7 Best House Ceiling Designs in Pakistan

House Ceiling Designs in Pakistan Construction

When constructing a home, there are multiple factors to which an individual has to pay attention. The one among all is the ceilings. However, it has been noticed that many in Pakistan deny the importance of ceilings. Remember, when you select the right design for the ceiling of your house, it sets the tone. So, if you are planning to construct a new home, keep in mind that when it comes to the interior, ceilings are crucial. So, make the right choice and select something extraordinary for your property.

In case you don’t know much about ceilings, as this is a trend that is entirely new to you, do not worry! We the Property Street are here to guide you about everything related to ceilings. All you need to do is stick by us and read the blog till the end!

Best Ceiling Design in Pakistan

Home construction is an expensive process. This is why no one likes to make any mistake here, be it flooring or ceiling. Now the issue is one, as mentioned before, many don’t have much information about the ceilings. So, the room for error here increases.

This is the reason we believe before learning about the types of room ceiling design in Pakistan; it is essential to understand what ceilings are.

Definition of Ceiling

Many think there isn’t a difference between ceiling and roof. Well, this isn’t the case!

Ceilings are there to hide the construction work of the roof inside the house or room. It is up to the owner to decide whether they want a plain ceiling, paint it, or get it in some kind of pattern.

Present-Day Ceiling Design in Pakistan

Are you planning to remodel your home to give it a contemporary look? Or are you building a new home from scratch? Choosing the right ceiling is always trouble, mainly when you don’t know much about the types. However, your trouble is about to end here as the best ceiling design in Pakistan is discussed down below:

1.Beam Ceiling
2.Tray Ceiling
3.Conventional Ceiling
4.Shed Ceiling
5.Suspended Ceiling
6.Coffered Ceiling
7.Dome Ceiling

Beam Ceiling

Now you should have an idea about one thing: you can choose a similar ceiling for the entire house. You need to be specific with your choice, considering the interior of the specific area.

So, if you are looking for something unique such as a rustic design, then a beamed ceiling is the option you must go with. From the name, it is much clearer what beam ceilings actually look like.

Mainly lightweight wood beams are used for the ceiling. The wood beams are placed vertically, in a grid-like pattern, or horizontally to create a pattern. This is an addition that plays a key role in giving the room depth. Furthermore, wood also gives a home a luxurious and elegant look.

The other good thing about beam ceilings is that it allows the owners to add other features, such as lights. There are many other advantages of this ceiling too. Also, as per professionals, this is one of the best additions anyone can have to their home.

Best Ceiling Design in Pakistan

Tray Ceiling

This is another kind of ceiling that is the best for living rooms. It is because it not only adds depth to the room, but it also makes the ceiling look higher or taller.

It isn’t wrong to say that the tray ceiling is quite similar to the other type, known as the conventional ceiling, which you will learn shortly. However, there are some features that make it different. For example, as per the name, the ceiling gives a look of a tray. The hollow part of the tray ceiling is generally 6 inches deep, and the surrounding area gives a feeling of a tray.

There are times when the center of the ceiling isn’t inverted. Instead, it pops out. This is something that plays a key role in giving the room a unique look.

Flat Ceiling

Are you a fan of old-school and classic architecture, then we have a ceiling design that will soothe your taste buds. Flat ceilings are a type of ceiling design that promises simplicity and offers no indentations whatsoever. But it does not mean that this one is a boring type of ceiling design. You can try to glam up the place with the help of the different sorts of lightning such as 

1.High-mounted ceiling lights
2.Concealed ceiling lights 

And if you want to take a step further in your glam quotient then you can also try the following options: 

1. Mini crystal chandeliers
2. Multi-light cluster pendants
3. Brass pendant light bulbs

Shed Ceiling

Wondering about what a shed ceiling is. A shed ceiling is a type of ceiling that boosts the overall look and vibe of attics and storerooms. But its usage is not restricted to such areas. You can also decorate your other sort of rooms with this type of ceiling. Make sure to keep the infrastructure details in mind for the incorporation of this one in your house design.

The characteristic feature of a shed ceiling is its slanted and slightly inclined surface. A slanted structure tends to angle upward at one side and then go down to the other side. This slope can be both subtle and steep. If you are opting for this ceiling design in your house then the windows of your room will be elevated for proper light and ventilation.

The best interior design companies in Lahore tend to use faux wood and hardwood to highlight the shed ceilings in the houses. This is mainly done because the wood has a cozy vibe and adds up to the aesthetic of the house/ room.

Suspended Ceiling

A suspended ceiling is a unique kind that is also known to many by the name of false ceilings. This is the type that is mainly used in offices. However, the trend is changing quickly, and these days, in the residential sector, the use of this ceiling is also increasing.

This is a ceiling that isn’t directly attached to the roof but is installed a bit below. As their work is mainly to hide the wiring, ductwork, pipework, and other damages on the surface. The ceiling is hung by the actual roof with the help of wires. To ensure sturdiness and firm support, another frame is also added against the wall.

The best thing about these ceilings is that they are easy to repair and maintain. Furthermore, you don’t have to spend a lot of money for this reason. However, this is the type that is only the best for tall ceilings, as once the suspended ceilings are installed, they make the room look shrunken.

Coffered Ceiling

This one is a subcategory of tray ceilings. But in tray ceilings, there is a single recessed section on the ceiling. A coffered ceiling is a bit more advanced form of coffered ceilings. These ceilings have various sections which make up for the overall aesthetic vibe of the room. Coffered ceilings are the best ones if you want to give your house a more premium and cozy vibe. 

All the indentations on the ceiling lead to a waffle grid-type look that adds up to the value of the room. According to the best architects in Lahore, there is an inclination for the use of faux wood beams to create an overall effect of synchronization and visual appeal. 

The best possible example of the use of coffered ceilings is the italic buildings and the ancient old architecture of the Middle East. Nowadays, this design is also popular in houses in Pakistan. The main reason behind this rising popularity is the sheer elegance and grace that this ceiling design promises in the house. However, if you are looking to add depth to your house, you should try coffered ceilings. 

Dome Ceiling

If you are looking for a ceiling design that looks sophisticated, and pleasing and leaves the spectators absolutely mesmerized, then a dome ceiling is the one for you. A dome ceiling has a sphere-shaped center that rises at the top in the shape of a dome. Not only do your rooms look tall but also give an illusion of a bigger space.

The size of the dome ceiling depends on the size of the room. But a tip here is that you need to keep the dome a bit higher to give off a dramatic vibe. Try to make the best possible use of light fixtures, patterns, geometric shapes, and embellishments on such sorts of ceilings. You can also add some other details such as mosaics to the dome ceilings.

Ceiling Design Options – Choose Your Pick

As the real estate sector keeps flourishing in Pakistan so do the innovations in the architecture sector. All the abovementioned ceiling design options promise value addition to the property site, leading to an enhanced lifestyle experience. We have carefully organized this above list. Choose your pick and come back for more valuable content in such contexts.


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