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Park View City Lahore - A Real Estate Superlative!

Lahore is one of the mainstream cities of Pakistan. This capital of Punjab has been subjected to some of the most promising developments in the past. One such area of development is real estate.
Park View City is an investment haven for all those who are seeking quality life standards coupled with all the modern necessities and top-notch facilities. This housing society is a project of Vision Group, which is striving to provide the best real estate services for all residents and investors alike.
This combination of residential and commercial sectors makes this housing society an unmissable investment opportunity. All this culminates into a residential and commercial experience that is hard to beat.

Park View City Lahore

Owner & Developer

A Short Introduction of Park View City Lahore Developers & Owners

This housing society is the brainchild of Vision Group. Vision group as the name depicts one of the most visionary groups in Pakistan with an aim to revamp the infrastructure and to make the quality real estate available for everyone. Vision group private limited was founded in 1986 and is currently presided over by Aleem khan who is a renowned political figure in Pakistan.
Vision group of companies is internationally recognized because of its diverse business portfolio and stunning record that is hard to look away from. The main goal of the makers is to ensure reliable real estate for people all around Pakistan.

Park View City Lahore Owner and Developer

Vision Group’s Additional Projects

Here are some of the quality projects that the Vision group has successfully delivered in the past:
PDH Pharmaceutical
The National School Lahore
Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation
Park View Icon I.I. Chundrigar Road Karachi
Cinestar Cinema Imax Theatre Lahore/Multan
Park View Corporate Tower Upper Mall Lahore
Park View Signature Apartments Gulberg Lahore

Invest Without Worry - Park View City Lahore Is NOC Approved

Park View City Lahore is an LDA-approved housing society. LDA has issued the certification because of the dedication of the people associated with the project. The approval of the NOC makes this project a legal residential and commercial opportunity for all those who are seeking quality real estate projects for funding and investment.

Park View City Lahore NOC Approved

Launching Date

Launch Date of Park View City in Lahore

This grand residential housing scheme was launched in Lahore in 2012. Currently, 4,500 families are residing in Park View City.

Location of Park View City in Lahore is Optimal

One of the striking features of this wondrous project is its location. You can find this housing scheme near Multan Road, Lahore. The owners and builders of this housing society have kept in mind the various features of accessibility and facilities in mind for this one. The close proximity to one of the main business hubs of Lahore makes Park View City an exclusive and contemporary hub for both residential and commercial activities.
Multan Road is located at the center of commercial activities and is home to nearly 50 business buildings. Moreover, Multan Road also connects the housing society to Lahore Canal.

Park View City Lahore Map Location

Multiple Park View City Lahore Entry Points

This renowned and famous housing scheme can be accessed through the following points: Next to National Highway19 Min Drive Away from Defense Road, Lahore

Park View City Lahore Entry Points

Landmarks Close to Park View City in Lahore

Given below is the list of all the places that are nearby to this housing society or are considered landmarks:

The Masterplan of PVC Lahore

The professional team of developers has skillfully crafted the master plan for this marvelous project. This one covers a whopping area of 5,000 Kanal.

From the incorporation of better usage of land to make sure that all the facilities are available, the masterplan of Park View City is a class apart, to say the least.

Capital Smart City Master Plan

Commercial and Residential

Commercial and Residential Plot Details

Residential and commercial plots of Park View City Lahore provide a getaway to a better and more stylized living experience. The main goal of the developers who are backing this project is to ensure quality life - an accessible experience for everyone.

Park View City Lahore (Available Residential Plots)

Given below are the sizes of the plots that are available for residential accommodation in Park View City:
3.5 Marla
5 Marla
10 Marla
1 Kanal

Park View City Lahore (Available Commercial Plots)

Given below are the commercial plot sizes that are available in society:
5 Marla

Available Blocks

Available Blocks in PVC Lahore

The list of available blocks in Park View City Lahore is huge. Down below, you can learn in detail about every block.

