Tile Bond Price in Pakistan & Other Details – A Complete Guide

Today in this blog you will learn about tile bond price in Pakistan and other details. However, first, it is essential to understand what tile bond is, as you might not have an idea about it.

Allow us to tell you that tile bond is a type of glue used to fix broken tiles. Moreover, it is also used during tile installation. The tile bond grip is much better than the cement.

Now coming back to the tile bond price in Pakistan, it is set as per the material used for the construction. Also, keep in mind that all around Pakistan, tile bonds are available in multiple types. Also, these tile bonds are used for so many different reasons, including marble and artificially made tiles.

Tile Bond Price in Pakistan – Updated Rates

Tile Brand Name Price Package Weight in KG
Bestway Tile Bond 490 PKR 20
Master Tile Bond 510 PKR 20
Cemex Tile Bond 310 PKR 20
Ressichem Tile Bond 350 PKR 20
Power Plus Bond 400 PKR 20
Stile Bond 410 PKR 20
House Bond 390 PKR 20
Best Daytime Tile Bond 490 PKR 20
Marachi Tile Bond 480 PKR 20
Metro Tile Bond 480 PKR 20
Sea Star Tile Bond 595 PKR 20
Shabbir Tile Bond Stile 620 PKR 20
Happilac Tile Bond 1090 PKR 20
Xtreme Tile Bond 790 PKR 20
PCI Tile Bond 990 PKR 40

Note: These are the current rates. However, there is a possibility that sooner or later the rates will change as per the market or economic condition of Pakistan. So, before setting your budget, it is better to confirm the price by visiting the market.

Tile Bond Making Procedure

Tile bonds never came ready-made. After buying it, you have to make it on your own. Wondering what the process is? Well, down below is everything mentioned for you.

Now mixing the bond compound is not the only thing you need to do. Once you mix the compound with water, it is better to use it within the next 5 hours. Otherwise, it will become hard and will go to waste.

  • In whatever thing, you are about to mix a tile compound with water, make sure as per that container size, you add 20% of water and 80% of the tile compound.
  • After that mix the mixture properly.
  • Even if someone says, it is better not to mix cement of any kind with the mixture.
  • Now once the mixture is ready, apply it to the tiles, and for that use a sharp trowel. Also, make sure you apply the mixture on the edges of the tiles too as it plays a significant role in proper bonding.

Tile Bond Mixing – Dos and Don’ts

It is better to learn everything about the product other than just tile bond price in Pakistan. So, now is the time to learn about the dos and don’ts of tile bond mixing.

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Do’s of Tile Bond Mixing

When mixing the mixture with the compound, make sure you use regular water, instead of mineral water. Because when you add mineral water it can edge for microbes, and they start to survive on the surface of the bond.
Whenever you buy a tile bond, always get the one that is of the best quality.
Once you mix the tile bond, use it as soon as possible, and even place it at room temperature.
Don’t touch the tile bond with bare hands. Make sure to wear rubber gloves before you begin to work.
Also, never mix tile bonds with any other compound, such as white or grey cement.

Don’ts of Tile Bond Mixing

Don’t use low-quality tile bonds just to save a few bucks as it will cause trouble for you later.
Never ever place tile bonds at a place where the temperature is high.
Once you apply the tile bond mixture, don’t walk on the tiles for some time.
Also, avoid investing your money in token tile bonds as mostly they are of low quality.
Moreover, if you are using tough tiles, it is when don’t use tile bond but cement


Now that you have learned about the tile bond price in Pakistan, available types, and other details, you are all set to shop for it. In case you are still not sure about anything feel free to contact experts, as they know about such products better.

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