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Capital Smart City - First Smart City in Pakistan

Capital Smart City Islamabad is the first smart city in Pakistan and the pioneer of the smart city concept in the region. It’s a brand-new idea for real estate that will change the way people buy and sell homes and businesses. Because of its smart features, luxurious amenities, well-planned infrastructure, and legal framework, it will be the first choice for real estate investors worldwide.

The smart city of Islamabad is located on the Islamabad-Lahore Motorway M2 interchange, about 5 minutes from Islamabad International Airport. The project has already begun to win hearts around the world. When completed, it will be one of the most developed and beautiful real estate projects in Islamabad.

Capital Smart City

Owner & Developer

Who Are The Owners & Developers of Capital Smart City?

Capital Smart City is a joint collaboration between Future Development Holdings and Habib Rafique Pvt. Ltd. Also, Surbana Jurong, a company based in Singapore, is in charge of designing and building the project.

Capital Smart City Owner and Developer

Habib Rafique Pvt. Ltd

The Capital Smart City owner and key stakeholders, Habib Rafique Pvt. Ltd., are well-known in the real estate sector for their excellence and brilliance. They have been offering the best services in the region for over six decades. Also, they are one of the best companies that offer construction and engineering services and have ISO 9000 certification. Habib Rafique Pvt. Ltd. was the first company in Pakistan to build infrastructure and come up with new ideas for housing. Also, they have finished a number of projects, such as building houses, roads, water tanks, schools, buildings, and water and gas pipelines.
✔ Power & Energy
✔ Chemicals & Petrochemicals
✔ Oil & Gas
✔ Environmental
Airports & Aviation
✔ Water Resources Engineering
✔ Buildings
✔ Roads, Housing, and Infrastructure

Surbana Jurong (PVT) Limited

Surbana Jurong (Pvt) Ltd., with over 60 years of experience, is in charge of designing and developing the Capital Smart City in Islamabad. It is a Singapore-based company that has 120 regional offices in 40 different countries. Additionally, their team of skilled and experienced designers, architects, planners, engineers, and professionals makes them different from the rest of the world. Some of their areas of expertise include:
✔ Architecture
✔ Aviation
✔ Blast Consultancy
✔ Concept & Feasibility Studies
✔ Construction Management
✔ Contract Advisory
✔ Training & Ops Support Services
✔ Development Management
✔ Fire Safety
✔ Landscape Architecture

Future Development Holdings

The best real estate management company in Pakistan is Future Development Holdings (Pvt.) Limited (FDHL), which is more commonly known as an asset management company. The FDHL is also meant to give residential, commercial, and industrial properties access to modern, high-quality real estate services. Moreover, FDHL operates in accordance with its 1984 company charter.
✔ Companies Ordinance 1984
✔ Real Estate Developer
✔ Asset Management
✔ Integrated communities
✔ Smart Cities Concept
✔ World Standard Development
✔ Sustainable Real Estate
✔ Futuristic Facilities
✔ Residential, Commercial, and Industrial

Where is the Capital Smart City Located?

On the eastern route of CPEC, the Capital Smart City is at the intersection of the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2) and the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2). It is only 5 minutes from the Islamabad New International Airport. The developers took their time to locate the capital smart city Islamabad map into an ideal location accessible from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Smart City Islamabad will be the first smart city in Pakistan. It will be built in a way that is sustainable and good for the environment.

Also, the National Highway Authority (NHA) has given approval for its own interchange on the M2 Motorway. Work on the interchange has already begun, and it will be ready for public transportation soon.

Capital Smart City Islamabad Map ?

The developers of the new smart city Islamabad selected an ideal location for mapping the capital smart city Islamabad map, which can be accessed via several routes connecting Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

• It is accessible from major roads in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
• It is accessible via the M-2 Motorway
• It is accessible via Main Chakri Road
• The ring road is easily accessible.
It is connected to the adjacent cities via the national highway and the Lahore-Islamabad M-2 Motorway. 


Capital Smart City Location
Capital Smart City NOC

Capital Smart City NOC ?

Smart City Project Islamabad is an approved and legal real estate project by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). The No Objection Certificate (NOC) has been given to the Smart City of Islamabad by RDA. 

Furthermore, many other real estate projects are still waiting for their NOC in the vicinity of Capital Smart City. In addition, it is the core project of Habib Rafique Pvt. Ltd., which enables RDA to approve its NOC without hesitation. However, you can also check the NOC for Capital Smart City on RDA’s official website.

Master Plan

Capital Smart City Master Plan

The Capital Smart City Master Plan was made by Surbana Jurong (Pvt) Ltd. alone, and Norman Foster has given his full approval. The architect Norman Foster was born on June 1, 1935, and his name is often linked to high-tech architecture and development. In 1967, he founded Foster Associates, the most prominent architectural organization in the world.

The Capital Smart City Master Plan is about making the most of natural resources to create a good place for the environment. It also has a BRT public transportation system with a central boulevard, parks with high-rise buildings, theme parks, a zoo, and places to shop and have fun.

