Hateem City Multan


Hateem City Multan

Multan is more commonly known as the city of saints or shrines. It is one of the religious, cultural, and economic centers in South Punjab. Multan is situated on the River Chenab banks and is the 7th largest city in Pakistan. However, it is also famous for its rich culture, weather, cotton crops, and mangoes.

With its beautiful residential and business buildings, Hateem City Multan will add to the beauty of Multan’s landscape. These facilities are the first of their kind in Multan and South Punjab. The developers of Hateem City Multan have made a payment plan for residential and commercial plots in Hateem City Multan that is flexible and affordable through 2022.

The developers of Hateem City Multan were very careful before locating the Hateem City Multan map. It is conveniently located near the PC Multan and the 03 km Askari Bypass, making it accessible from Multan’s main roads. 

Hateem City Multan

Owner & Developer

Who Are the Developers and Owners of Hateem City Multan?

Faisal Movers Housing , Dreamland Housing, and MA Engineering Services have all worked together to make Hateem City Multan. Most people know the developers for their high-quality, high-end real estate projects that are priced affordably.
Also, they have finished projects like Faisal Cottages, Faisal Cottages Phase II, Faisal Cottages Phase II Extension, Mailsi Gardens, Dream Cottages Multan, and Dream Gardens Multan. Additionally, they are soon launching the Dream Heights Multan. With each project they finish, the developers build a strong reputation for making real estate projects that can't be beat. Faisal Movers Housing wants to be the best real estate company and buy, develop, and build homes as well as sell them.

Hateem City Multan Owner and Developer

Faisal Movers Housing

Faisal Movers Housing wants to be the best real estate company that builds, develops, and sells homes. It started in Multan, but soon the company’s footprints will reach every corner of Pakistan. Faisal Movers Housing also keeps good relationships with its customers and investors by giving them good business experiences. Their business relationships distinguish them from the rest of the real estate market.
✔ Faisal Cottages
✔ Faisal Cottages Phase II
✔ Faisal Cottages Phase II Extension
✔ Mailsi Gardens
✔ Dream Cottages Multan

✔ Dream Gardens Multan
✔ Dream Heights Multan ( Launching Soon)

MA Engineering Services

MA Engineering Services was started in 2005 and can help with civil, mechanical, and electrical work. MA Engineering Services helps connect projects by doing research, economic and financial analysis, data processing, bid evaluation, construction management, and contract and tender management.
MA Engineering Services aims to fulfill the needs and requirements of its clients by offering quality services and products in innovative and cost-effective ways. Some of their projects have acquired a distinct position in the market.

✔ Hashoo Group, Pakistan Services Limited
✔ Engro Enfrashare Pvt. Ltd.
✔ Project Support Services Asia Pvt Ltd.
✔ Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution of Iran Pakistan Reconstruction Project
✔ Department of Health Government of the Punjab (Funded by KfW Germany)
✔ Punjab Industrial Estates Development and Management Company

What is the Hateem City Multan location?

Location is the critical factor that can make or break your real estate investment. The Hateem City Multan Map’s creators cared greatly about mapping the city. Therefore, they chose the Hateem City Multan location opposite the PC Hotel Multan. This is why it has accessibility from Multan International Airport, the M4-Motorway, and Railway Station Multan. Also, the area is easy to get to from Multan’s main roads, which makes it a great choice for both residential and commercial investors. 

Hateem City Location
Hateem City Multan Noc

Hateem City Multan NOC?

The Multan Development Authority (MDA) has given the green light to the Hateem City Multan real estate project. MDA has given its approval for the project, and construction is now underway. The NOC becomes crucial regarding legal and authentic real estate projects. Furthermore, projects with NOCs have a higher chance of success than those waiting for or without them.

Master Plan

Hateem City Multan Master Plan

Master Plan

The Hateem City Multan Master Plan divides the whole city into residential and commercial property areas. This will give the people who live there access to high-tech facilities and a luxurious way of life. If you have been looking for contemporary, luxury, yet affordable living in Multan, then look no further than Hateem City Multan. The following are the available residential and commercial positions in Hatem City, Multan:

Hateem City Multan Master Plan


Hateem City Multan Plots Available for Residential Buyers

The developers did a lot of research to find out what people in Multan needed. As a result, they have created unique lot sizes to meet the needs of Hateem City Multan residents. Hateem City Multan has a wide range of residential plots, including 5, 8, and 10-marla plots. The plots come with cash and flexible installation plans for the assistance of residential buyers. The plots available for residential buyers are as follows:


