Wall Putty Price in Pakistan, Types, and Importance

So, do you have any idea what wall putty is? There is a possibility you may not know. Allow us to tell you that it is a substance used for the walls to get extraordinary paint results.

Everyone has a desire that their home to look modern, nice, and fresh all the time. Here we are not only talking about the interior but the exterior too. Now, what can you do to transform the exterior of the home? Paint the walls, right? Now painting the entire home walls is not a simple process. You have to consider multiple things in mind at a time.

To ensure the paint lasts for a long and gives you the ultimate results, you have to apply at least two coats of wall putty. Putty is the first step of preparation when it comes to painting your home walls.

If you hire an expert, they will tell you the benefits of the wall putty. Firstly, when you apply the putty on the wall and then the paint, it is when the paint lasts and shines for a long.

Let’s understand this with a little example. To ensure the paint of the car stays the same for long primers are used. Similarly, putty works like putty.

wall putty price in pakistan

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What is Wall Putty Made Of?

Putty is a substance made of cement. It is used to smoothen the wall and fill up the cracks on the wall. It is a step that cannot be ignored as mentioned before.

So, are you wondering what the cost of the entire process is? Well, the rates depend on the wall condition, the brand you choose, and the number of coats needed.

If we talk about the wall putty price in Pakistan, the cost is generally around PKR 1,199.

Note: The price may increase or decrease due to the economic instability all around Pakistan. However, the difference isn’t going to be a lot. Still before setting a budget do visit a market first.

What is the Color of the Wall Putty?

Now that you have learned about the wall putty price in Pakistan, why not learn about the details, such as color?

Generally, the putty color is off-white. However, it doesn’t mean it comes in only one color. The color schemes available are multiple. You can choose one as per the paint color you are willing to get for your walls.

Furthermore, when applying wall putty, there is no need to worry about whether the wall is old or new. The putty will work fine on both.

wall putty

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Types of Wall Putty

As the wall putty price in Pakistan differs from city to city and as per brand, similarly it differs as per the type too. Yes, you heard it right, in Pakistan, there is more than one type of putty available. The details are as follows:

Acrylic Putty

  • Acrylic is a water-based putty made from multiple components.
  • Its binding capacity is a bit less than the cement one.
  • The thing about acrylic putty is that it is not resistant to water and is not good when it comes to strength.
  • Moreover, acrylic putty absorption quality is a bit low, so, it takes very less paint during the painting process.

White Cement-Based Putty

  • This is putty time that is commonly used by experts. It is a type that gives a smooth and glossy texture to the surface.
  • The other good thing about this type is that as it is made with putty, it proves as a good binding agent and also a good resistance to dampness.
  • Lastly, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and is perfect for all sorts of paints.


Now that you know everything about wall putty, its importance, its types, and even the wall putty price in Pakistan, it is a must that you don’t miss this step before the painting process. Lastly, trust professionals for this process.

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