Countryside Farms in Islamabad

Countryside Farms in Islamabad – Setting the Benchmark High for High-Quality Real Estate Projects

Those who don’t know about the concept of the farmhouse, allow us to tell you that it is a residential space that is mainly located on the agricultural site. In other words, it is a place where all agricultural activities happen in a modern manner. Also, it is a place that allows people to socialize.

Countryside Farms in Islamabad is the best when someone talks about the farms in Pakistan. It is a real estate that is the best among the rest without a doubt. It is a project that provides a luxurious setting along with the natural surroundings. The main goal of this project is to provide natural and hassle-free living space to the residents.

When it comes to Countryside Farms Islamabad, they are developed in a world-class manner. Within this project, you will also find an artificial lake, 350 Kanal Club, and multiple organic shops. You can even find a giant business club that has all the amenities. Other than this, medical facilities, educational centres, and top-notch safety and security systems are also available.

Owners & Developers of Countryside Farms

As we all know there are multiple top-class residential projects in Islamabad. The one that is making the highlights is the Capital Smart City Islamabad. As per the investors and clients, it is hard to beat this project however, Countryside Farms proved everyone wrong.

Now, questions arise, who are the Countryside Farms developers & owners? Allow us to tell you that multiple companies collaborated to make this project a success. The company’s names are Zee Brothers (PVT), SIM Premiere Development (PVT), and ZeeDes Designs.

These companies have done multiple projects in the past and all of them were successful. They always put their best step forward when doing a job. In other, surely they turn the dreams of people into a reality.

SIM Premiere Development (PVT)

SIM Premiere Development (PVT) is among the top-rated real estate companies in Pakistan. The services they offer are diverse and of quality. The main aim of the company is to bring advancement in the real estate industry of Pakistan by using modern technologies.

Zee Brothers (PVT)

If we talk about Zee Brothers (PVT), it is a construction company established in Islamabad. The company began their journey in the construction world in 2007 in Islamabad and later expanded its business in different cities. The good thing about Zee Brothers is that they never compromise on the construction quality, no matter how big or small the project is.

For the past 15 years, the company has been doing wonders in the construction industry. They have done a wonderful job not only in Pakistan but even in Overseas too.

ZeeDes Designs

When it comes to ZeeDes Designs, it is a private company that offers design services, as it is very clear from the name. They use modern techniques to offer architectural services without compromising on the standards.

The team company is filled with the best designers and other members who have years of experience in their respective fields. The company is famous for giving life to the buildings.

Everything About Countryside Farms

We will discuss all the things that are necessary to know about the countryside farms in Islamabad.

Location of Countryside Farms

No one can deny the importance of location when it comes to the success and failure of a real estate project. A location is the sole factor which can help developers generate hype among the crowd regarding a certain project. That is why it is important to pay attention to the location and that is where the location of countryside farms plays a major role. The countryside farms are located just 14 km away from Giga Mall and 7 km away from GT Road. The Islamabad Airport is just 33 km away – all these prospects make the location of this one for the books.


A location is a promise of connectivity and accessibility. The latter one is a clear indication of how much time it takes from one location to reach countryside farms. The given below analysis can paint a clear picture in this regard:

  • Rawat Chakbeli Road – 1 Min Drive
  • Grand Trunk Road – 9 Min Drive
  • Kallar Syedan Road – 14 Min Drive
  • Kahuta Road – 15 Min Drive
  • Islamabad Expressway – 16 Min Drive
  • Islamabad International Airport – 51 Min Drive

Nearby Landmarks

The location of countryside farms make it the perfect bet for your residential and investment necessities. Here are some of the locations which are nearby this one:

  • DHA Islamabad
  • Capital Smart City Islamabad
  • Bahria Town Islamabad
  • Zaraj Housing Society
  • PWD Society
  • PAEC Housing Society
  • Islamabad Expressway
  • Zeta 1 Mall, Rudn Enclave
  • Naval Anchorage
  • Islamabad Institute of Space Technology
  • Army Training Institute
  • Fauji Foundation Hospital
  • Lahore smart City

All these locations and the nearby proximity to them make this one an unmissable real estate project of the current time.

