Lahore Smart City


Lahore Smart City - Second Smart City in Pakistan

Lahore Smart City is ready to inspire the people of Punjab with its modern amenities and luxurious facilities. By introducing distinctive features to the citizens of Smart City Lahore, the project will enhance the beauty of Lahore. It will be the second smart city on the landscape of Pakistan after the Capital Smart City.
Smart City Lahore is a mega real estate project in Lahore constructed on an arena of 20,000 Kanal. With exceptional residential and commercial spaces, it will be one of the most anticipated projects in the Punjab region. Lahore Smart City is your best bet if you want real estate with the most modern amenities and facilities. The city will be built on the principles of sustainability and eco-friendly urban development.

Lahore Smart City

Owner & Developer

Who Are The Owners & Developers of Lahore Smart City?

Lahore Smart City is the joint scheme of the Habib Rafiq Group (Pvt.) (Ltd) and Future Developments Holding (Pvt.) (Ltd.), with Surbana Jurong in charge of developing the Lahore Smart City and they are masterminds in the real estate industry. They have also done their own housing societies in the past with the names Royal Orchard Sahiwal, Royal Orchard Sargodha, and Royal Orchard Multan.

Lahore Smart City Owner and Developer

Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd

For over six decades, Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Ltd., or HRL, has stood for professionalism and high-quality services. It is one of the ISO 9000-certified firms that has served the engineering and construction sectors since its inception. Furthermore, it has always been regarded as a pioneer in housing and infrastructure development in Pakistan. They have completed a wide range of projects, including the construction of roads, houses, and water tanks, and the installation of water and gas pipelines.
✔ Power & Energy
✔ Chemicals & Petrochemicals
✔ Oil & Gas
✔ Environmental
Airports & Aviation
✔ Water Resources Engineering
✔ Buildings
✔ Roads, Housing, and Infrastructure



Surbana Jurong (PVT) Limited

Surbana Jurong (Pvt) Ltd is a Singapore-based company with over 60 years of experience that operates in over 40 countries and has 120 offices worldwide. They have a diverse team of professionals, including planners, designers, architects, engineers, and many other specialists, to reshape the future with foresight and innovation. The areas of expertise that makes Surbana Jurong different from others.
✔ Architecture
✔ Aviation
✔ Blast Consultancy
✔ Concept & Feasibility Studies
✔ Construction Management
✔ Contract Advisory
✔ Training & Ops Support Services
✔ Development Management
✔ Fire Safety
✔ Landscape Architecture

Future Development Holdings

Future Development Holdings (Pvt.) Limited (FDHL) is a Pakistani real estate and asset management company. The company intends to provide cutting-edge residential and updated commercial facilities in the industrial zone. The FDHL follows the company’s charter, which was adopted in 1984. Additionally, they have established a reputation for providing luxurious and energizing experiences.
Some features that distinguish Future Holdings Pvt. Ltd. from the competition are:
✔ Companies Ordinance 1984
✔ Real Estate Developer
✔ Asset Management
✔ Integrated communities
✔ Smart Cities Concept
✔ World Standard Development
✔ Sustainable Real Estate
✔ Futuristic Facilities
✔ Residential, Commercial, and Industrial


Lahore Smart City NOC Approved

Lahore Smart City NOC?

Lahore Smart City is one of the approved and legitimate real estate projects that has received a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Lahore Development Authority. The NOC is crucial to the authenticity of any real estate project. Furthermore, projects with the NOC have a higher chance of success.

Launching Date

When Was Lahore Smart City Launched?

The smart city Lahore is the 2nd smart city in Pakistan. This project was launched by the developers in August 2020.

What is the Lahore Smart City Location?

Whenever someone plays to buy a property, they prefer to have it in a place that is away from the city’s hustle and bustle but at the same time close to everything. So, whenever they are in need of something, they don’t have to go far. The good thing is that the LSC location is the best.
You can access the smart city of Lahore from not only one or two but multiple points. The housing scheme is near Grand Trunk Road Kala Shah Kaku CPEC Route. It is also near the famous road of Lahore known as the Ring Road.
Once you come out of society, you can find multiple marketplaces, malls, and other entertainment spots close by.