Also, the master plan for the smart capital city is based on a model for developing a township that is used in grade 8. As a result, the overland land will be 30% green, and the construction of the smart city of Islamabad will not harm the natural assets. Sma
rt City was initially launched in two blocks, but several blocks were added later due to increased demand for the project. The blocks and districts are as follows:

Capital Smart City Master Plan

Total Land

Islamabad Smart City Total Land Area

The Capital Smart City is expected to be built on 55,000 kanals, which is a 10 times bigger area than any other real estate projects in Islamabad. Due to increased demand for the project, the total land area of the capital city will be 80,000 kanals in the future.


Capital Smart City Districts

The Capital Smart City Master Plan divides it into fifteen districts and blocks. These districts have different things to offer their residents, such as services in education, health, sports, business, finance, etc.

Lahore Smart City Districts

General Blcok

General Block of Smart City Islamabad

The General Block is the Capital Smart City's oldest and most promising block. It carries all the amenities and luxurious offerings offered by the developers for residents. It has plots ranging in size from 5 marla to 1 and 2 kanals.

Executive Block

Smart City Islamabad Executive Block

The executive block of Smart City Islamabad was launched in May 2019. The rates of the executive block are 30% higher than the general block. Bookings can be made with a 10% down payment at the Executive Block of Smart City Islamabad. It offers numerous large plots, including:

Payment Plans of Executive Block

Overseas Block

Overseas Block of Smart City Islamabad

The overseas block was made to help Pakistanis living abroad and to give them world-class amenities. The overseas block is located on the Capital Smart City (CSC) main campus, next to the M2 Motorway. The bookings at CSC are available for the overseas block with 10% downpayments. However, the plots are available in residential and commercial sizes.

Capital Smart City Overseas Updated Payment Plan

Smart City Islamabad Overseas Prime Block

The “Overseas Prime Block” was added to Capital Smart City on September 23, 2020. It is an extension of the new Overseas Block, which was made by Surbana Jurong Pvt. Ltd. The residential plots in the Overseas Prime Block range in size from 7 marla to 40 marla.

Overseas Prime is at the top of Capital Smart City, so people who live there can see everything in the city and much more. Residents will have a unique view of the mountain ranges, the water, and especially the 18-hole golf course that meets PGA standards. Additionally, the Overseas Prime Block has a dedicated entrance from the main Chakri Road, which makes it more accessible than other blocks of the CSC. Capital Smart City Chari Road, with its 180-foot-wide Smart Broadway and grand Roman-style entrance to the city, gives full views of all rivers, lakes, and eye-catching golf courses.

Residents will have access to 50-foot-wide streets with linear park and garden systems stretching up to 400 meters. Also, the Overseas Prime Block is well connected to the rest of the CSC through smart options like QR-coded bikes, the BRT public transit system, and hybrid cars.
The following views will be available to residents:

All lakes and rivers that have been preserved within the city
Chauhan Dam
Crystal Lake District Dancing Fountains
F-2 race track
Landmark buildings
Capital Smart City’s Skyline
The Khairi Murat mountain range
The 18-hole PGA standard golf course by Peter Harradine
The Ferris Wheel
✔ The artificial beach at the Lake view terraces
✔ Water Sports Area


Smart City Islamabad Overseas Prime 2 Block

Because investors from other countries were so interested, the developers were convinced to make the overseas block bigger. So, after the success of “Overseas Block” and “Overseas Prime,” “Overseas Prime II” was created as a new sector. Overseas Prime II promises to offer high-end infrastructure, quality features, cutting-edge tech features, and unique investment opportunities, all at affordable prices.

Overseas Prime II will be located in a prime location with its own entrance off Chakri Road. Additionally, the block will offer reseidntial plots of different sizes, ranging from 5 marla to 12 marla up to 1 to 2 kanal reseidntial plots. The booking can be made with a 10% down payment within a 3.5-year payment plan.

Capital Smart City Payment Plan for Overseas Prime II Block

Overseas Prime 2 Payment Plan

Capital Smart City Harmony Park Block

The Capital Smart City Harmony Park Block is the new addition to the Capital Smart City block family. It includes low-cost plots and apartments with all the civic amenities needed to facilitate the working class of Paksiatn.
It is one of the unique blocks that offers villas at quite affordable prices. Additionally, it has the 3.5-marla plots that have never been used in any part of the CSC before. So anyone can choose one of these luxurious villas or book a plot to construct their own.

Harmony Park Location:

It is located next to the Capital Smart City Executive Block. Aside from the 3.5-marla residential plots, the villas are the most affordable one- and three-bedroom apartments.

Capital Smart City Harmony Park Villa Apartment

Harmony Park Villa Apartments offers one-of-a-kind, lucrative opportunities as well as luxurious living concepts. “The Villa Apartments” have become a symbol of Capital Smart City’s know-how, state-of-the-art amenities, and cutting-edge way of life for its residents. These apartments will save you from investing again and again because they are a once-in-a-lifetime investment. 