NOC of Countryside Farms

Now before making an investment in any project, investors are curious about the NOC of the project. We would like to update the investors that the NOC of countryside farms is currently under process. But as the project belongs to one of the most esteemed developers of the current times, that is why there won’t be any delay and the society will soon acquire a NOC.

Master Plan of Countryside Farms

Countryside Farms is making waves around the city for all the right reasons. With a spectacular location and affordable prices, this one is already a hit in the market. The project will host various farmhouses which will be of 4,5 and 10 Kanal capacity. The total area will be stretched across 3500 Kanal and that is why this is the most spacious and grand project of the current time. Boosting two main entrances from Basali Road and Chakbeli Road, it is a project which contains a new ring road interchange which is just 0.5 km away from the main boulevard of 150 feet. Moreover, the roads will be smart and there will be smart technology incorporated at all the main points of the society.

The society is composed of 5 theme based blocks which are stellar in their own accounts. Listed below are the 5 blocks of countryside farms:

  • Winchester Block
  • Amazon Block
  • Venus Block
  • Polo Block
  • Royal Block

Winchester Block

This block of countryside farms is designed according to the themes of shooting and spending leisure time. The block has a designated area for kids to play games and this way the developers are ensuring the perfect balance of mental and physical health.

Amazon Block

As the name suggests this block is based on the World’s largest rainforest – Amazon. The society’s block will boost a healthy blend of wildlife and exquisite features of greenery. The jungle-like experience will provide a more natural experience for the residents.

Venus Block

Inspired by the activities happening around an artificial lake, with a natural landscape and a manmade lake at the front of affairs – the blend will be one for the history books. This trendsetting block will satisfy the urban needs of the residents.

Polo Block

The Polo Block is inspired by the game of Polo. The Polo block is designed to ensure the residents can enjoy the luxurious game of polo and are able to reminisce about the grand vibe of that era.

Royal Block

This one is based on the lush and grand theme of golf. The Royal Block offers a spacious 110-kanal golf course which is heaven for all the golf lovers out there. This also fits international standards and is a dream come true for the residents.

Available Residential Plots in Countryside Farms

The plots available are of different sizes. The details are:

  • 4 Kanal
  • 5 Kanal
  • 10 Kanal

Available Commercial Plots in Countryside Farms

Well, there is not much information available for commercial plots in Countryside Farms, but as per the management the project has 5 Marla plots. The things included in commercial sector are:

  • Countryside Farmhouse – Royal Business Club

Payment Plan of Countryside Farms

Another perk aside from location is the highly affordable payment plan of the society. The society is offering a number of world-class amenities to highly budget-friendly friends which provide the investors with a chance to invest in a better manner. With this payment plan, the residents can now enjoy the perks of a better lifestyle, leisure activities and social engagements which are sure to set the benchmark high.

Countryside Farms

Payment Plan

Size Booking Price 15% Confirmation Price 15% Quarterly Installments Monthly Installments Possession Charges 5% Total Price
4 Kanal 3,375,000 2,250,000 2,625,000 875,000 1,125,000 22,500,000
5 Kanal 4,218,750 2,812,500 3,281,250 1,093,750 1,406,250 28,125,000
10 Kanal 8,437,000 5,625,000 6,562,500 2,187,500 2,812,500 56,250,000

Amenities of Countryside Farms

  • 100-150 Meters From the Main Road
  • Streets Are Around 50 Feet Wide
  • Underground Sewerage System
  • Electricity Supply
  • 3 KM Front on Ring Road
  • 1.2 KM From Bassali Road

Malik Zahoor Grand Jamia Mosque

The society is leaving no stone unturned to procure the finest architectural services available for the residents of the society and the Malik Zahoor Grand Jamia Mosque is a prime example of that commitment. An exceptionally well-planned interior and the intrication of stunning details which carefully provide context of Islamic history this one is a true masterpiece in every aspect. The mosque can host almost 80,000 people at a time and that is exceptional, to say the least.

