Lasani Sheet Price in Pakistan – A Detailed Guide

Are you in search of a place where you can find supreme quality Lasani sheets at a reasonable price in Pakistan? If so, this blog is specifically designed for you.

There were times when no one knew about Lasani Sheets. But these days it is one of the most popular kinds of sheets in Pakistan. If we talk about the making of these sheets, they are made of top-class wood fibers. The Lasani sheets are strong, durable, and quite affordable at the same time. So, if you need them for your home or office, there is no need to think twice. It is because the choice you are about to make is right.

However, the issue is that in the market there are multiple brands available, providing Lasani Sheets. This causes a difference in the Lasani sheet price in Pakistan. It is because each brand claims their sheets are the best and they set the rates accordingly.

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What are Lasani Sheets?

One of the most in-demand sheets in Pakistan, Lasani sheets and their composition is a curious subject. These sheets are a fun and healthy combination of glue, resin, and wood fiber. All of these materials are then compressed and put under the necessary amount of pressure so that a sheet is formed. This sheet is then strong and durable which makes it resistant to both termites and moisture.

They are mostly used in the construction industry where these sorts of sheets are the perfect fit for partitioning between two objects. Such as:

  • False Ceilings
  • Cabinets
  • Furniture Items

Lasani sheets are also used in the making of doors, windows, frames, and other distinguished structural elements.

What are the Different Types of Lasani Sheets?

Here are some of the most common types of Lasani sheets that you need to know about:

  • Plain
  • Laminated
  • Veneered

However, you don’t have to worry, as we will share the market rates with you. It is something that will allow you to pick an option that will not make a dent in your wallet.

Lasani Sheet Price in Pakistan

Company Name Price Per Sheet
Simple ZRK Lasani PKR 3200
Al-NOOR PKR 5500
ZRK PKR 4100
PATEX (Pakitex) PKR 5700

Now allow us to tell you that the Lasani Sheet size and price we mentioned above have a layer of color on both of its sides. This means you had the option to go with the color you like the most without worrying about the cost. It is because the color doesn’t affect the cost of the sheet in any way.

Lasani Chipboard Price in Pakistan

Company Name Price Per Sheet
PATEX (Pakitex) PKR 3800
Simple ZRK Chipboard PKR 2400
ZRK PKR 3400

Now the thing about chipboard sheets is that they are a bit light in weight. The main reason behind it is that less wood is used in it. The thing about chipboard sheets is that they cannot bear heavy weight. However, even in chipboard sheets multiple colors are available. This means even here you can go with the color of your own choice.

Perks of Lasani Sheets

Lasani sheet price in Pakistan is a common frequently asked question. And the main reason behind this curiosity is the many uses of this one. Here are some of the most common benefits of Lasani sheets that you need to know about.


Because of all the compression and pressure applied on the materials, the Lasani sheets are the perfect fit for making structural things. They are known for their durability and they have also proven their worth and strength over time.


The Lasani sheet price in Pakistan is a clear indication of the fact that these are the most 

Cost-effective sheets in the market. From durability to cost-effectiveness everything about these sheets screams affordability.


Another reason for their reputation and good word of mouth is that they are resistant to termites and dampness. Therefore they are the right choice for those areas where the moisture content is high.

Easy to Handle

Their practicality is what makes them the most sought-after option for home decor or structural integrity. You can easily cut them, reform them, drill them and use them for their versatility.

From Where You Should Buy Lasani Sheets in Pakistan

Now a good question here is where can a person buy Lasani sheets in Pakistan? Here are some of the areas where you can easily buy the best Lasani sheets in Pakistan

  • Al-Khair Lasani Woods
  • Pak Doors
  • Sabir Brothers


Hence the above-provided information is a clear indication of the fact that Lasani sheets in Pakistan are a great addition to your house. From construction owners to homeowners, everyone is looking to incorporate these Lasani sheets in their house.

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