New City Paradise


New City Paradise - Development of a Luxurious Housing Scheme

The capital of Pakistan has multiple international standard housing projects. Recently, a project called “New City Paradise” was launched. The developers of this project are those who developed New City Wah. They are known and have delivered many successful projects in the past.

New City Paradise covered a total area of 20,000 Kanal of which 4256 have got approval from the PHATA for the development. As per developers Management is working to get the approval of the remaining land.

The good thing about this project is that the booking process began even before the launch. Previously, as per the developers, the launch of the housing scheme was scheduled for 2022’s last quarter. However, for some reason, it got delayed and shifted to 2023.

So, are you slightly interested in investing in this project? Or do you need any sort of information related to this housing scheme? If so, simply contact Property Street.

New City Paradise

Owner & Developer

Owners of New City Paradise Islamabad

As mentioned above, the owners of New City Paradise Islamabad are known. The developers of this housing project are none other than the developers of New City Wah. The entire housing scheme’s chief executives are Chairman Ch. Qamar Zaman and Ch. Saad Zaman. It is obvious that people always want to invest in such a project which belongs to a developer who has a good name in the real estate market. Also, a project that offers multiple investment options, from residential to commercial plots. New City Paradise fills this gap. Its developers are not only trusted by many but have done multiple successful projects in the past. Whenever they launch a project, their goal is to consider all the requirements buyers and investors are looking for. The previous projects of Ch. Qamar Zaman and Ch. Saad Zaman is:
New City, Wah Cantt
Avalon Plaza, Rawalpindi

Islamabad’s New City Paradise Location

For any real estate project, be it mixed-use, commercial, or residential, location matters the most. This is one thing that determines whether the project will be profitable in the future or not.

So, surely now you would like to know about the location of New City Paradise Islamabad. The housing scheme is located near Burhan Interchange, GT Road. According to investors, this location is supreme, mainly from Rawalpindi.

Interested investors or future residents can also access this housing project from M1 Motorway Interchange. As it is close to Toll Plaza.

The location is so ideal that it makes the project popular among locals and overseas Pakistanis

Islamabad’s New City Paradise Location
New City Paradise NOC

New City Paradise NOC

Would you like to be a part of a housing project that isn’t approved by the development authorities? Obviously, the answer is going to be a big no! Because such an investment comes with considerable risk.

The New City Paradise NOC is approved by PHATA (Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency). The housing project is registered under this number  DG-PHATA/W-I/PHS/61/2022.

New City Paradise Islamabad Access Points

The developers have tried everything to bring flexibility to their clients. Considering this, they have chosen a location that is accessible from various points, such as:

Location – GT Road
Nearby Burhan Interchange
New City Wah – Distance Ten Minute
M-1 Motorway – Distance Two Minute
Hazara Motorway – Distance Ten Minute
Brahma Jhang Bahtar Interchange – Distance Fifteen Minute
Islamabad-Rawalpindi Interchange – Distance Eighteen Minute
Islamabad International Airport – Distance Twenty Minutes
Quaid Avenue – Distance Twenty-Two Minutes
M-2 Motorway – Distance Twenty-Five Minutes
Jhang Bahtar Road – Distance Twenty-Six Minutes
Thalian Interchange – Distance Thirty-Six Minutes

Nearby Landmarks of New City Paradise

The landmarks you will find around this grand housing project are:

POF (Pakistan Ordinance Factory)
Hitech University
Heavy Mechanical Complex
AWC Housing Society
Kohistan Enclave Wah 

New City Paradise Islamabad Access Points

lunched date

Launch Date of New City Paradise

Everyone was waiting for the launch date of New City Paradise. Well, it was announced by the developers last year in 2022’s last quarter. However, as discussed before, due to some troubles, the developers delayed the grand launch of the housing scheme. The new date was introduced, and it was March 11, 2023. The event was a huge success, as it was hosted by Emmad Irfani & Sabeeka Imam. To keep the guests of the ceremony entertained, renowned singer Ali Zafar was also there. Moreover, Sahir Ali Bagga and Gul Parna were also there to lighten up the launch event.

Total Area:

New City Paradise Total Area:

Well, we’d like to inform you that the entire society covers an area of approximately 20,000 Kanal. About 4256 Kanal are approved by the PHATA, and as per developers, the rest of the area will also get approval soon from concerned authorities

payment plan

New City Paradise Payment Plan 2023

You need to pay the price to buy a plot. This means you must know about the payment plan of a specific project you are planning to invest in. So, are you interested in investing in New City Paradise? If so, surely you would like to know about the New City Paradise Payment Plan. Well, we bring all the details related to the payment plan for you. The great news here for you is that the payment plan is designed keeping in mind Pakistan’s middle-class community. Which means you will be able to get your dream plot.