Lahore Smart City Access points

Lahore Smart City Access Points

Lahore Smart City can be easily accessible from the following routes.
• 4 min drive from GT Road
• 5 min drive from M2 Motorway
• 22 min drive from Ring Road L-20
• 10 min drive from M-11 Motorway
• 11 min drive from Lahore-Sargodha Road
• 30 min drive from Allama Iqbal International Airport
• 19 min drive from Lahore ring road L-20

Lahore Smart City Landmarks

Here are some of the nearby landmarks and places that are in close vicinity to the Lahore Smart City:
Lahore bypass
UET Lahore
Kala Shah Kaku
Shahdara Town
M-11 Motorway
Kot Abdul Malik

Lahore Smart City Landmarks

Upcoming News & Development Updates

LSC Upcoming News & Development Updates

Balloting in the overseas and executive blocks of Lahore Smart City will commence on 13th May 2023.

Latest Updates

LSC Latest Development Updates

It is surprising yet praiseworthy that LSC is developing at a very quick pace. This is something that gives investors confidence, and they don’t hesitate when making an investment. The development so far done in the LSC is:
312 Ft. Main Boulevard Road Construction Is Done
Business Avenue Construction Is Complete
In Sectors, a & B Water Supply Is 100% Working
The First Society in Pakistan with Its Own Fiber Optic Cable Network
In Sectors a and B, Villas Construction Is Done
Park and Mosque Construction in Sectors a and B Is Also Done.

Master Plan

Lahore Smart City Master Plan

The master plan for smart city Lahore will have two blocks—the executive block and the overseas block—and several districts.


Lahore Smart City was initially launched in two blocks, but several blocks were added later due to increased demand for the project. The blocks and districts are as follows:

Lahore Smart City Master Plan

Executive Block

The executive blocks are intended for people who want to enjoy the conveniences of a smart and contemporary lifestyle. Residents of the executive block will have access to all of the luxurious amenities and facilities. The executive block provides a variety of residential and commercial plots, including:
• 5 Marla Residential Plot
• 7 Marla Residential Plot
• 10 Marla Residential Plot
• 12 Marla Residential Plot
• 1 Kanal Residential Plot
• 2.66 Marla (commercial) Plot
• 4 Marla (commercial) Plot
• 6 Marla (commercial) Plot
• 8 Marla (commercial) Plot

Overseas Block

The Overseas Block, as the name implies, is reserved for foreign investors. It is purposefully designed to meet the needs of people living abroad. In the Overseas Block, plots are available in both residential and commercial sizes.

• 5 Marla Residential Plot
• 7 Marla Residential Plot
• 10 Marla Residential Plot
• 12 Marla Residential Plot
• 1 Kanal Residential Plot
• 2.66 Marla (commercial) Plot
• 4 Marla (commercial) Plot
• 6 Marla (commercial) Plot
• 8 Marla (commercial) Plot

Prime Block

Overseas Prime Block

Lahore Smart City developers have also announced the addition of overseas prime block in the residential society. Both sectors A and B would lead up to the overall overseas prime block. The balloting of this sector took place on 22nd December 2022. The division of the executive and overseas block lead to the districts. A complete look at the districts is given below:


Lahore Smart City Districts

Lahore Smart City introduces the concept of providing a comprehensive array of services by dividing the facilities into different districts.
Residents will have access to a variety of amenities in each district. The smart city of Lahore is divided into six distinct districts:

Lahore Smart City Districts

Lahore Smart City Executive Block

1.Residential Villas
2.Residential plots

6. Retail
7. Religious activities

Lahore Smart City Sports Districts

1. Race track
2. Cricket Stadium

3. Foods and beverages
4. Residential apartments
5. Commercial opportunities

Lahore Smart City Education Districts

1. Universities, schools, colleges
2. Medical colleges

3. Daycare centers
4. Tuition facilities

Lahore Smart City Theme Park

1.Bird park
2. Holiday resort

3. Food and beverages
4. Street food truck park
5. Retail

Lahore Smart City Silicon Valley

1. IT campus
2. Residential apartments

3. Technology operational offers
4. Corporate offices
5. Warehouses
6. Retail

Lahore Smart City Mosques

1. Grand Jamia Mosques
2. Sector Mosques


Lahore Smart City Residential Payment Plan 2022

The Lahore Smart City payment plan allows investors to invest in residential and commercial plots with a 10% down payment.
Investors can reserve their desired plots in Lahore Smart City using flexible cash and installment plans.
The following is the smart city Lahore payment plan:

Lahore Smart city Updated Payment Plan Executive
Lahore Smart city Updated Payment Plan Overseas Block


Lahore Smart City Commercial Payment Plan 2022

The Payment plan of Lahore Smart City commercial sector promises luxurious space at affordable rates and easy installment plans. The owners and management team are strict, keeping the prices at the lowest possible rates to ensure affordability and ease for everyone without any discrimination.

