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Soul City Lahore - A Delux Housing Scheme in the Heart of Lahore

Lahore is a city that is famous for so many things. From Walled City to huge malls and other places, this city is a complete package you can say. Every year not only it attracts many tourists but residents from other cities of Pakistan too. There are several who fell in love with this city due to its cultural vibes, modern infrastructure, and career options. So, they prefer to move to Lahore. It means the research for suitable housing society will be the first step of the process. There are countless housing schemes in Lahore, however, the newest project that is grabbing the attention of many is Soul City Lahore. Are you also curious to learn about this residential project?
Well, it is a housing society that promises all the facilities, modern amenities, and even affordability. The developers are confident that this is a project that will not only amaze the locals but international investors at the same time.

Soul City Lahore Introduction


Owners of Soul City Lahore

The owners and the developers of the Soul City Lahore are none other than Marwa Developers.
Marwa Developers is quite renowned and one of the leading construction companies in the real estate industry of Pakistan. Their work history adds a lot of weight to their credibility, as they have done multiple commercial and residential projects in the past. Moreover, this mega project will surely bring more limelight to them.

Soul City Lahore Owner and developer

Soul City Lahore NOC

One of the best things any real estate developer can do is grab the attention of new investors or ensure that those who are already interested go nowhere. Well, this isn’t simple, but there is a way for that, and it is by doing it on legal grounds. No one likes to be a part of a project that isn’t approved by development authorities as, in this way, a lot of risks are involved.

But you do not have to worry about such matters in the context of the Soul City housing scheme in Lahore. It is an LDA-approved project which has gained its approval letter against the letter number LDA/DMP (M&E)/ 2986.

Soul City Lahore NOC

Soul City Lahore Location

Location is everything when it comes to a real estate project. Investors prefer to be part of a real estate project that is close to the city but at the same time away from all the hustle and bustle. Also, they always look for areas which promise and then deliver easy accessibility to other locations and connect the real estate project to the main city.

Soul City Lahore developers put lot of attention to this aspect. Soul City is located in Mouza Jhedu, Tehsil Model Town, Jia Bagga Road, Lahore. This point is considered to be one of the most happening locations in Lahore. Not only it ensures connectivity but also promises accessibility.

Soul City lahore Location


Development Updates

Well, the developers of Soul City housing society promise that within six months or in a year they will deliver everything. To fulfill this promise, the development work is going in a full swing. So, if you are interested in investing in this project, this is surely good news!

Soul City Lahore Master Plan

The Soul City’s master plan is designed fantastically. The society is spread over a vast area that is around 6,000 Kanal. However, for now, only 1820 Kanal is approved by the authorities. Still, there isn’t a need to worry much. The development authorities have given a green signal to the developers for the construction. And the developers are sure that each corner will get the approval soon.

Expert architects and engineers design the entire master plan. On every little detail, attention is being paid, so later, no one faces a problem of any kind, neither developers nor investors.

For now, only 1820 Kanal is approved by the authorities. Still, there isn’t a need to worry much. The development authorities have given a green signal to the developers for the construction.

The residential plots sizes that will be available in the Soul City housing society in Lahore are:

5 Marla
✔ 10 Marla
1 Kanal

Commercial plots are also available in the Soul City housing project in Lahore, and the available plot sizes are:

✔ 2 Marla
✔ 4 Marla

Soul City Lahore Payment Plan 2023

For the elite class maybe the rates don’t matter much. However, for the middle class, it does. So, what does Soul City have to offer to those? Well, this grandeur housing project payment plan offers a convenient payment plan to their investors.
You can book Soul City Lahore plots in installments. Wondering what is the installment span in Soul City housing society? Well, it is around 2.5 years.
Here is how the payment plan work:
Down Payment – 17%
Quarterly Installments – 10
Ballot Payment – 10%
Possession – 10%

Soul City Lahore Payment Plan

Few of the Top Characteristics of Soul City Lahore

Before investing in any housing scheme, everyone prefers to know what it has to offer. Well, the developer and owners of Soul City housing society promise residents modern amenities and facilities. Here is what you will enjoy in this magnificent housing society:

Why Is Soul City Lahore Right to Make an Investment?

There are multiple reasons that make this housing society the best to make an investment. Firstly, it is in an area where the demand for properties is quite high. And as per analysis, the demand will increase in the future. Which is surely a good sign. Secondly, everything is available within close proximity, be it schools, retail shops, or transportation facilities.
In case you are looking for more reasons to why make an  investment in the Soul City housing scheme, here they are:
Benefits of Return on Investment
The growth of the real estate market in Lahore is quite exceptional. The developments are happening all around the corner at quite a fast pace. Now you will notice that not every property promises the same return on investment.
As per location and other factors, the returns may differ. The Soul City housing society is not only located at a prime location but there are other factors too that allow developers to promise the investors of great ROI.

Infrastructure Development is Going at a Great Pace

Before investing in any project, it is essential to notice the developments happening around the moment. And what are the developments that might happen in the coming future? Seeing that it is easy to get an idea whether, as an investor, you should invest or not.
The development status of Soul City Lahore and the surrounding areas gives a positive vibe. This is something that will make this housing scheme the most demanding in the coming future for sure.