Residential plots

New Payment Plan of Residential Plots

3.5 Marla Plot in New City Paradise
Total Price = Rs. 1,580,000
Booking Price = Rs. 185,000
Confirmation Amount = Rs. 185,000
36 Monthly Installments = Rs. 20,000 Each
4 Half-Yearly Balloon Payments = Rs. 60,000 Each
Balloting Payment = Rs. 125,000
Allotment Price = Rs. 125,000
5 Marla Plot in New City Paradise
Total Price = Rs. 2,275,000
Booking Price = Rs. 250,000
Confirmation Amount = Rs. 250,000
36 Monthly Installments = Rs. 26,000 Each
4 Half-Yearly Balloon Payments = Rs. 96,000 Each
Balloting Payment = Rs. 227,500
Allotment Price = Rs. 227,500
10 Marla Plot in New City Paradise
Total Price = Rs. 4,300,000
Booking Price = Rs. 500,000
Confirmation Amount = Rs. 500,000
36 Monthly Installments = Rs. 46,000 Each
4 Half-Yearly Balloon Payments = Rs. 196,000 Each
Balloting Payment = Rs. 430,000
Allotment Price = Rs. 430,000
1 Kanal Plot in New City Paradise
Total Price = Rs. 8,200,000
Booking Price = Rs. 900,000
Confirmation Amount = Rs. 900,000
36 Monthly Installments = Rs. 90,000 Each
4 Half-Yearly Balloon Payments = Rs. 380,000 Each
Balloting Payment = Rs. 820,000
Allotment Price = Rs. 820,000

Commercial plots

Payment Plan of Commercial Plots

2.5 Marla Plot in New City Paradise
Total Price = Rs. 5,500,000
Booking Price = Rs. 550,000
Confirmation Amount = Rs. 550,000
36 Monthly Installments = Rs. 61,100
4 Half-Yearly Installments = Rs. 276,000
Possession = Rs. 550,000
Allotment Price = Rs. 550,000
4 Marla Plot in New City Paradise
Total Price = Rs. 8,500,000
Booking Price = Rs. 850,000
Confirmation Amount = Rs. 850,000
36 Monthly Installments = Rs. 82,600
4 Half-Yearly Installments = Rs. 426,000
Possession = Rs. 850,000
Allotment Price = Rs. 850,000
7 Marla Plot in New City Paradise
Total Price = Rs. 14,500,000
Booking Price = Rs. 1,450,000
Confirmation Amount = Rs. 1,450,000
36 Monthly Installments = Rs. 140,900
4 Half-Yearly Installments = Rs. 727,000
Possession = Rs. 1,450,000
Allotment Price = Rs. 1,450,000

New City Paradise residential payment plan 2023
New City Paradise commercial payment plan 2023

Detailed New City Paradise Master Plan

The New City Paradise master plan shows clearly how many years of experience they have in the industry. Each and everything is designed perfectly, considering the modern trends and functionality in mind.

The management hired a highly expert team for this purpose. The team included town planners, engineers, and world-class architects.

So be sure that you will find all the amenities within the housing scheme

New City Paradise Master Plan

Residential plots

New City Paradise Residential Plots for sale

These days people face so much trouble finding the right location at an affordable price to build their dream home.
To solve this problem, the New City Paradise developer offered multiple plot sizes at affordable rates.
The plot sizes available within the housing project are as follows:
3.5 Marla
5 Marla
10 Marla
1 Kanal

Commercial plots

New City Paradise Commercial Plots for sale

The demand for commercial plots is also high. Those who look for a residential property prefer to invest in commercial plots that are nearby to generate a good return on investment.
To fulfill this demand of users, the developers of New City Paradise Islamabad are offering commercial plots of multiple sizes, which include:
2.5 Marla
4 Marla
7 Marla

YouTube video

Expected Developments of Islamabad’s New City Paradise

This is the greatest project of world-renowned developers known for their expertise. Their stability of name and good reputation also promises a fast-paced developmental status. Here are some of the major developmental updates about this project: 
✔Link Roads
✔Smart Villas
✔Plot Cutting
✔Overhead Tanks
✔Street Lights
✔Main Boulevard
✔Liner Park
✔Smart Homes
✔Operational Tube Wells

Booking Procedure

Plot Booking Procedure in New City Paradise Islamabad Phase 3

New City Paradise management always makes efforts to provide comfort to their customers. To carry on this trend, the management has kept the booking procedure as simple as possible. In short, you will not face any difficulty when going through the booking procedure. In case you face any sort of problem of any kind, Property Street is always available to assist you

