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Serene Tower in DHA Multan

Multan is one of the biggest cities in Pakistan and also the most important in so many different ways. The historical background of Multan is quite strong. It goes back 5,000 years. Various rulers rule this city, as it used to be their central economic hub. Well, if we talk about these days, it is known as the city of Sufis. Here in this city, there are the tombs of many Auliya. But this rich history didn’t stop Multan from adapting modern real estate ways and turning the city into a magnificent place for everyone.One of the recent announcements is proof of this Serene Tower in DHA Multan. This real estate project is nothing less than art. The skyscraper has 35 floors and has already marked its name in the list of tallest buildings in Punjab. The features disclosed by the developers about this project are unreal for many.
Moving on, the announcement of this project has also made many people mind about making an investment. All they are waiting for is a payment plan, as it is still not disclosed yet. Well, developers are still confident that this project is going to be a huge success, and those who will invest in it will enjoy benefits in the long run.


Serene Tower in DHA Multan

Launching Date

Launch Date of Serene Tower DHA Multan

Once the project is launched properly, its hype increases even more. Well, the Serene Tower launch date hasn’t been announced yet. So, if you are among those waiting eagerly for the date, wait a bit more. Surely the wait is worth every second.
However, another detail that you might like to know is that the entire tower consists of 35 floors. Within this building, you will find more than 127 international & national brands. Furthermore, there are 640 apartments available for those who want a peaceful space to live in. The apartments are of different sizes, and the size determines the price of each apartment. However, for now, the apartment for sale in Serene Tower in DHA Multan is not available.


DHA Multan Serene Tower Location

Well, one thing that everyone knows about Serene Tower is that it is located in DHA Multan. However, DHA Multan is a huge housing scheme. There are a few corners that suit the best for building a skyscraper, and few aren’t. So, it was essential for the developers to go with the location that is the best in every manner, be it a view or a business.
If you talk about the exact location Serene Tower DHA Multan is at Main Jinnah Ave, Plot CC, 006. For better understanding, it is close to SICAS school.

DHA Multan Serene Tower Location
Serene Tower CEO - Malik Tahir Nawaz​

Serene Tower CEO - Malik Tahir Nawaz

The CEO of Serene Tower, Malik Tahir Nawaz, is quite confident that this project is going to be a huge success.
He has a message for those interested in this project:

“In a tough operating environment, SERENE TOWER has been able to keep growing its profits while building a strong business foundation.
Our clients are still our top priority, and they are at the center of everything we do, whether it’s selling great real estate around the world or helping people find the perfect place to live.
I encourage both buyers and sellers of businesses to join “SERENE TOWER” and get the professional service they deserve as real estate clients.
We will do everything we can to help you find the best solutions!”

Joined Hands

DHA and Serene Tower Joined Hands

DHA and Serene Tower Joined Hands

As mentioned before, the Serene Tower is going to be one of the tallest buildings in Punjab. If you look into South Punjab, it is going to be the tallest of all. Quite an achievement, right?
Well, another important point that is making a highlight is that the authorities of DHA and Serene Tower have joined hands or, you can say, signed a contract. The main goal behind this deal is to bring revolution in the real estate industry of South Punjab.
You can say that Serene Tower is the first step towards that mission. It is a mixed-use project with distinctive amenities.


Commercial Features

DHA Multan Serene Tower Commercial Features

This sky rise building is a commercial and residential project. As you know, in the residential sector, you will have the option to invest in apartments, and the features you will enjoy are going to be accordingly. However, the availability of commercial properties is something that attracts investors the most.
So, why not learn about the commercial features available in this project? Here is the list:

Theme Park

Normal parks didn’t attract anyone much today. Nowadays, people look for something that is something thrilling, unique, and fun at the same time. These are all the qualities that are in the Theme Park. However, in Pakistan, the concept of Theme Parks comes in very late. This is the reason you cannot find many in any city, be it small or big.
However, the developers of Serene Tower in DHA Multan took the initiative to bring fun for all. So, the top-of-the-line Theme Park is going to be part of this high-rise project. So, whether you are an adult or a child, be ready to have a thrilling experience along with safety.

Capsule Lifts and Elevators

The developers left no stone unturned when it came to enhancing the elegance and aesthetics of this project. You can say they even paid attention to the little details.
For example, when it comes to choosing the lift for the building, not only do the experts focus on the safety of everyone, but they also ensure to go with the type that compliments the entire design. So, once the project is complete, you will see capsule lifts along with elevators. This is quite a luxurious and elegant addition.

Availability of Parking in the Basement

These days even if you visit the biggest mall, finding a parking spot remains an issue. This is one thing to which no one pays attention, including developers. When working with the design and planning team, everyone’s main focus is on making the exterior, interior, and other parts outstanding that they forgot about the parking space. When they have the two realizations, it is too late.
But the case is the opposite with Serene Tower. The developers had ensured the parking space was enough. As per expected traffic, the sky rise project will have every day the parking space in the basement will be designed and built.

