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Are you all set to make your very first investment in Lahore, Pakistan? If so, there is no other project than Lahore Smart City. It is a housing scheme that is located at an ideal location in Lahore.
The management of this project has focused a lot on implementing modern technology and offering modern living. In short, this is a project that is a perfect place for those looking for their future forever home at an affordable price.
Moving as you know that the Lahore Smart City is a project that is the talk of the town these days. So, people are quite interested to find out about the updated payment plan of Lahore Smart City.
Well, allow us to tell you that recently the management has launched an updated version of the Lahore Smart City payment plan.
When you look at the payment plan, you find out that the options available when it comes to commercial and residential plot rates are a lot. This is something that allows the buyers to pick one that suits the best with their budget.
So, are you interested in learning the details of smart city Lahore’s payment plan? If so, given below is what you are looking for!

Lahore Smart City

Payment Plan 2023

Lahore Smart City Updated Payment Plan 2023

The best thing about Lahore Smart City is that its payment plan is very much affordable and it comes with an installment plan. You might be surprised how it is possible. Well, the answer to this is that from the beginning the developer wants this project to be accessible to all, be it elite or middle class.
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Residential Blocks

Payment Plan 2023 for Residential Blocks

In any housing project residential plots hold a lot of importance. The developers of LSC know about this. Considering this, they have launched multiple residential blocks. The details are as followed:

Overseas Block payment plan

Payment Plan 2023 for Overseas Block

Firstly we will discuss what is there for overseas Pakistanis in the smart city of Lahore. Well, if you live in the USA, the UK, or even in Canada or some other part of the world, you can invest in this project.
The management has launched Overseas Block. This block has multiple plots and the rates are quite reasonable too. The details are here:
-5 Marla
Total Price = PKR 2,845,000
On Booking = PKR 284,500
-7 Marla
Total Price = PKR 3,700,000
On Booking = PKR 370,000
-10 Marla
Total Price = PKR 5,325,000
On Booking = PKR 532,500
-12 Marla
Total Price = PKR 5,750,000
On Booking = PKR 575,000
-1 Kanal
Total Price = PKR 8,490,000
On Booking = PKR 849,000
Well, allow us to tell you that for each plot you don’t have to pay the entire amount at once. You can follow the installment plan that is spread over 12 quarterly installments.

Executive Block Payment Plan

Payment Plan 2023 for Executive Block

Now comes the Executive Block. It is the block that is in demand. Investors are trying everything to secure a plot in this block. In this block, you will find not only residential plots but apartments and other sorts of building too.
However, if we stick to the residential plots, the available sizes and prices are:
-5 Marla
Total Price = PKR 2,685,000
On Booking = PKR 268,500
-7 Marla
Total Price = PKR 3,490,000
On Booking = PKR 349,000
-10 Marla
Total Price = PKR 4,945,000
On Booking = PKR 494,500
-12 Marla
Total Price = PKR 5,425,000
On Booking = PKR 542,500
-1 Kanal
Total Price = PKR 8,050,000
On Booking = PKR 805,000
Whether you are planning to invest in a 5, 7, 10, 12 Marla, or 1 Kanal plot, each one comes with an installment plan that has 12 quarterly installments.

Payment Plan 2023 for Overseas Block
Payment Plan 2023 for Executive Block

Commercial Blocks

Payment Plan 2023 for Commercial Blocks

As we have talked about the residential blocks and plots available in the Lahore Smart City, it is time to discuss commercial opportunities. Yes, commercial plots are also available in the Lahore Smart City. It simply means you would like to learn about the commercial payment plan. Well if this is the case, the details are as followed:


Commercial Payment Plan 2023

Before getting into the details, such as the commercial plots available in different blocks, we would like to tell you about the latest plots launched by the management.
2.66 Marla and 6 Marla plots have recently been launched. The rates of these blocks are quite reasonable and the good news is that it comes with an installment plan that extends to 12 quarterly installments.
-2.66 Marla
Total Price = PKR 6,900,000
On Booking = PKR 690,000
-6 Marla
Total Price = PKR 16,800,000
On Booking = PKR 1,680,000

Overseas Block Commercial

Payment Plan 2023 for Overseas Block Commercial

As we mentioned above the developers of the Lahore Smart City have made sure they do everything to provide investment opportunities to overseas Pakistanis. So, considering this, they have not only launched Overseas Block with residential plots but with commercial plots too.
So, if you live in the UK, the USA, or Canada, and are planning to settle a business in Pakistan, commercial plots in overseas blocks bring a great option.
Even here the commercial plots come with 12 quarterly installments.. The available plots and their rates are as followed:
-4 Marla
Total Price = PKR 15,500,000
On Booking = PKR 1,550,000
-8 Marla
Total Price = PKR 29,500,000
On Booking = PKR 2,950,000

commercial payment plan 2023
commercial block payment plan

Payment Plan 2023 for Executive Block Commercial

Now you might be wondering, whether the commercial plots are available in the executive block or not. The great news is that it is and the even bigger news is that you will be able to enjoy installment plans here as well.
Let’s move on to the details of plots sizes and rates:
-4 Marla
Total Price = PKR 15,000,000
On Booking = PKR 1,500,000
-8 Marla
Total Price = PKR 29,000,000
On Booking = PKR 2,900,000


Final Verdict

Now that you know everything about the Lahore Smart City payment plan 2023, don’t you think it is time you make an investment without causing a delay? Or would you like to learn more about this project? If this is the case, feel free to contact Property Street experts. As our team is always available for client assistance!

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