Application Process

Documents Needed along with the Application Form

✔Photographs (Passport Size)
✔CNIC or Passport (Copy)
✔NICOP (Copy)
✔Payment Receipt (Copy)
✔Online Payment Slip Screenshot

Transfer Procedure

Transfer Procedure

✔Submit a Transfer Request with NDC (No Demand Certificate)
✔Original Membership Letter Is Also Required
✔Copies of Cnic
✔Next Kins
✔Photographs (Passport Size)
✔Purchaser Membership/Associate Form
✔Purchaser and Seller Affidavit
✔Undertaking by Purchaser
✔GPA (General Power Attorney)

Booking Documents

Documents Needed for the Booking

✔Two Passport Size Pictures
✔NICOP (Overseas Clients Only)
✔Two Copies of the NIC
✔Kins ID Card Two Copies

How to Book Plots in Bahira Town Karachi 2

Sailent Features

Few Other Unique Features Available in New City Paradise

Here is the list you are looking for:
✔Football Stadium
✔24/7 Security
✔Close to CPEC Route and Economic ✔Zone
✔Beautiful Entrance
✔Dancing Fountain
✔250 Feet Wide Main Boulevard
✔World-class Infrastructure Development
✔Long Tennis Court
✔Mini Golf Course
✔Quality Development
✔4-Lane Bicycle Track
✔Basketball Court Maintenance
✔Direct access from 330-feet-wide G.T Road
✔Sewerage and Waste Disposal System
✔Waterfront District
✔Water Resources
✔Water, Gas, Electricity
✔Enter your list right in here.
✔Cricket Stadium
✔Botanical Garden
✔Glow Park

Outstanding Features

Available Amenities & Facilities in New City Paradise Phase 3

Given below are some of the available amenities in facilities in New City Paradise:

Smart Economy

Society is going to open venues for commercial activities. This is a place where you can multiply your income. Moreover, the commercial hub of society also promises a wide range of job opportunities for everyone.

Smart Environment

New City Paradise Islamabad makes the best possible use of its location. This leads to the best experience that is created by the efforts of the developers. The designers and architects have pulled a stunning master plan that ensures a quality lifestyle and is a visual treat.


These days huge buildings and luxury aren’t enough for people. They prefer to settle in an area where they can feel connected with nature. That is why the society master plan also includes natural-friendly aspects which make a living in New City Paradise worthwhile.

Water Resources

In order to ensure the residents of this housing society have the availability of every basic necessity, the developers have included water resources in the master plan. These water resources are developed to promise a continuous supply of water to everyone.

A Prime Hub of Business and Commercial Activities

The developers of this real estate project are leaving no stone unturned to incorporate both residential and commercial investment opportunities in it. The project is a perfect blend of a venue where people can satisfy their residential needs and can grow their businesses.

Secure Community

Nowadays, people are looking to invest and settle in those areas that are secure and safe. No one wants to live in a housing society that has a high crime rate in or around nearby areas. Parents are especially focused on providing their children an experience of a secure living. New City Paradise in Islamabad, fulfills this purpose and promises a safe environment for living.

Prime Location

The project is located on Main Grand Trunk GT Road, Lahore. The Location is not only accessible but premium as well. This project is also in close proximity to the Islamabad Motorway M-1. This premium location also leads to easy access to the CPEC Route. There is not a single shadow of a doubt that this one is a scenic real estate venture.

Recreational Facilities

New City Paradise takes into account every basic need of the residents. They are building an ecosystem where people can also interact with one another. The inclusion of a linear park and overhead tank hints at a perfect balance of facilities that lead to a good life.

24/7 Availability of Water, Gas, and Electricity

Nowadays, people are looking to invest and settle in those areas that are secure and safe. No one wants to live in a housing society that has a high crime rate in or around nearby areas. Parents are especially focused on providing their children an experience of a secure living. New City Paradise in Islamabad, fulfills this purpose and promises a safe environment for living.



New City Paradise is a housing society that is going to revolutionize the real estate sector of Pakistan. From surveillance systems to a high-alert security system, the makers of this housing society promise a lavish life standard that is hard to beat. If you are eager to learn more about plot bookings, investment potential, or booking procedures, contact Property Street now! Moving on, Property Street isn’t just dealing in one single project. We deal in multiple projects from different cities, including Lahore Smart City, Park View City Lahore, Blue World City Islamabad, Soul City Lahore, and much more. If you are interested to learn about our other projects, feel free to ring us. Our salesperson will guide you well about everything!

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