Topaz Block

Another residential block that offers a premium lifestyle and quality facilities and amenities for the residents. The blocks offer luxury and comfort and provide a high standard of lifestyle. Currently, the given residential plots are available in this block:
5 Marla
10 Marla

Topaz Extension

The topaz extension was done by makers after the soaring success of the Topaz Block. It is located right next to the main topaz block. Not only does it feature quality residential opportunities, but it is also located within walking distance from the main commercial hub of Park View City.
Given below are the plot sizes that are available in Topaz Extension Block:

✔ 5 Marla
✔ 10 Marla

Overseas Block

Those who live abroad look for safe opportunities to invest in Pakistan. To provide them with such opportunities, Park View City Lahore introduced the Overseas Block. Here, individuals can enjoy all the facilities that are available in foreign countries. Only a 25% down payment is needed to book your plot, and later all you need to follow is a flexible installment plan.
In Overseas Block, the plot sizes available are:

✔ 5 Marla
✔ 10 Marla
✔ 1 Kanal

Overseas Commercial

If on the one side, the developers have focused on the residential sector; they have equally focused on the commercial sector within the society. The most famous one in PVC these days is the Overseas commercial block. Here the plot prices are quite reasonable. Furthermore, the Park View City Lahore installment plan for each block including Overseas commercial is quite flexible too.
The plot size available in this block are:
✔ 5 Marla

Executive Block

The word executive sounds fancy. Isn’t it? Similar is the case with PVC Lahore’s Executive Block. Investors are showing keen interest in this block. And this is due to different reasons, but the first and foremost is the location. It is pretty close to Platinum Block. There is another way into this block, and that is from Ring Road.
The second thing that makes this block the most favorite of many is 300 Kanal Amusement Park. The available plot sizes in this one-of-a-kind block are:

✔ 5 Marla


Golf Estate

After seeing the popularity of each block and the increase in the demand for the plots, the developers launched another block with the name Golf Estate. This block is in close proximity to Topaz Block. Everything constructed in this block is classic, and it also has a 9-hole Golf Course.
If we talk about the plot sizes available in this specific block, the variety is insane.
✔ 5 Marla
✔ 10 Marla
✔ 1 kanal


The Walk

The Walk is another residential block that has so much for those planning to invest in PVC Lahore. This block has so much to offer, including a modern shopping experience. This is something that will surely benefit investors in the future as it will increase the return on investment. Wondering what the available sizes available in The Walk are. Here it is:
✔ 5 Marla


Park View Homes

In case you are a real estate enthusiast who is searching for quality residential opportunities, a vast land, and an accessible location, then Park View Homes are the best possible option for you. Park View Homes are a perfect place for all those who are in dire need of an urban infrastructure coupled with modern necessities and a stunning location.
✔ 5 Marla
✔ 10 Marla
✔ 1 kanal
✔ 2 kanal
✔ 4 kanal

Broadway Commercial

Do you think that the housing project is complete without a commercial area? Of course not! Considering this, a Broadway Commercial is introduced to make sure the trade and business go side by side. In this block, you will find world-class shopping malls and shops of different kinds. The residents can benefit from it a lot. Or, if you are planning to start your own business, you can benefit from investing in this block too. The plot sizes available in this block are:

✔ 5 Marla


Rose Block

This is a block that is an affordable opportunity. Even the installment for this block is quite flexible, which might surprise many. You can invest in this block and enjoy all the amenities, including 24/7 availability of water, electricity, and gas.
Here are the plots sizes available in the Rose Block:

Residential Plots
✔ 5 Marla
✔ 10 Marla
Grey Structure House
✔ 5 Marla

Jade Block

If we talk about the location of the Jade Block, it is the first block once you enter the society from the national highway side. The block is located right in front of PVC’s main office. The value of the properties in this block is quite high due to its ideal location.
The plot sizes you can find in this specific block are:
✔ 5 Marla
✔ 10 Marla


Crystal Block

 If we talk about the premium residential blocks available in this housing scheme, Crystal Block is among those. This block not only has all the basic amenities but modern facilities needed to lead a carefree life. You can find plots of multiple sizes in this block, such as:

✔ 5 Marla
✔ 10 Marla
1 kanal

Tulip Block

This is a block that was recently introduced by the developers. The infrastructure of this block is quite modern and different from other blocks. Other facilities are also available within the block or close by.
Even in this block, multiple options are available, as the plot sizes are:

✔ 5 Marla
✔ 10 Marla


Silver Block

The name of Silver Block justifies it fully. It offers so much to investors. If we talk about the location of this block, it is quite central. You can get access to this block from so many different blocks. It is very close to Multan Road. Also, 5 mins’ drive away from M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. Furthermore, you can find both commercial and residential plots in this block. The sizes are as followed:
Available Residential Plots
✔ 5 Marla
✔ 10 Marla
✔ 1 kanal
Available Commercial Plots
✔ 5 Marla

Payment Plan 2023 (Updated)

Park View City Lahore Payment Plan 2023 (Updated)

As you have learned above that, PVC Lahore offers plots of different sizes, and also it has options for all. As per your desire and budget, you can invest in commercial or residential plots. Also, to get Park View City Lahore plot for sale, all you need to do is put in a 25% down payment. Later you can follow the installment plan as per your budget.
The payment plan for each block available in the Park View Housing Society Lahore is as follows:

Booking Procedure for Lahore’s Park View City

The booking process is quite simple and time-savvy. The developers know how stressful the entire property-buying process is. Considering this, they have tried to keep things as simple as possible.
Fill Booking Form (Make Sure You Don’t Make Any Mistakes)
Attach the Copies of Your CNIC
Pay the Down Payment (Cheque or Pay Order – Both Accepted)
You Can Also Pay in Cash but Only after Getting Confirmation from the Side of the Management

Exceptional Features You Can Find in Lahore’s Park View City

Each society promises multiple things to its investors and residents. Similar is the case with PVC Lahore. Some of the exceptional features you can find here are:

Why Should One Spend Money on PVC Lahore?

Everyone wants to be a part of the real estate industry. There is nothing wrong with it. However, knowledge is necessary to be successful in this field. You have studied everything needed, and now you are all set to make your very first investment. If this is the case, consider Lahore’s Park View City, as it provides opportunities that are the greatest.
If you would like to learn the reasons in detail why you should invest in this housing society? Here they are:

Value Appreciation

One of the striking qualities of investing in real estate is value appreciation. Real estate investments tend to thrive on various factors such as location, accessibility, and infrastructure. And Park View City provides it all. This housing society checks all the right boxes and promises a reliable investment that can turn out to be equal parts useful and valuable in the coming years.


Secure Investment

Those who are seeking ways to keep their hard-earned money safe and secure can actually benefit a lot from PVC Lahore residential and commercial plans. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a place to reside or to start a business, this housing scheme provides equal opportunities and a venue for investment in both scenarios.

Affordable Rates

Despite the economic inflation and current crises on a global scale, PVC Lahore’s payment plan is affordable and reasonable. The main agenda of the developers is to ensure a quality lifestyle for everyone without any discrimination and that too at reasonable prices. So, if you are seeking a good investment opportunity to invest your money in, Lahore PVC is your safest bet.

Carpeted Road Network

For a real estate project to thrive, accessibility is non-negotiable. No one wants to invest in a place where the land is secluded and away from all the hustle of the main city. Park View City Lahore ensures a wide network of carpeted roads which makes it a stunning location for all your rational real estate investments.

Reputable Team of Developers

Park View City is a prestigious project of Vision group and this company is not new to real estate challenges. They have been working in this niche for a long period of time and they are aligned with all the cliffhangers of this dynamic market. This project is also the extension of the years of experience and is a product of creativity and innovation at their best!

Future Prospects

As the housing society is backed by prestigious minds and developers, the growth curve of this one is stunning in all aspects. From a rich vision of better real estate to secure ROI, Park View City Islamabad is a golden opportunity for everyone alike.

Distinctive Characteristics of Park View City in Lahore

Nowadays, everyone prefers to invest in projects that offer something new, such as modern infrastructure, modern amenities, high-end security, and whatnot. They look for housing schemes that improve not only their bank balance but also their living standards. The developers of Park View City understand this psyche of people very well. Considering this, not only have they focused on providing the necessities needed to lead a good life. They also ensure people get advanced facilities, facilities that many believe are only for the elite class.
Along with classic location, the other world-class characteristics this housing scheme offer are:

Exceptional Security Measures

These days, due to inflation, the crime rate is also increasing quickly. This is happening because people are failing to find suitable jobs. As a result, they fail to meet the needs of the end and eventually choose the wrong path. So, whenever someone plans to invest in real estate, they look for a project that promises safety and security. The great news for you is that in Park View City, the security is exceptional. CCTV cameras are installed in every corner, and even guard stations are there. This is something that will allow the residents to lead a fear-free life.

