following size bracket:
10 Marla

Rumanza Golf & Country Club DHA Multan

If we thought that DHA Multan is just another residential property that also offers commercial sectors then you couldn’t be more. Society is so much more than just your average real estate project. It also provides the first-ever signature golf course in Pakistan that is not only available for the residents but for the general public as well.
Rumanza Golf & Country Club is a much-needed break from the tough everyday schedule. In addition to all this, it also comes with a foolproof security facility. This gold club covers 270 acres. In addition to all this, this one is also coupled with 290 acres of residential space.
Following are the available plots sizes in the Rumanza Golf and Country Club located in DHA Multan:

12 Marla
1 Kanal
2 Kanal
4 Kanal

Rumanza Club House Details

As we have mentioned before, the Rumanza Club House will offer scenic views. This is mainly because the Rumanza Club House will be developed alongside the lake as well as will have a 270 yards golf club which will be the first of its kind.

Given below are some of the promising features of this sector in DHA Multan:

22 Suites & Deluxe Rooms
Tombola Kids Play Area
Executive Lounge
Swimming Pools
200 Person Hall
Locker Rooms
Table Tennis
Prayer Area
Spike Bar

Development Status

What Is the Development Status of DHA Multan?

The development foundation of the DHA Multan was laid down by the Core Commander Multan Lieutenant General Abid Pervaiz. As for the updates the two magnificent entrances Bosan Road Marital Road Has already been finished. This ensures that people can access the housing society from the above-mentioned points anytime. The developers of the projects are ensuring the continuing of the work at a stable pace to make sure the society is completed in record time. This way they can ensure the residents of Multan with the utmost level of comfort. DHA Multan covers a whopping land of 9000 acres. And this extended area promises the availability of all the basic and modern facilities of life that one can think of. In addition to all this, the development of DHA Event Complex DHA Nursery Is also under the cards. The development of these projects has already started. From recreation parks to cinemas society has opened the gates for those who wish to become a part of a better future. Moreover, DHA Multan is also waiving off 100 percent development charges to those who are constructing their houses in the sector M of the society.
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payment Plan

DHA Multan Payment Plan - Detailed Version

The payment plan of DHA Multan is one of a kind. It's easy to follow and offers relaxation in installments. DHA Multan plot prices are affordable. The makers of this housing society have also promised a blend of best life facilities as well as affordable file rates so that nobody faces inconvenience.

GFS Villas Payment Plan

DHA Multan GFS Villas Payment Plan

Residential & Commercial Plots Payment Plan

DHA Multan Residential & Commercial Plots Payment Plan

Sailent Features

Some of the Available Features & Amenities in DHA Multan

Listed below are some of the stand-out features and basic amenities that are available in DHA Multan:

World Class Infrastructure

With each passing day, something new is highlighting the canvas of real estate. One such change that is beneficial for the residents and investors is the need to upgrade the infrastructure of the projects. The developers of DHA Multan have kept a strong check on the infrastructure of society. Society is a true testament to the modern world’s need for detailed and enthralling infrastructure. 

Gated Community

The developers of this project have kept a strict check on providing the residents with the best possible security measures. The DHA Multan is going to be a gated community that ensures the availability of world-class security measures as well as a promise to provide people with top-notch managerial services. 

Water Resources

Water is a basic necessity of life. It is needed and demanded by each one of us to live a happy and healthy life. DHA Multan is aiming to provide people with water reservoirs where they can store abundant amounts of water. This minimizes the risk of water shortage, hence reducing the discomfort that the residents might face. 

Business and Commercial Hub

DHA Multan is not only providing people a chance to upgrade their lifestyle but is also providing avenues for commercial investment. With intricate details and venues for commercial investment, this one is the perfect place to start a business idea. This one provides all the basic facilities and space for businessmen and investors to kick off business ideas. 

Eco- Community

It is a proud moment for the developers as well as the residents of the DHA Multan that this is a sustainable real estate venture. A sustainable society takes care of both the ends of residents’ needs which is a stunning infrastructure as well as the incorporation of world-class amenities. This is why it is one of the most fan-favorite locations for calling a home among the people of Multan.  

24/7 Availability of Resources

We live in a world where resource optimization is highly neglected. That is why the DHA Multan master plan includes how the resources can be used to their full potential. The housing society also paves way for providing the residents with all the basic facilities such as water, gas, and electricity 24/7.

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Outstanding Features

Why Is DHA Multan the Best Housing Project to Make an Investment In?

Investing is not an easy thing to do. You have to be sure about several things because one wrong step and you can lose it all. That is why it is good to ask yourself or your realtor why DHA Multan can turn out to be a secure investment venture. We have gathered some things that might be helpful in this journey.

24/7 Security

No one wants to reside or establish their business in a community that is not safe. Be it, parents or business owners, they all want access to a housing society or commercial center that promises security. This is where DHA Mulan hits it right off the park. The housing society provides the best possible security services for investors and residents alike.

Renowned Developers

There are lots of health centers in this society for residents’ treatment, and they are open from morning until evening.offers top notch health facilities and quality medical care services.

Quality Development

Another factor why you need to invest in DHA Multan is that it’s developing at a quick pace. The developers behind this project are leaving no stone unturned to ensure the quality lifestyle possible for the residents of the society. This comes with the delivery of the project at a stunningly fast pace. From the infrastructure to the green spaces incorporation in the master plan, the development updates about the housing society just keep pouring in.

Financial Security

Real estate is quickly becoming the market where you can earn more profit and secure your ROI as well. This is mainly because buying and selling property is something that never goes out of style. Moreover, an investment in a promising real estate project such as DHA Multan is bound to pay off in the long run. You can depend on the strong reputation of the previous DHA projects for this one as well.

Sewerage and Waste Disposal

The society is going to have its own sewerage and waste disposal system installed to promise the residents as much ease as they can. The engineers that are associated with this project are striving to provide an in-house solution to all the water disposal problems so that the residents do not have to face any sort of problem.

Easy-To-Follow Payment Plan

People are often curious about how they can secure an investment in society. There are many reasons behind this hesitation, but one that tops the list is inflation. Inflation is increasing day by day and is making the everyday life of people more miserable. That is when societies like this one come to save the day. DHA Multan is easy to invest in because of the flexible installment plan.

Prime Location

Another reason why DHA Multan is worthy of your investment is its prime location. It is located at one of the most accessible locations in Multan and that is near Bosan Road. Bosan Road is easily considered one of the primary roads in Multan. This is because this road connects to all the commercial and mainstream spots of the city. Investment in this location is sure to turn out to be fruitful in the long term.

Water Resources

DHA Multan developers are known for their attention to detail. In order to live up to their number and to ensure that the residents are not facing any problems with living, they are installing water reservoirs in the society. These reservoirs are built to store large amounts of water which can then cater to the needs of the residents.

Secure Project

There is not a single shadow of a doubt regarding the fact that DHA Multan is a secure and safe project. The society is equipped with 24/7 surveillance CCTV cameras. Moreover, this inclusivity also promises top-notch security for the people who are living in society. In addition to all this, society will also have a boundary wall that gives the highest level of safety.


Final Words

DHA Multan is the perfect blend of affordable residential and commercial state at its best. It is a project of the Defense Housing Authority and the developers of the project are thriving to provide nothing but the best. The developer's team consists of professionals and engineers that are at the top of their game. The society provides the residents with every possible lifestyle and tops it all off with a peaceful, healthy, and secure atmosphere. For further details and updates as well as plot bookings contact property street now!

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