Lahore Smart City Commercial Payment Plan 2023
Lahore Smart City Commercial Payment Plan 2023

Lahore Smart City File Transfer Procedure

For regular transfer, here is the procedure that you need to follow:
• First, apply and then receive the no-demand certificate
• In order to obtain the transfer appointment, you have to bring out the transfer documents with a duly paid SOD
• The transfer appointment is provided by transferring officer
Both seller and buyer have to pay a visit to the transfer branch to seal the deal
The customer must have a CNIC to collect the transfer letter
You can also get an urgent transfer with the help of an urgent transfer fee payment

File Transfer in Lahore Smart City

Smart E- Booking

In order to avail the smart e-booking of Lahore Smart City, this is what you need to know the most: 
You need to register yourself as a SMART Member of the society so that you can proceed with the online procedure
• In order to pay the down payment you can either use the master card or a visa card
• To make bank transactions you can make interbank transactions:
• United Bank Limited
• Askari Bank Limited

Manual Booking

Given below is the procedure to book plots in Lahore Smart City
Take the print of the application form and then fill it out
• Pay the down payment either manually or automatically
• Or you can proceed with the interbank transactions
• Askari Bank Limited

Required Documents

Here are the documents that you need to complete if you want to secure an investment in Lahore Smart City :
✔ 2 passport size pictures
✔ NICOP for overseas Pakistanis
✔ 2 copies of CNIC
✔ 2 copies of ID next to the kin

How to Fill Application Form for Lahore Smart City:

The booking procedure for Lahore smart city is as follows:
Make sure to fill out the application form for booking with focus and attention

✔ Then attach the applicant’s CNIC
✔ Pay the down payment through reliable resources
✔ If you are looking for cash transactions then you need to check with the management
✔ Make sure to submit all the required documents as well and get the receipt

Registration Form

Booking form for Lahore Smart City

Possession Announcement

Possession Allotment Announcement

Possession Fees in Lahore Smart City

Possession Charges in Lahore Smart City

Policies & Public Notices

Policies for Lahore Smart City

Salient Features

Smart City Salient Features

Here is a look at the salient features of Lahore Smart City:

Why Invest in Lahore Smart City?

Lahore Smart City is a prestigious real estate venture that offers luxury, comfort, ease, and a good investment opportunity for real estate enthusiasts. Here are some of the reasons that can prove that Lahore Smart City is worthy of your investment:

Why Lahore Smart City?

Spacious Properties

The properties available in Lahore Smart City are very spacious. With an area of 20,000 Kanals, Lahore Smart City is an ambitious housing project that offers quality and ease without any compromise. 
All the blocks are spacious and offer wide spaces so that residents can plan their houses accordingly. Moreover, the commercial hub is also designed to provide wide spaces for easy business communications and customer frequency,

Renowned Project of Well-Reputed Developers

The Lahore Smart City is the combined efforts of some of the most well-known and widely recognized companies in the real estate market. They are known for their prowess and creativity,
Both Habib Rafiq Limited and FDHL (Future Development Holdings) are the owners and creators of Lahore Smart City, They boast a professional team of experts that are not new to the real estate challenges and have many years of experience. From iconic infrastructure to sustainable development, Lahore’s smart city is an end product of innovation and creativity.

Prime Location

Location is one of the deciding factors that lead to the success of any real estate venture. People always thrive for such avenues that promise easy accessibility and are close to the main amenities and features.
Lahore Smart City is located on N-5 National Highway, Kala Shah Kaku Railway Station, and Lahore Bypass. This makes Lahore Smart City an unmissable investment opportunity for residents and investors alike.

Cost-Effective / Affordable

If there is one society that is offering you exactly what your money is worth, it is Lahore Smart City, The current rise in inflation has made it difficult for people to secure a residential or commercial investment in Pakistan. That is why the owners of Lahore Smart City have put forward the concept of an economical installment plan that aids property enthusiasts in the best way possible.

