Moreno Enclave


Moreno Enclave - An Innovative Yet Affordable Real Estate Venture

Moreno Enclave is a stunning real estate project that is headlined by Moreno Holdings. The spectacular real estate project is going to be a one-of-its-kind addition to the real estate landscape of Pakistan. The remarkable housing ventures cover a wide area of 8,000 Kanal and promise the availability of residential plots for various investors.
It is an economical and affordable housing society for all the real estate enthusiasts out there who are in dire need of valuable and guaranteed ROI.

Moreno Enclave
Moreno Enclave Owners

Moreno Enclave Owners

Moreno Enclave is an ambitious real estate venture of Moreno Holdings which is owned by Mr. Malik Nusrat Mehmood. Mr. Malik Nusrat is the ex-revenue officer of the Government of Punjab. He is the founder and CEO of Moreno Holdings. He is hailed as one of the most experienced and renowned businessmen in Pakistan and is considered to be a top entrepreneur.
In addition to all this, he also has a huge experience that encompasses over 25 years in the real estate sector. Moreno Holdings is solidifying their names in the real estate sector of Pakistan by providing state-of-the-art and luxurious lifestyle opportunities that are accessible to everyone.

The urge to provide innovative, world-class, and affordable as well as enhanced lifestyle quality is the need of the hour. That is why their projects have strict attention to detail and a mass appeal. 


Famous Projects

Moreno Holdings Other Famous Projects

If we are to discuss the other projects that cement the real estate experience of Moreno Holdings and are worthy proof of their commitment and resilience, then two innovative projects by Moreno Holdings are in the pipeline at this moment.

Moreno City

A new and lucrative project by Moreno Holdings that will provide class apart real estate opportunities to the residents of Islamabad is Moreno City. Moreno City will be located closs to the New Islamabad International Airport. The main aim of this real estate project is to revamp the cargo history of Pakistan as we know it.
As this project is located close to the CPEC route and therefore allows a plethora of business opportunities, especially for the bulk cargo movements that are connecting the USB spots alongside the China-Pak Economic corridor. 

Moreno Sports City

Another project that is one of its kind and is headlined by Moreno Holdings is Moreno Sports City. This one is in close proximity to the New Islamabad International Airport and will be a comprehensive center for all sporting events.
The striking feature of Moreno Sports City is its lush green landscapes which is an additional plus for a sustainable environment. Moreno Sports City will have a football academy, ICC standard Cricket stadium, tennis academy, and a boxing academy as well.

Moreno Enclave NOC

Moreno Enclave NOC

One of the most important things to check before investing in a real estate venture is whether the society, venture, or project holds legal grounds or not.

The society has been certified with a diary number from the authorities. Moreover, the owners and developers have applied for the NOC. The housing society is expected to get its approved documents and NOC till the end of January 2023.

After the declaration of the NOC, the owners will revise the prices and will announce the good news as well. That is why now is the prime time to avail this golden opportunity. 

Moreno Enclave Location

For any real estate project to connect with the residents and investors, location is one of the primary deciding factors. The location is a plus one in this housing society as it is located at one of the prime locations of Islamabad. It is just a few min away from the main city’s premises. 

Moreno Enclave Location


Accessibility Features of Moreno Enclave

Given below are the landmarks that make this housing society a secure and golden investment opportunity for all the onlookers.

near by Lnadmarks NMC


Nearby Areas to Moreno Enclave

Moreno Enclave also promises accessibility to


Moreno Enclave Landmarks

Given below are some of the landmarks:

Master Plan

Moreno Enclave Masterplan

The masterplan of this radical and progressive housing society has been curated with utmost attention to detail and is designed by a seasoned team of experts which include town planners, engineers, developers, and architects.

The town planners of Moreno Enclave are Meinhardt Singapore which is recognized in the real estate sector due to its smart urbanization planning and strict industrialization processes.

The proper and official reveal of the master plan is still on hold. But the ambitious project covers a land of 8,000 Kanal.

Currently, the project promises residential opportunities with modern amenities and contemporary features. Although the owners have committed to a four-year tenure period, society can expect the completion of the project a little early thanks to the big and experienced names in the project. 

moreno Enclave master plan

Development Update

Moreno Enclave Development Updates

The machinery and assorted instruments have been made available at the construction site to kick off the infrastructure.
This project is headlined by an expert team of engineers, laborers and constructors, who are masters of their craft.
The development and construction is expected to start at the end of January 2023.
✔  The makers are optimistic to deliver the initial phase within a 2 years time span.