Carpeted & Wide Roads

In any housing scheme, roads play a key role. This is one thing that keeps you connected from each block and even with the outside world. In PVC Lahore, you will see wide carpeted roads with green belts. Also, for the reader’s information, walking tracks are different from driving ones. If we talk about the main boulevard of this housing scheme is 85 ft. wide and designed perfectly.

Mesmerizing Infrastructure

Even more impressive than the roads is the infrastructure. By using technology, every building, home, and other structure is significantly developed. Also, the water and sewer lines are up to the mark, and the wires for the electricity are underground. The nice and modern infrastructure in this housing scheme adds to the value of the homes.

Commercial Area

The commercial area is the heart of any residential project. No housing scheme is complete without commercial space. In Park View City, you will find markets not only in each block, but there is a designated area for the commercial area too. This is a great solution because it includes a shopping mall and other places that meet people’s business needs. Here, you can find the best places to buy things without having to leave your house.


If you love nature or want to live in a calm, healthy environment, investing in this project is the best choice. People are drawn to this area because it has so many beautiful green parks, scenes, and green belts. The people who planned this place paid a lot of attention to this part. The people who live here can definitely lead a healthy life.

Medical Facilities & Education Institutions

Can you live in an area where there are no medical facilities or good education institutes? The idea of living in such an area can never come to any one mind. Even investors hesitate to invest in such projects as the absence of these two facilities negatively impacts the property price. The developers of PVC Lahore ensured to provide the best educational and healthy facilities to the residents. Also, both facilities will be run by experts, so stay assured that you will get everything nearby.

Mosque – The Heart of the Islamic Community (Good Heading - extra points)

Can you imagine a community without a mosque? Obviously not, but within the PVC housing society, you will find not one but multiple mosques where the residents can offer prayers. The developers ensured that all the amenities were available in the mosque, so those who came to offer prayer didn’t feel difficulty of any kind.

Water Facility

In many cities in Pakistan, it is way too hard to find clean water. The management’s incapability in this department leads to health consequences. But this is not the situation you can face in Park View City. Here clean drinking water is easily accessible.

Supply of Electricity

Park View City housing society ensures the residents’ comfort and convenience by providing sufficient electricity to each residence. All connections and wiring are underground. This protects the supply service from harsh weather and other issues. In short, the society has its own power plant, so load shedding will not be an issue.

Park View City Lahore - A Gateway to Promising Real Estate Opportunities

A stunning real estate venture shining bright on the landscape of Lahore. It is backed up by one of the most well-known construction companies in Lahore – The Vision Group. The Vision Group is striving to build a better real estate ecosystem that can facilitate a wide range of people despite the unstable economic situation in Pakistan. From luxurious facilities to an accessible location, This is a progressive real estate project – one that will be the perfect blend of modern and traditional.
However, this one isn’t the only project providing investors with the greatest opportunities to be a part of the real estate world. There are many more projects, such as Lahore Smart City and Kings Town, Lahore. If we talk about the projects that are not in Lahore, there are Blue World City, to Capital Smart City Islamabad. In short, you never get short of options.
If you are interested to learn about these projects in detail, feel free to contact Property Street.


Yes, it is possible to mortgage your plots in Park View City Lahore. Here is how you can do it:
✔ Submit a request application
✔ Pay the NOC
✔ Issue NOC

The Vision Group presided over by Mr. Aleem, is the developer of Park View City.

Yes, Park View City Lahore is an affordable housing society that provides payment plans over the 4-year installments.

Yes, Park View City Lahore is an LDA-approved legal housing society in Lahore.

The contact number of the Head Office of Park View City is +92-42-37572347.

Currently, 17 blocks are available in Park View City Lahore for residential and commercial plot bookings.

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