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Al Kabir Town Lahore - A Promising Real Estate Opportunity

Al Kabir Developers is a known name in the real estate industry of Pakistan. They have launched many successful projects in the past and the one that caught the attention of many was Al Kabir Town Lahore.
Al Kabir Town is a housing scheme that was launched by them in 2016. In this project, the plots were available at a reasonable cost and with flexible installment plans. Also, the location opted for Al Kabir Town was also very prime.
The developers had done a lot to ensure this project became a huge success. And it happened eventually within a year. After seeing the success of Al Kabir Town Phase 1, in March 2017 the developers launched the apartments.
Later, in May 2017, they launched Phase II with the name of Al Kabir Town Phase 2. Phase 2 of Al Kabir Town gained a lot more popularity than the previous phase. Seeing this, Phase 3 and Phase 4 were also launched by the management. Phase 3 was given the name of Kings Town and Phase 4 Maryam Town.
Now the most noted thing about all 4 phases is that all are approved by the Development Authorities (LDA). The management of the housing scheme delivers all four projects on time. This is one thing that attracts investors from all over Pakistan and even from abroad.

Al Kabir Town Lahore

Owner & Developer

Al Kabir Town Owner and Developers

You have already learned about the owners and developers of Al Kabir Town. But allow us to tell you once more that this project is owned by Al Kabir Developers. There is no hidden fact in one thing whenever developers launch a bug project, they feel nervous. Because in case the projects don't do well or fail to fulfill the expectations of customers, the reputation of the company gets affected badly. But here Al Kabir developers, ensured they leave no room for error. They have gathered a team of experts for everything. If we give you a little insight, Chaudhry Aurengzaib is the CEO of the company. The chief engineer is also known name - Mr Tariq Manzoor. Lastly, the Senior General Manager is Lt. Col (R) Pervaiz.

Al Kabir Town Lahore owner and developer

Al Kabir Town Location

As mentioned above there are 4 Phases of Al Kabir Town. However, if we talk about the location of Phases 1 and 2, the project is located at Raiwind Road.
This location is considered the best because Lahori uses Raiwind Road often. Also, this is a road that provides access to all the main landmarks and nearby places.

Have a look at the Al Kabir Town map for a better understanding.

Al Kabir Town Lahore NOC

Al Kabir Town NOC

The credibility of any housing scheme also depends on its legal status. In case a housing scheme hasn’t been approved, investors hesitate to invest their money. As they know it can cause issues for them.
The management of Al Kabir Town knows about it very well. Considering this they ensured that before anything else, they got the NOC from the concerned authorities. And they did, as the Al Kabir Town NOC is approved by LDA.
You may be shocked or surprised to hear that the initial documents were received by the management in 2016. The time when Phase 1 was launched.

Al Kabir Town Map

Learn about the detailed location through the map attached below:

Al Kabir Town Nearby Landmarks
The list of nearby landmarks is as followed:

Superior University
Cancer Care Hospital & Research Center
Kot Araian
Lake City
Ashrafi Town
Chinar Bagh
Allama Iqbal international Airport
Beacon House Housing Society
Adda Plot Jati Umrah

Accessibility Points of Al Kabir Town Lahore

Moving on to the multiple access points of the housing scheme, the list is mentioned below:
From Sharif Medical City Road – 3 Mins Drive
From Lahore Ring Road – 5 Mins Drive
From Rohi Nala Bypass – 5 Mins Drive
From Jati Umrah Road – 6 Mins Drive
From Sunder Road – 8 Mins Drive
From Defense Road – 9 Mins Drive
From Sue-E-Asal Road – 10 Mins Drive
From Canal Road – 14 Mins Drive
From Multan Road – 18 Mins Drive


Al Kabir Town Lahore

Al Kabir Town Master Plan

The master plan of any project holds a lot of importance. It is one thing that can make or break a deal for many investors.
Considering this, Al Kabir Town hired the best team to design a master plan. This is the reason when you will look at the master plan, you will see everything is there. From luxury and comfort, you can find all.
Here you will find everything from greenery to modern infrastructure, a safe and secure environment, and whatnot. You name it, and Al Kabir Town has it all.

Al Kabir Town Lahore mastere plan


Available Property Types

Standard & Luxury Apartments
Luxury Homes


Available Blocks in Al Kabir Town

Usman Block
Ali Block
Abu Bakar Block
Umer Block


Available Residential Plots

2 Marla
3 Marla
5 Marla
7 Marla
8 Marla


Available Apartment Sizes

450 Sq. ft. (Studio Apartment)
650 Sq. ft.
700 Sq. ft.
750 Sq. ft.
900 Sq. ft.
1050 Sq. ft.
1100 Sq. ft.

Luxury Homes

Available Luxury Homes (25 × 45)

Ground Floor
First Floor
Second Floor


Available Commercial Plots

2 Marla
3 Marla
6 Marla

Payment Plan

Al Kabir Town Payment Plan 2023

Now that you have learned almost everything related to Al Kabir Town and its Phases, it is time to learn about the Al Kabir Town payment plan in detail.