Residential Plots

Moreno Enclave Residential Plots

The residential plots are exclusive and are affordable for everyone. Given below are the residential plots that are currently offered by the society

Payment Plan

Moreno Enclave Payment Plans

Given below is the available payment plan for the residential plots in detail:

For 5 Marla Plot
• Booking Price – 700,000 PKR
• 14 Quarterly Installments – 180,000 PKR

Possession Charges – 280,000 PKR
Total Plot Price – 3,500,000 PKR

For 10 Marla Plot
• Booking Price – 1,200,000 PKR
• 14 Quarterly Installments – 310,000 PKR

Possession Charges – 460,000 PKR
Total Price of Plot – 6,000,000 PKR

For 1 Kanal Plot
• Booking Price – 2,200,000 PKR
• 14 Quarterly Installments – 570,000 PKR

Possession Charges – 820,000 PKR
Total Price of Plot – 11,000,000 PKR

Salient Features

Moreno Enclave Salient Features

This stylized yet luxurious real estate venture is one of its kind and aims to provide excellent and affordable lifestyle opportunities to everyone without any discrimination.
Some of the standout features are as follows:

Why Should You Choose a Moreno Enclave?

It is a stunning real estate project that offers luxury at affordable rates and is going to be a positive addition to the horizon of Pakistan’s real estate. Therefore if you are looking forward to making an investment with guaranteed ROI, then this one’s for you.

why moreno Enclave

Booking Process

Moreno Enclave Booking Process

The booking process is easy but you have to make sure to have all the necessary and required documents with you. Also, ensure that all the documents that you are submitting are legit and approved.

Necessary Documents for Booking Procedure

✔ Copy of your CNIC
✔ CNIC Copy of Kin
✔ 2 Passport-Size Photographs Given below is a step-by-step process as to how you can secure a plot:
✔ Fill out the application form by reading it carefully and make sure to double check ✔ Attach the CNIC copies of the applicant
✔ Pay the down payment after checking with the management as to how you need to pay it
✔ Attach or submit all the necessary documents that are required by the management

moreno Enclave plot booking precedure

Amenities and Facilities

Moreno Enclave Amenities and Facilities


In order to make society more environmentally and ecologically appealing, a touch of nature is added in the form of parks. Not only this, but this society also assures the presence of amusement parks and water theme parks. All these measures guarantee joy and fun that is secure to say the best.


Mosques are the symbol of religious dignity and are holy places to offer daily prayers and are an absolute necessity. The mosques of this society also have air conditioning systems, standby generators, namaz areas, and state-of-the-art security systems.


Having a good restaurant around the corner to satisfy your craving and to have quality family time is highly essential. Moreno Enclave ensures that you never miss a fun time with your family. The makers are looking forward to adding fine dining to the master plan of society. 

Carpeted Roads

In order to minimize the hindrance and resistance to reaching a specific area, the makers have ensured the presence of quality road structures in society. This will multiply the convenience factor and will add up to the overall appeal of society. 


Moreno Holdings have paid strict attention to detail by ensuring the integration of a SMART parking system that is convenient, safe, and secure. The pros of the parking system are as follows: 
SMART parking maps
SMART signage
• SMART detectors for vehicle entry and exit
• SMART sensors to detect parking spot occupancy


One of the most striking features is the security of the society. From CCTV surveillance to a secure access system, this housing society is a safe haven for you, your loved ones, and your family. 

Commercial Areas

This project is not only a residential investment opportunity but also provides stunning avenues for commercial investments. It does so by making sure of the availability of marketplaces, supply shops, malls, and other sorts of commercial activities.

Well-Planned Waste Disposal System

In Pakistan, the waste disposal system isn’t up to the mark, even in the best housing schemes. After a few kilometers, you end up seeing a heap of waste. Not a pleasant site at all. However, all this is well taken care of in Moreno Enclave. The waste disposal system is up to date, as the specific team will be trained for this task only.

Sport Complexes

Along with all the other necessities, the developers have ensured the residents stay healthy, and sports complexes will be built within the society. You will get multiple options, from cricket grounds to the tennis court and other grounds. So, if you are a sports lover, this society is going to be the best for you in every manner.

Moreno Enclave - The Way Forward

Moreno Enclave is going to boost luxurious and contemporary architecture which will be the talk of the town. This one will be known for its appealing design, flexible payment plan and accessible location. After the approval of NOC, the prices are expected to rise, therefore now is the high time to secure this investment opportunity.

If you are still not sure about something, call Property Street for assistance. Our team will guide you well.

Kindly visit our website to learn about other projects we are currently working on, such as New Metro City Gujar Khan and Capital Smart City.



The owner of Moreno Enclave is Mr. Malik Nusrat Mehmood who is the founder and CEO of Moreno Holdings Private Limited.

It covers a total area of 8000 Kanal.

The developers have applied for the NOC. It will get its NOC approval from PHATA.

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