Top-Notch Cinema

Many might prefer to watch a movie at home. As they believe it is a way to stay comfortable and even save money. But the experience and ambiance created in a cinema for a movie is something nothing can beat.
In DHA Multan Serene Tower, a world-class cinema is being built. The sound system, screens, seats, and everything else will be of great quality. The makers are sure that it will double the fun and a huge number of people will prefer to be in the cinema to watch movies after visiting once.

Availability of Free High-Speed WiFi

Imagine your day without the internet. Can you? Well, no one can these days. People run their businesses on the internet. Students take lectures online, and the list goes on. In short, the internet has become a part of our daily lives.
Considering this, the availability of WiFi isn’t going to be an issue in Serene Tower. Furthermore, it is going to be free. Sounds nice?

Extraordinary Features

Few of the Extraordinary Features of Serene Towne in DHA Multan

Luxury gives a sense of great comfort and elegance. However, it doesn’t come cheap. But what if someone else offers it to you at an incredibly low cost? Will you grab such an opportunity or let it go? Well, the decision is up to you but allow us to tell you that Serene Tower has a list of luxurious features. Few are as follows:

The other common feature of this project is:

Mixed-Use Building Features of DHA Multan Serene Tower

One of the most bankable aspects of a mixed-use building is that its infrastructure is developed in such a manner that it can be used for various purposes. This modern detailing in the structure and architecture is what makes a mix-used building worthy of all the hype.
This infrastructural detail is what sets them apart from traditional architecture. Moreover, these buildings are also visually stunning, making the best possible use of cutting-edge aesthetics.
Let us dive deep into the stand-out features of mix-used developments in the cityscape of Multan:

Highly Efficient Spaces

As we have previously touched on this subject for a brief amount of time – A mixed-use building can be best described as a structure that offers both the ends of real estate – commercial as well as residential opportunities. People who are investing in real estate are able to enjoy the taste of success in both residential and commercial contexts. This is what makes a mix-used structure justifiable real estate investment venture.
The developers of Serene Tower Multan have made sure to construct a vertical structure that is able to beat the urban sprawl. These structures make the best possible use of the latest architectural technique to build a structure that is highly efficient and aligned with the optimized use of resources.

Modern Convenience

Another feature that makes a mixed-use building such as Serene Tower worthy of your investments is the convenience that it promises. The development is equipped with all the possible facilities and amenities that one can think of. All such convenience not only promises better-living prospects but also glamorizes the aspects of modernism and consumer efficiency.
You are able to get your hands on services such as grocery stores as well as dry cleaners within the same area. This saves you time, money, and resources. Moreover, all the reduced fuel usage also promises a healthier and cleaner environment that promotes overall well-being and decreased pollution.

Thoroughly Designed Outdoor Spaces

Traditional rules of architecture and design developments were not used to paying attention to outdoor developments. But good and well-produced outdoors is modern architecture 101. Therefore a stand-out feature of a mix-used building is that it comes with thoroughly designed and well-thought-after outdoor spaces.
The outdoor spaces in a mix-used building are more or less an extension of the powerful indoors. That is why it is highly essential for the outdoors to be highly functional, operational, and efficient. The outdoor spaces in DHA Multan Serene Tower are a homage to grand and luxurious architectural designs. The main function of the outdoors is to provide people with grand areas where they can host gatherings.

Stunning Indoor Details

It is not only the outdoor details that matter. A mix-used building is a healthy amalgamation of both stunning indoors and efficient outdoors. The indoors of mixed-use buildings are as innovative as the outdoors. Some of the common amenities that are available indoors of a mix-used building such as Serene Tower DHA Multan are as follows:
Health Centers
Daycare Centers
Commercial Outlets
Emergency Centers
Fitness Facilities
All of these above-mentioned facilities promise better prospects of well-being. This also  enhances the customer lifestyle to multiplying degrees. Moreover, in terms of monetary benefits, well-produced indoors accounts for the increased value of the property and opens new doors for socialization.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Mixed-use buildings thrive in an ecosystem where residential and commercial prospects of real estate coexist. This leads to the onset of reduced maintenance costs. One of the most probable reasons for this one is that mix-used spaces are highly efficient in resource usage. These structures are built on the themes of urban design and state-of-the-art technologies.
All such matters culminate in the development of a space that is self-sustaining. The upfront costs of such buildings might be huge. But once you invest in the structure, you do not have to worry about the consequences of maintenance and other costs.

Serene Tower in DHA Multan - A Gift for the Multan Residents

There is no doubt in the fact that Serene Tower is a project that is a prestigious development in a historic city such as Multan. From location to the available facilities, Serene Tower Multan is an urban marvel that is sophisticated in structure, visually stunning, highly optimized, and a lucrative real estate investment.
If you need further updates regarding Serene Tower DHA Multan, make sure to stay connected with Property Street. We also deal in other projects such as Lahore Smart City, Soul City Lahore, Capital Smart City Islamabad, Blue World City Islamabad, and so on. To learn about the details of all these projects, call us!


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