LPG Price in Pakistan 2023

LPG is widely used all around the world. So, everyone wants to stay updated about the latest rates. However, the LPG price in Pakistan never stays the same for a long time. All this is because of the economic instability in Pakistan. Furthermore, you must know that the LPG rate also depends on the base petroleum material. The base petroleum material is known as Khaam Tail in Pakistan.

Now you might be thinking that what is the point of focusing on petroleum material when LPG is a gas? Well, allow us to tell you that it all starts with oil refining. It is a complicated and long process. During the oil refining process, gas and air are emitted which is called LPG. Well, mainly the price of LPG doesn’t matter. However, as mentioned before LPG is widely used in Pakistan, and it matters the most.

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LPG Price in Pakistan | LPG Rate in Pakistan

LPG Rate by OGRA


Commercial Cylinder (45.4 KG) 8,036 PKR
Domestic Cylinder (11.8 KG) 2,092 PKR
LPG per KG 117 PKR


Today LPG Rate in Market


Commercial Cylinder (45.4 KG) 9,500 PKR
Domestic Cylinder (11.8 KG) 2,700 PKR
LPG per KG 240 PKR

Top LPG Suppliers in Pakistan

Well if we talk about the available and active LPG suppliers in Pakistan, the list is long. However, not all are providing quality gas at the best price. However, in this blog, we will tell you about private and local companies. The list is as follows:

  • CIBA Enterprises Pvt Ltd
  • Parco Pearl Gas
  • PSO (Pakistan State Oil and Gas)
  • Saphire Corporation
  • Noor LPG
  • Pak Engineering and Automation
  • H&H LPG
  • Hussain Trading Agency
  • Lub Gas

The Process of Producing LPG

Even though you have learned about the making of LPG above, that was not explained in detail. So, here we are with the details for you!

  • The main thing that needs to be done right is the refining of oil. So, do you know what oil refining is? Well, it is a process of extracting crude oil from the soil.
  • Later after the extraction of crude oil, the oil goes through multiple processes. The three main steps are:
    • Separation
    • Conversion
    • Treatment
  • After the above-mentioned process, the oil goes through another process that is specifically designed to remove impurities from the oil. Once the impurities are separated the solution that is left behind is known as diesel.
  • Once the large impurities are separated the time comes to separate small ones. After this process, the solution we get is known as petrol.

Quite interesting, right? But allow us to tell you that during all these processes the gas or air that is produced is known as LPG.

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Summing Up!

Now if you are planning to stay updated about LPG prices in Pakistan, it is better to stay connected with news and social media. Also, you must keep one thing in mind, the price differs when you buy LPG gas from a known and reliable dealer or someone who doesn’t focus on the quality.

You can also take guidance from a professional for better information and so on!

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