Is DHA Multan Good Investment

Is DHA Multan Good Investment Real Estate

Do you know about DHA Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad? Well, it is time to welcome the best of the best residential projects in Pakistan to Multan. This is a project that was launched in March 2017, and from that day till this day, everything has been going phenomenally. Not just for the developers but for the investors as well.

The main reason behind this is that DHA Multan is not only designed perfectly, but it has features and amenities that are hard to find in any other DHA. Doesn’t that sound interesting to you? Would you still like to learn the details of is DHA Multan good investment?

Well, the good news for you is that you will find the answer to this question right here, right now, in this blog. We have gathered the points for you that will clear every doubt from your mind.

So, are you in for a ride? If so, let’s begin!

Is DHA Multan Good Investment? Let’s Learn in Detail!

Making a decision to invest in real estate isn’t simple. And there are several reasons behind it! Firstly, a lot of investment is needed. Secondly, the process is quite complicated. And thirdly, without proper knowledge, the chances you doom are high.

So, whether you are investing in a housing scheme, sky-rise building, or some other kind of land, ensuring the investment is worth it is the key.

If we specifically talk about DHA Multan, this is a project about which many ask whether they should be a part of this project or not. Well down, below are the points that tell why this project is good to invest in. However, in the end, you are the one who needs to make a decision. So, read it till the end, and come up with the best decision!

A Project of Prominent Developers

Well, from the name, it is clear that DHA Multan is a project of no one else but the Defence Housing Authority. They need no introduction, mainly in Pakistan. Their team is expert and knows about the market trends, customer demands, and so on. Considering this, they always deliver projects accordingly.

For DHA Multan specifically, the authorities have done a collaboration with the other contractors too. The result of it is that you can see outstanding developments happening all around society.

Furthermore, the good thing that is done by the developers is that they have even kept options for Overseas Pakistanis. In short, they had to focus on every little detail in DHA Multan. So, surely as an investor in this project, you will not face an issue of any kind.

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Ideal Location

After the developers, the other thing on which investors focus the most is the location. This point is also crucial when it comes to determining whether the housing scheme or any development project is good for investment or not.

If we talk about the location of the DHA Multan, it is quite supreme. You can find this project on Bosan Road near GT road. The good thing about GT road is that it connects so many cities. So, the one who is not from Multan and wants to invest in this project can access the location pretty easily.

Moving on, if we talk about the access points, the list is as follows:

1 Min from Mattital Road
13 Min Drive from The Multan Bypass
15 Min Drive Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan
30 Min Drive Nishtar Medical University
30 Min Drive Multan Daewoo Terminal
35 Min Drive Multan International Airport

Quite Close to the Motorway

Now that you have learned about the location of the project, surely you will think about whether it is connected to the Motorway somehow or not.

Well, the main parts of the DHA Housing Scheme Multan are quite close to the Motorway. So, whenever in need or desire, you can get access to the Motorway pretty easily. Sounds good?

Approved Housing Project

Would you like to be a part of a project that is based on illegal grounds? Surely, your answer is going to be a big no.

So, whenever you plan to invest in real estate or try to find out whether investing in a specific project is good or not, you would like to ensure whether it is approved by authorities or not.

A similar is the case when it comes to DHA in Multan. Well, the greatest news is that this project that covers a huge area of 9,000 acres has been approved by development authorities. So, don’t worry even the slightest when investing in this project.

Have Both Residential & Commercial Plots

Who doesn’t like the options? Everyone does! So even in real estate, if you have options, everything seems even better.

In DHA Multan, commercial to residential plots and mixed-use buildings are available for investment. So, it is you who has the ball in the court, or in other words, you need to decide which one is more beneficial for you as per your requirements.

Wondering what plot sizes are available in the residential sector? The options are:

5 Marla
8 Marla
10 Marla
1 Kanal
2 Kanal

In the commercial sector, the available plot sizes are:

4 Marla
8 Marla

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Villas Are Available for the Investment

You might be surprised to hear this point that villas are also available for investment in DHA Multan. Such a diverse option automatically increases the credibility of a project which eventually plays a role in making it a good investment opportunity. It is because, sooner or later, people will get attracted to this project.

The villas in DHA Multan are designed very nicely, considering all the national and international standards. The available sizes when it comes to villas are:

9 Marla (4 Bedrooms – 2751 Sq Ft)
12 Marla (4 Bedrooms – 3149 Sq Ft)
12 Marla (5 Bedrooms – 3530 Sq Ft)

Security Is up to the Mark

Would you like to reside in a project that promises zero security problems or want to live in a place with fear? If you are opting for the first option, then DHA Multan safety and security is nothing more than a smart city of Islamabad.

To ensure peace in the surroundings of the housing scheme, the latest technology is used. For the satisfaction of all the residents, a police station is also being built within the society. You will find security cameras on every corner of the street and gate. 24/7 surveillance is also promised.

Education & Health Facilities Are Nearby

The worth of any project can also be determined by the availability of education and health facilities around.

Because of their experience and knowledge, the developers know about it well and leave no stone unturned.

Firstly, if we talk about the health facilities, from cardiology to dental, eye, cancer, and liver, in short, all the services will be available. The staff for each service is going to be competitive and professional. Furthermore, the medical center will be equipped with everything needed to save lives.

Moving on to the educational facilities, you will find world-class schools and colleges nearby. Education is the pillar of any society, so ignoring its importance isn’t nice. So, the developers ensured they built education centers that were suitable for the low-income class too.

Presence of Parks, Hotels & Restaurants

Do you think that the housing scheme will be complete without the availability of recreational activities? Remember, only a peaceful environment isn’t enough. People look for places that have both peace and fun.

The DHA Multan developers have merged peace and fun. You will find parks in every sector. Also, restaurants are going to be there. The developers have ensured the residents can enjoy cuisine from all around the world in one place.

Everyone also has an idea that Multan is a city full of history. This is one thing that attracts tourists from all around the world. So, when they visit the city, they look for a place where they have everything nearby. Transport facilities, parks, important landmarks, and even restaurants. The DHA Multan has it all, as the mixed-use buildings are in the making. One of the recent announcements made by the developers is of Serene Tower. A project that will take you to the heights as it consists of 35 floors.

So, if you invest in some sort of commercial project, surely, even then, you will be able to enjoy a great return on investment and reap long-term benefits.

Payment and Installment Plan Is Easy to Follow

If you invest in a project whose charges are too high, surely it will become hard for you to generate profits in the future. However, a project with cost-effective payment plans works in the opposite way. But only then if the development around the project is happening properly and has other features that increase its demand. 

You have learned above that why is DHA Multan a good investment opportunity? Now the last thing on which we have to focus is the payment plan. Well, the payment plan is designed considering the elite and middle class. This is the reason each sector’s payment plan comes with a flexible installment plan too. The flexibility and low-cost is sure to be the last and final reason why no one should hesitate to invest in this project.

So, What Is the Conclusion?

The above-mentioned details made it clear that the DHA Multan is the best project that offers a complete package. Many factors play a role in making it the best, from location to available facilities and so on.

However, as mentioned before, and we repeat it, it is up to you as an investor to decide whether you want to be a part of this project or not. As a known and professional real estate dealer in Pakistan, Property Street will suggest that you should invest. In case you need any more information related to this project, feel free to call us!

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