Hateem City Multan Plots Available for Commercial Buyers

Hateem City Multan is proud to offer 1.5, 3, and 5 marla commercial plots, which have never been used in the commercial sector of Pakistan before. The goal of putting in these different plot sizes is to give Mutlan's commercial sector land that meets its needs and wants. Moreover, the booking, installment, and payment processes are too fair and straight. Commercial investors can purchase the following plot sizes:

Payment Plan

Hateem City Multan Payment Plan 2022

The Hateem City Multan payment plan enables the buyers to invest in commercial and residential plots with a 30% down payment. They offer an exceptional 24 months installment program for both residential and commercial investments. However, residential investors can have both the one month installment plan and the quarterly installment plan, but commercial investors only have access to the quarterly installment plan.

Monthly Plan

Residential Monthly Installment Plan

It is a 24-month installment plan that starts with a 30% downpayment. However, investors can benefit from the 10% rebate when making a lump-sum payment. The plot sizes available for the monthly installment plan are 5, 8, and 10 marlas

Hateem City Multan Monthly Payment Plan

Quarterly Plan

Residential Quarterly Installment Plan

The duration of the quarterly installment plan is also 24 months with a 30% down payment. In addition, investors can receive a 10% rebate on lump-sum payments. The 5-maral plot size is only available for quarterly installment plans.

Hateem City Multan Quarterly Payment Plan

Commercial Quarterly Plan

Commercial Quarterly Installment Plan

The commercial quarterly installment plan is also 24 months long with a 30% down payment. Furthermore, investors can receive a 10% rebate on lump-sum payments. All the commercial plots, including the 1.5 marla, 3 marla, and 5 marla plots, are available on quarterly installment plans.

Hateem City Commercial Quarterly Paymen Plan

Why Invest in Hateem City Multan?

Multan is the focal point of South Punjab, attracting investors from all over the world. A statistic found online says that investors are more likely to put money into the Multan area of Pakistan after Islamabad and Lahore. This is where the Hateem City Multan comes into play. The society is next to the PC Hotel Multan and can be reached from the Askari Bypass. This makes it easier to get there from Multan’s main roads. The For many years, the developers have been a well-known and trusted name in the region for delivering high-quality real estate projects. The development at Hateem City Multan is in full swing, and all the basic amenities are available on the site, such as electricity, gas, water, and sewerage facilities. 

Why Hateem City Multan

Development Status

Development Status Hateem City Multan

The development at Hateem City Multan is in full swing. The road network has been developed, most of the development has gone to the gray infrastructure. The project will soon be available to the residents. Hateem City Multan has a lot to offer investors, such as a great location, easy access, luxurious facilities, modern utilities, and many more.

Outstanding Features

Some of the outstanding features of Hateem City Multan include

Hateem City Multan is on its way to inspiring entrepreneurs by providing cutting-edge facilities while maintaining affordable and flexible payment plans.

Unique Location

Hateem City Multan occupies a unique location by acquiring the spot just opposite the PC Hotel Multan on km 3 of the Askari Bypass in Multan. However, this location makes it accessible from major parts of Multan.

Gated Security

Hateem City Multan dominates the real estate sector in Multan by introducing a safe, secured, and gated community where you can live with your loved ones without worrying about anything.

Basic Amenities

The developers of Hateem City Multan have ensured the provision of the basic amenities available at the site before the start of the development, such as electricity, gas, water, and sewerage lines.

MDA Approved Project

The Multan Development Authority (MDA) has already approved the Hateem City Multan as a legal and authorized project to make residential and commercial developments at the site.

A Giant Mosque

Hateem City Multan will be enriched with a great, giant mosque that will open its doors for plenty of worshipers to offer prayers together.

Educational Facilities

Residents of Hateem City Multan will be able to get a good education at a variety of schools, colleges, and universities.

Sports & Health Facilities

Hateem City Multan’s developers have taken special care to provide residents with a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Therefore, there will be a lot more sports and health facilities, such as clinics, hospitals, parks, gyms, and recreation areas, for the residents of Hateem City Multan.

Well-Known Developers

The Hateem City Multan originates from a well-known developers that have been already delivered exceptional projects such as Faisal Cottages, Mailsi Gardens, Dream Cottages Multan and Dream Gardens Multan, etc.

Underground Facilites

Hateem City Multan has made a big change by putting things like electricity, a rainwater drainage system, and a backup power system underground.

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