The Location of the Villa Apartments:

The apartments are in Harmony Park, a beautiful and affordable living block in Capital Smart City for villa apartments and 3.5-marla homes.

Smart Villas

Capital Smart City Islamabad Villas

The Capital Smart City Islamabad Villas, or simply the Smart Villas, is a truly “smart” offering by the developers. These villas include cutting-edge technology for home security, appliance management, lightning systems, access control, and so on. The villas also have garden courts and swimming pools to make them feel more lush and comfortable.

Location of the Smart Villas

The Smart Villas are located in proximity to the Islamabad International Airport. 

Types of Smart Villas:

Capital Smart City provides a diverse range of smart villas in various sizes and styles, including Contemporary villas, Mediterranean villas, and Georgian villas.

Contemporary Villas:

The contemporary villas are the perfect blend of modernization and fashion. It has glass doors and windows all around, so the inside and outside can blend together. These villas offer the smartest specifications with exquisite comfort and luxury. The Contemporary Villas are available in the following sizes: 
• 5 Marla
• 7 Marla
• 10 Marla
• 12 Marla
• 1 Kanal
• 2 kanal

Mediterranean Villas:

A merger of classic design and cutting-edge technology makes a perfect blend of Spanish and Italian architecture. These villas are designed to facilitate thban living for modern families, where the residents will enjoy the arched openings, wooden pergolas, and terracotta roofs. The Mediterranean Villas are available in the following exceptional sizes:
• 5 Marla
• 7 Marla
• 10 Marla
• 12 Marla
• 1 Kanal
• 2 kanal

Georgian Villas:

The Georgian Villas are a true reflection of classical and modern living. These villas offer the highest specifications and create a magical environment. Additionally, these villas are the ultimate expression of symmetrical architecture. These villas can be found in the following sizes:
• 5 Marla
• 7 Marla
• 10 Marla
• 12 Marla
• 1 Kanal
• 2 kanal

The features that make Smart Villas different are:

CCTV Outdoor Cameras
CCTV Indoor Cameras
Remote Access
Smart Motion Sensors
Automated Door Lock
Magic Box
Smart Switch
Temperature & Humidity Sensor
Smart Door And Windows

Lake View

Lake View Commercial

Due to the increasing demand for commercial spaces, the developers introduced a new commercial area with the name "Lake View Commercial." The bookings can be made with a 20% down payment, and the owners will get the keys after six months. Additionally, it is right next to Lake Grande and the golf course.

Lake View Commercial Plot Sizes:

The Lake View Commercial offers exceptional plot sizes such as:

• 4 Marla
• 8 Marla 

Residential Payment Plan 2022

Capital Smart City Residential Payment Plan 2022

With the Capital Smart City payment plan, investors can invest in residential and commercial plots with as little as a 10% down payment. The investors can pay in cash or with flexible payment plans.

Commercial Payment Plan 2022

Capital Smart City Commercial Payment Plan 2022

The Capital Smart City knows what buyers from Pakistan and other countries need and how their economies are doing. Because their customers come from all over the world and have different budgets, they offer both immediate cash payments and easy payment plans.

Why Capital Smart City?

Capital Smart City will soon become a distinct identity for Islamabad. Its advanced features and cutting-edge technology will reshape real estate not only in Pakistan but across the globe. However, many influencers inspire potential investors to invest in it—for instance, in smart access control, smart traffic monitoring, smart lighting management, and so on.

Why Capital Smart City ?

Outstanding Features

Some of the outstanding features of the Capital Smart City include

The Capital Smart City is set to build a new real estate market with unique and exclusive features in Pakistan that have never been used before.

Accessible Location

Capital Smart City is located on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M2 and near Chakri Road, adjacent to the Thalian interchange, making it accessible from all major roads in the twin cities.

Smart Villas

Smart Villas are one of the Capital Smart City’s unique offerings, providing a contemporary and luxurious lifestyle to maintain a modern and lavish one.

Renowned Developers

Habib Rafique Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading and most renowned names in the real estate sector. They have great depth in delivering unique and reliable real estate projects.

RDA Approved Community

The Capital Smart City is one of the Rawalpindi Development Authority’s (RDA) legitimate and approved real estate projects.

Cutting-Edge infrastructure

The developers have paid particular attention to using cutting-edge infrastructure to provide residents with a premium and luxurious lifestyle.

Unique Master Plan

Capital Smart City takes pride in creating an amazing and unique master plan that does not harm the natural beauty. The developers took great care in developing the master plan not to damage or destroy natural assets.

Health & Educational Facilities

The residents will enjoy comprehensive education and health facility opportunities at Capital Smart City. There are dedicated health and education districts where the residents will find renowned names of institutions from both sectors.

Entertainment for Everyone

Capital Smart City will become a hub of entertainment for everyone in Islamabad with its open-air cafes, shopping malls, restaurants, and open-air cafes.

Road Network

Capital Smart City is well connected from both inner and outer roads, making it simple to enter and exit the community. Furthermore, it has well-constructed main roads and broad streets to provide residents with continuous mobility. 

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