Payment Plan

Payment Plan for Al Kabir Town Phase 1

Down below are all the details you are looking for regarding the Phase 1 payment plan:

A Block

A Block - Residential Payment Plan (Phase 1)

A Block

A Block - Gold Commercial Payment Plan (Phase 1)

A Block - Broadway

A Block - Broadway Commercial (Phase 2)

A, B, C & D Block

A, B, C & D Block - Residential & Commercial (Phase 2)

Investing in Al Kabir Town Lahore?

Why is There No Need to Think Twice Before Investing in Al Kabir Town Lahore?

We have compiled some of the reasons why you should invest in a compelling project such as Al Kabir Town Lahore:
Premium Location: One of the most common things that people should be curious about before making an investment in any real estate project is the location. This is where Al-Kabir Town shines the most. This one is located at one of the most accessible locations of Lahore - Raiwind Road.
Renowned Developers: Another reason why Al-Kabir Town is your safest bet for investment is the associated developers. Their journey kickstarted back in 2016 and this is not their only project. The developers of this project are quite seasoned and experienced. Ch. Aurangzeb is currently presiding over Al Kabir Developers.
A Thorough Masterplan: The master plan of Al Kabir Town is one for the ages. The developers have incorporated every possible detail inside the master plan which can and will make this project an unmissable investment opportunity.
Affordable Real Estate Opportunities: Wondering how to invest in real estate, considering the current situation of the economy? Well, worry no more. Al Kabir Town is offering affordable real estate options with easy installments. The payment plan of this housing society is a clear indication of ease and comfort.
Stable Source of Passive Income: This is not a debatable factor that real estate is a great source of passive income. Passive income is something that one generates without an active job. If you are investing in Al-Kabir Town you can enjoy the luxuries of a residential accommodation as well as a promising ROI venture.
A Legal Housing Project: In terms of legality, investors can rest assured. This housing society is approved by LDA. LDA issued the NOC a long time ago. This NOC approval is the same for all the 3 phases involved in the project.

Outstanding Features

Few of the Salient Features & Amenities

Listed below are some of the most promising features of Al Kabir Town:

Water and Power Supply

In order to minimize the risk of electrical wiring for the people, the developers are providing an underground wiring system. Moreover, the developers are also eager to supply electricity 24/7 to the residents. Society is also adding various water filtration plants across society so that people have easy access to clean and pure water.

Shopping Mart

This society also has a shopping mart which allows the residents ease because they do not have to travel to faraway places to do groceries. Not only does it save a lot of travel money, it also allows people to spend quality time with their families.


Since the pandemic, people have become more aware and informed regarding their health status. That is why it is essential for housing projects to cater to these sorts of needs of the people as well. Al-Kabir Town developers have also added a gymnasium inside the master plan of the society.

Electricity Backup

Pakistan is dealing with a severe shortage of resources. In order to handle these issues and provide the residents with a quality life, the developers of this project are ensuring a safe and sound electricity backup. The makers are ensuring an uninterrupted supply of electricity via a backup power generator


A mosque is a basic necessity for Muslims. The developers of the housing society are building a centralized mosque in the housing society which will have an Islamic architecture. This is to ensure that the people are able to offer their prayers in peaceful surroundings.


One of the most prominent and stand-out features of Al Kabir Town Lahore is that it takes in account all of the needs of people. This housing venture also provides lavish restaurant chains that can cater to hunger cravings. Moreover, these restaurants also provide a chance to enjoy family time in a fine ambiance.


Al-Kabir Town developers are providing a comprehensive and state-of-the-art hospital for the residents. With an emergency center that is operational 24/7, the main aim of this society-centric hospital is to ensure that the residents do not face any sort of discomfort in terms of medical emergencies.

World-Class Infrastructure

Al-Kabir Town is a striking project. Not only the location and the area coverage of the project is top-class, the way the developers are paying attention to the structural design, but it is also applause-worthy, to say the least.


The Bottom Line

Al-Kabir Town is the right blend of luxury and affordability that is located in one of the most premium locations in Lahore. A project of renowned developers, the main aim of the society is to provide luxurious housing accommodations for people who are already dealing with severe case scenarios of inflation. Hands down one of the most admired and valuable housing societies of Pakistan - Al Kabir town is revamping, rewriting, and rejuvenating the real estate horizons of Pakistan. In case you need further updates regarding plot bookings, balloting announcements, project details, or file bookings, feel free to reach out to property street. You can either visit our office premises or get a consultation on call. We are here to assist you every step of the way regarding other housing societies in Lahore as well such as Lahore Smart City, Capital Smart City, Blue World City , Smart City in Lahore, Park View City Lahore, Soul City Lahore and etc etc.

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