Drawing Room Design in Pakistan

8 Lavish Drawing Room Ideas in Pakistan to Light Up Your Space Effectively!

Drawing rooms are one of the most important rooms in your house. It is a room where the host and the guest interact and exchange ideas or pleasantries. You are not wrong if you say that it is a high-traffic area in your house but on specific occasions. Back in the day drawing rooms were used to discuss ideas, cherish pretty bonnets and stylish coats, and sip on afternoon tea.

Usually located next to the front door and carefully hiding all the main parts of the house, drawing rooms are the best way to indulge in friendly chit-chat. It is an integral part of a house and one that is visible to every stranger.

That is why it is not a foreign concept that you have to pay attention to the decor of your house, especially your drawing room. Therefore it is essential for you to get curious and learn about the best drawing room ideas in Pakistan.


Drawing Room Design In Pakistan

So, gear up as we are about to take you on a journey that involves accents, colors, patterns, sofas, and above all – ideas and a lot of ideas!

Happy reading!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Which room is the dreamiest of them all? Your Drawing room!!!!

Mirrors are the best possible addition to your house and there is no objection to this statement. These elements make your room appear bigger and more full. Either rest the mirror on the wall, loosely place it or fix it. Your house, your choice!

You can also make the best choice of using different sorts of mirrors in terms of style and size. 

Try Dense Foliage

This one might sound a little peculiar. But trust us as this is a popular drawing room design in Pakistan. Who doesn’t like to add a little bit of green to their house? You can steal some green from nature and make it an effective part of your house. 

Try incorporating shrubs, climbers, bushes, and any sort of greenery that add a little bit of nature to your house. You can also add some wooden details to these plant ornaments and they will make all the difference in the world.  

Expose the Walls and Ceilings

One of the most important drawing house ideas in Pakistan is that of exposed ceilings. This trend has been ruling the home decoration space for centuries and it will keep on doing so in the coming years as well. There are many reasons for this one. One of the most important reasons is that it provides exposure to the house as well as adds depth to the room. 

Drawing Room Design In Pakistan

It is a win-win situation for everyone. Moreover, it is a perfect blend of contemporary and traditional. Try covering the ceiling of this one with a cream color paint and wait for the magic to unfold. 

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The Goodness of Round Furniture

Not that big of a task but round types of furniture are true to their name. Just like their name, they can effectively bring everyone together in one place. This sense of being in close proximity is highly important because it serves the purpose of having a drawing room in the first place.

There is not a single shadow of a doubt that drawing rooms are community spaces that offer to celebrate togetherness and union. Round furniture is a way to make people sit together and face each other. 

You can try to add center tables, coffee tables as well as round half sofas in the space to give off more cozy vibes. 

Stylize Your TV and Music Systems

It is not a foreign concept to have a TV or music system in your drawing house. These areas are not only for entertaining the guests but also for your family. That is why there is a very high possibility that there will be a TV and music system.

This one is a very well-followed drawing room design in Pakistan. It is equal parts effective and stylish. Build a shelf on the main wall and then mount your TV on it. You can also place your DVDs, game center as well as music system on the walls.

Both of these things will not only make the place more lively but enhance the feel of the space as well.

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How About Some Low Furniture?

Wondering what is low furniture? Low furniture is those furniture pieces that lie low in the room and are not rigid in their presence. These furniture are often there as supporting because they keep the look of the room neat and stylized.

The best examples of low furniture that you can place in your drawing room are:

  • Tufted Couch
  • Beanbags
  • Low Sofas
  • Coffee Tables

All of these furniture options make the floor look cozy and approachable. Style it with a rug and a carpet and impress your house guests anytime.

Dramatic Wall Colors are All the Hype

Millennials are a fan of dramatic wall colors that are able to make a statement at the end of the day. And as millennials are influencing the real estate trend market. It is a no-brainer that this trend is making headlines for all the right reasons.

Remember that the drawing room is already a place where it is easy to make a statement. You can play around with bold colors such as dark grey, navy blue, or forest green. These are the colors that will impart your drawing room the much-needed personality and style.

Try to hang a piece of art in the vicinity and you are golden!

Old Furniture for Old School Charm

Want to add detail in your house that is both sustainable as well as a topic of discussion? Try your old furniture. This is a great way to make the best possible use of furniture that has been lying around your house serving no actual purpose.

You can use a simple cane chair as well as cupboards, and even some curtains. All these things when trimmed properly and neatly can alleviate the look of your drawing room ten folds. 

This is a popular drawing-room idea in Pakistan, one that does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Best Drawing Room Ideas in Pakistan – Be Creative, Be Stylish 

We are quite hopeful that the above-provided list help you in one way or another. Fetch the idea that suits you the most and make it all yours. Till then stay happy, and stay blessed!

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