Sustainable Planning

Lahore Smart City is quite different from other societies. This one is not an average real estate venture, it is sophisticated, sustainable, and secure from the design to the reality. The makers have made sure that all the necessary facilities are available 24/7 for the residents. Moreover, it also has its own water reservoirs to ensure that the residents do not have to suffer from resource shortages. 

Smart City with Smart Opportunities

The success stories of the owners and developers of Lahore Smart City are enough to promise high-yield investment returns, high return on investment is often the biggest concern of any investor, but Lahore Smart City promises and delivers exactly that kind of investment security,

Features and Amenities

Features and Amenities of Lahore Smart City

Lahore smart city is an ambitious project that is committed to providing modern facilities with state-of-the-art infrastructure, that too at affordable rates. Not only are the facilities contemporary, but they are also modern and urban.
Given below are some of the amenities provided by Lahore Smart City:

Access from Multiple Points

Lahore Smart City is located on the eastern bypass, near the Ring Road and the M2 interchange. This makes it easily accessible from Lahore’s main roads, and it is also quite close to Lahore International Airport.

Safety and Security

For a real estate society to attract investors and residents alike, it has to be secure and safe. Lahore smart city pays extra emphasis on security features. This one comes with a 24/7 CCTV camera and provides an inclusive security experience like never before.

Smart Features

Lahore Smart City is dominating the real estate industry by introducing industry-first features like smart traffic management, smart street lights, and smart parking systems. This is something that is hard to find in other societies.

LDA Approved Community

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has approved Smart City Lahore as a legal and legitimate real estate society, making it an ideal choice for residential and commercial investors. So, one of the major worries is that every investor has ended here on the spot. As you know you aren’t investing in a project that isn’t legal.

Environmentally Secure

The biggest quality of Lahore Smart City is that it offers the perfect blend between environmentally sound real estate projects and a natural lifestyle. This allows the residents to stay in touch with the natural views and is able to enhance the overall appeal of the residential housing society.

Water Reservoirs

The developers of Lahore Smart City have taken into account the resource crises in Pakistan. By taking into account this condition, the society developers have decided to install water reservoirs in different areas of the society so that a large amount of water can be restored.

Educational, Health & Sports Facilities

Residents will benefit from extensive educational facilities in Lahore Smart City because it has a distinct education district with top-rated institutes of education for residents.
The developers of Smart City Lahore paid special attention to health and sports facilities. Residents will have access to health and fitness centers, gyms, and parks. Furthermore, it has sports and health districts where residents will have access to a variety of facilities.

Free Wi-Fi Accessibility

This is a novel concept in Pakistani real estate, with residents having access to free Wi-Fi hotspots. It also has Silicon Valley, which is specifically designed for IT-related companies and services.

Commercial Hub

The developers are thriving to make this one not only a residential hub but also a commercial hub so that a wide range of opportunities is provided to the general masses. This way this will not only attract residents but also provide exciting venues for commercial investments.

Real Estate History

Lahore Smart City - Revamping the Real Estate History

Lahore Smart City is a luxurious place whose each part is stunning and detailed. The aim of this wonderful, smart city in Lahore is to provide luxury residential opportunities for everyone without any discrimination. Moreover, the need for sustainable decisions is now more than ever.
Therefore, if you are looking for quality real estate projects for investment or accommodations, 1st ever smart city of Lahore is your best bet. You can contact us for details in case you are confused.
However, we also work with other projects, including the 1st smart of Pakistan in Islamabad, Capital Smart City, New Metro City Gujar Khan, Kings Town Lahore, and so on. To learn details, feel free to contact us or visit our website Property Street. Given below are some of the amenities provided by Lahore Smart City:


The Lahore Smart City was launched in August 2000.

The Lahore Smart City is the brainchild of HRL and FDHL, two of the most reputable companies in the real estate world. 

Yes, Lahore Smart City is LDA approved.

You can mortgage the plot through the following details: 
First, you have to submit the cancellation request
✔ Pay NOC/NEC fee
✔ Issue NOC/NEC to the bank 


First, the owner of the site or file has to submit an application for cancellation, and then they can collect the cancellation letter from the office.

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