Central Library

With over 50,000 books to boost, the central library is a dream come true for all the residents. Moreover, it is not only contemporary literature that is present in the library but the library also boosts an Islamic Community Center for Islamic Literature.

Organic Shop

An economically viable option for all the producers who are known for producing their own meat, vegetables, fruits, milk and eggs can extract money by selling the products at a farmhouse. From the generation of good revenue to the availability of fresh meat, the options are endless here.

Artificial Lake

The society is also bringing forward and perfectly executing the concept of an artificial lake in the society’s premises. The lake will be clean and will provide access to a number of healthy fish varieties.

Birds Aviary

The society developers are not only developing a safari zoo for providing direct access to a number of exotic animals but are also ensuring the residents enjoy the chirping of the most exotic species of birds known to mankind.

Open Gym Area

To ensure that the residents of the society are enjoying quality time and the perks of good health, the society is also boosting an open gym area. The developers are also ensuring easy access to ultra-modern machinery for the residents of the society.

Archery Area

The society is also dedicating an area for archery and shooting services so that the residents can enjoy their free time in the best way. These activities are highly competitive and are the best way to boost the morale of the residents.

Safari Zoo

The developers of the countryside farms are dedicating a 100-kanal area to provide a safari zoo experience for the residents. This area will ensure that the animals are kept in open spaces. The safari zoo will be developed by a collaborative effort and a signed MOU with a South African company.

Water Park

A Turkish company and the developers of the project are joining hands to form a water park in countryside farms. This water park will be the first of its kind in Pakistan and will boost the recreational facilities in Islamabad.

Community Center

Members’ engagement is another aspect to which the developers of the society are paying special attention to. With the help of the best possible community centre which boosts the prospects of group activities and social support, the society is truly one of its kind.

Other Features of Countryside Farms

  • A Huge Swimming Pool
  • Horse-riding club – Around 50 Kanal
  • Archery
  • 5 to 9-hole Golf Club Course
  • Outdoor Shooting Zone
  • Artificial Lake
  • 350 Kanal Business Hub

A Few Upcoming Projects in Countryside Farms

Given below are some of the projects which the society is working on:

Awami Villas

The step is taken by the developers of the society to ensure that the society is also entertaining the middle-class individuals. The society provides highly luxurious single and double-storey villas of 3.5 Marlas.

Development Status

The society is being developed at an aggressive pace to ensure that the residents can enjoy the perks of a high-quality lifestyle within a stunning time period. The development of the Winchester Block kicked off in January 2023 and the horse riding club is also operational.

Booking Procedure of Countryside Farms

Here is the booking procedure which the investors can take part in to ensure that they have secured a plot in this stunning location:

  • Either download the application via the website or get hold of the application by visiting the society’s office
  • Fill in the required information and make sure that you are careful in this process
  • Attach all the required documents. Here are some of the documents which are required from you:
  • 2 Passport-Size Photographs
  • 2 Copies of Your CNIC
  • 2 Copies of NICOP (If You Are an Overseas Pakistani)
  • 2 Copies of Your Payment Slip

Why Investing in Countryside Farms Is the Best Idea?

There is not a single shadow of a doubt regarding the fact that Countryside farms are hands down one of the most spectacular developments of the current times in Islamabad. Starting with the developers who are at the helm of affairs this one is planned thoroughly and executed in the best manner possible. The next thing is the stunning location at which this one is located. This location promises the best of both worlds – accessibility and connectivity. The facilities which are promised by the developers are also stunning. Last but not least, this project boosts a highly affordable payment plan which tends to attract investors more.

Final Verdict!

The aforementioned things paint a healthy picture of how countryside farms earn every bit of the hype that they are getting from the audience. The society will be one for the books and will take the real estate of Islamabad to new heights. So, make sure you are ready for the new real estate chapter with all the enthusiasm that this one deserves.

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