Promises Steady Income

For those who are thinking of generating a steady income for years through real estate but have failed to get an opportunity, the Soul City housing scheme is here for those. You can rent out your property to generate passive income every month. To ensure you don’t face issues regarding the rent, don’t forget about the rental agreement.

Everything Available Within Close Proximity

Do you prefer to live in an area where everything is quite far from your approach, be it schools, retail shops, medical facilities, and even essential landmarks of the city? Of course not! The good news is that the Soul City housing scheme location is prime and you don’t have to worry about all this. So, if you invest in this project today, surely you will not face trouble finding anything or reaching somewhere.

Secure & Safe

Due to the significant increase in the crime rate, no one likes to be in an area that isn’t secure. This is the reason when it comes to real estate investment; people focus a lot on the safety and security of a property.
Well, the Soul City housing project is a gated community with boundary walls all around and even 24/7 CCTV surveillance. So, you and your family will live peacefully and happily without worrying about outside threats.

Options for Overseas Pakistani

Even if someone is living in another country due to any reason, the love for their home country is never-ending. They prefer to visit their home country once in a while, or some prefer to move permanently in the future. Considering this, the Soul City developers are taking steps for those living in the UK, the USA, or in Canada. They will also be able to invest in this project.

Booking Procedure

In order to book a plot in this housing society, people need to get themselves aligned with the booking procedure of this housing society. Here is a step-by-step guide on the essential documents that are required by the management of Soul City housing society:
✔ A Copy of CNIC
✔ Passport Size Photo – 2
✔ Nominee’s CNIC Copy
✔ Cash/Pay Order of Downpayment

Booking Procedure for Overseas Pakistanis

In order to book a plot in this housing society, people need to know about the booking procedure of this housing society. Here is a step-by-step guide on the essential documents that are required by the management of Soul City housing society:
✔ A Copy of CNIC
✔ Passport Size Photo – 2
✔ Nominee’s CNIC Copy
✔ Cash/Pay Order of Down payment
Online Payment on Company’s Account
The Same Documents Were Provided by the Local Client, No Physical Presence Is Required

Outstanding Features

Amenities & Facilities

Given below are some of the facilities promised by the developers of Soul City:

A Secure and Gated Community

Security and safety are some of the most important things in a real estate investment. If the interested ones find anything that can be a threat to their safety in the near future, they don’t prefer to invest the money in a project. Soul city promises a gated and secure living experience that offers a quality lifestyle at its finest.

An integrated 24/7 security system

In order to ensure that there are no incidences of theft or burglary, the makers of this housing society have ensured the availability of a 24/7 security that promises 24/7 surveillance with almost no room for errors.

Business Hub and Commercial areas

Nowadays people love to invest in mixed-use properties. It is because it ensures not only residential accommodation but also proves to be worthy for business. Soul City is a perfect opportunity for those planning to make an investment in this type of real estate. Here commercial and residential, all sorts of properties are available.

Close-knit Community Center

Nowadays communication is zero among people. It seems like everyone is living a robotic life. We forgot the fact that to build a strong and sustainable community, communication is the key. Soul City takes care of this matter and delivers a comprehensive community center to serve the purpose of building and maintaining relationships.

Eco-Friendly Environment

Soul City is not about concrete buildings all around. It is a housing society that takes important measures to build an ecosystem that is both human and nature friendly. In addition to all this, Soul City developers also thrive to provide a more natural habitat.

Healthcare facilities

Another thing on which the developer of this housing society has focused a lot on is the healthcare facilities. They are delivering the best possible healthcare facilities so that the residents do not have to rush to the main cities in case of emergencies.

Sports Complex

These days very few play sports. It is not because they don’t want to, the main reason is one, they don’t have the space. Soul City developers are making sure to deliver a sports complex so that people can engage themselves in healthy sports for a better lifestyle.

Underground electrification

All around Pakistan, people are unable to get electricity 24/7. People are tired of this routine. So, they are looking for spaces where they don’t have to face such a situation. And even the electrical system is installed in a modern manner. The Soul City housing scheme has everything under control in this regard. The entire system is underground and is backed by powerful generators.

Education Complex

The parents who are interested in this project are curious to know what sort of educational facilities are available in this project. The makers of this housing facility, Marwa Developers, have ensured the availability of a world-renowned schooling system for the children so that they get to enjoy better educational prospects.


Soul City Lahore is a promising real estate venture that has one goal in mind to provide a better lifestyle featuring all the needed amenities. It is an all-rounder project that offers both residential and commercial plots for residents and business lovers alike. Therefore, if you are in search of a housing society that offers both residential peace and commercial areas for better possibilities, this one’s for you.

For further details, Property Street is always at your service. Also, you can rely on us to get details and plot bookings for other projects, including Lahore Smart City, Capital Smart City IslamabadPark View City Lahore, and so on!


Yes, Soul City is an LDA-approved housing society. Therefore, it is a legal residential investment venture.

Marwa Developers, a leading real estate company in Pakistan are the brains behind this project.

Yes, soul city is a highly profitable real estate project that offers quality parameters of life at affordable rates. From location to amenities, Soul City is a promising investment venture.

Yes, the developers are ensuring a splendid living experience for people at affordable rates. The plots are available for booking at a 17% down payment.

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