Roof Tiles Price in Pakistan and Types Explained in Detail

So you feel like the roof of your home needs upgrading or replacement? Well, no need to worry because when the top gets old this is something that everyone has to do. Also, if you are renovating your entire home, roof replacement becomes necessary.

You know about all this, however, you have yet to learn about the types of tiles available in Pakistan and even their rates. Well, why worry when we are here to help?

In this blog, we will tell you in detail about the roof tiles’ price in Pakistan and the different types. So, are you ready? If so, read our blog till the end!

Types and Roof Tiles Price in Pakistan

Before getting into details, you must know that the roof tiles trend in Pakistan is not high. Those who have flat roofs rarely think of getting tiles. Those who prefer to tile their roofs are the ones who like to use outdoor space for something.

Still, the options are multiple. The most used or in-demand roof tiles are:

  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Metal Tiles
  • Asphalt Tiles
  • Terracotta or Clay Tiles

Now moving on, let’s discuss the rates of these tiles along with the pros and cons.

Ceramic Tiles

Are you researching the best tiles for your flat roof? If so, no option is better than the ceramic tiles. Even though ceramic tiles are similar to clay tiles in so many ways, when it comes to manufacturing ceramic tiles are more glossier. It is because the glaze is applied on the top of the tiles.

Now many might say to you that save money and paint your roof but paint doesn’t serve the purpose well. The perk of ceramic tile is that not only do they increase the beauty of the roof but make it waterproof too. Also, ceramic tiles are available in multiple colors & designs. This is something that increases the options for the clients.

Metal Tiles

If you are not interested in ceramic tiles and are in search of a more cost-effective option, then metal tiles are the right option for you. These tiles are the best if you need them for your outhouse or shed roof.

The perks of these tiles are that not only are they lightweight but durable and available in different colors and styles. When these tiles are adequately installed in the house they promise a leak-proof experience.

A major downfall of these tiles is that they become all slippery when they are wet and also prone to dents.

Asphalt Tiles

These roof tiles in Pakistan are the perfect and rich combination of asphalt and ceramic grains. Keep in mind that asphalt is one of the cheapest options for roof tiling in Pakistan and all across the globe as well.

These tiles are often used to provide protection against humidity and are water-resistant. Also available in a wide range of designs and thicknesses. They are often the first choice of architectures because they are easy to install.

But a key thing to remember here is that asphalt tiles are not that great for home insulation.

Terracotta or Clay Tiles

If we are to dissect the ancient architecture in Pakistan, terracotta tiles were ruling the architectural horizon of Pakistan. They were known for their easy-to-spot red color and were the most famous roof tiles at one point in time.

And they are still famous, nostalgic, and reliable options for roof tiles in Pakistan. Clay tiles are known for their energy efficiency, require little to no maintenance, and are available in a wide range of designs and colors.

But some architects might comment on their weight-to-mass ratio. Terracotta tiles are heavier than other alterations.

Different Types of Tile Roofing

Here are some of the common tile roofing styles that you need to know about:

Spanish Roofing

This is a rather trendy option for roof tiles, one that is highlighting the contemporary architecture in Pakistan. It provides the visual of a curvy S on the roof, just like ripples. A highly sought-after and aesthetic roof design, it is a modern addition to your home.

Mission Roof Tiling

A mission roof tiling is highly distinctive because of the alternative concave and convex style that this one brings to the table. It is also known as true barrel tiles design and is produced by using flat and concave tiles in alternative settings on the roof.

Flat Shingle Roof Tiling

There is no interlocking design in this one. If you are choosing this one you are opening room for a lot of creativity on the rooftop. Try to use various colorful tiles and stun the spectators with a splash of color.

Interlocking Tile Roofing

This one is for all the geometric lovers out there. A channel is drafted with the help of the interlocking tile design. This is an easy roof tile because a determined pattern is there and all the designer has to do is insert the tiles.

French Roofing

In this type of highly famous and modern roof-tiling design, the architecture is producing two flutes that form a union on the roof.

Nailing it Down!

The above-provided data is a clear guide on various types of roof tiles in Pakistan. A roof is an inevitable structure in any house. It is what leads to the final addition to the house. From the promise of security to the delivery of safety, roofs are essential and necessary.

We hope that this information is helpful for you in more than one way. Take notes and come back for more valuable content.

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