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Wall Design in Pakistan – Creative Ways to Stylize Your Walls

Home decoration has always been a fascinating concept. It is hands down one of the best ways to transform any space into one that belongs to you. This activity is what also showcases what you want your place to express about you.

Now comes an underrated aspect of house decoration but one that is essential nonetheless. Walls are often considered a boring element of the house. But these walls are what not only provide you with a venue for countless decors but also lead to a factor of strength in your house.

Therefore it is good to ponder on the concept of how you can decorate your walls efficiently. To further the cause, we have combined some of the best wall design in Pakistan. Make sure to pay attention till the last word of the blog.

Wall Design Ideas That You Should Try

Listed below are some of the wall design ideas that you need to give a try:

1.Giant Whiteboard / Chalkboard
2.Paint a Mural
3. Hang Plates
4. Gallery Wall
5. Sculptural Sconces
6. Mount Your TV
7. Books Look Good on Walls
8. Constellations Are the Best
9. Mirror Mirror on the Wall
10. Removable Wall Art
11. Rugs on the Walls

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Giant Whiteboard / Chalkboard

Hanging a chalkboard on your wall helps to set the overall tone of the house. And no, it does not give classroom vibes. Adding a chalkboard or a whiteboard is an effective way to stylize the boring walls of your vibes.

You can try to write a quote of the day or a healthy thought on it. In addition to all this, you can also write some reminders of your household chores on that giant display of words. It is a great wall design in Pakistan that is quickly becoming the new normal.

Paint a Mural

Who isn’t a fan of murals? Murals are the perfect way to add a bit of style and relatability to any space. Not only are they the perfect vessel to tell a story or an incident, but they are also great for stylizing your spaces.

You can buy these murals from stores, or you can hand-print them yourself. The sky is the limit!

Hang Plates

A wall design in Pakistan that is a winner in all domestic households because of its efficacy is this one. Hanging plates on your walls is equal parts sophisticated and creative. It is effective in manifesting a vibe of elegance in the house.

Make sure to keep the tones in the house neutral and beige for this one. This is mainly because of the fact that it will help to create an aura of calmness and give soothing vibes to your house.

Gallery Wall

Wondering how to add character and make a style statement with the wall design? Well, try to curate a gallery on the wall. A gallery wall is a design in which there is a successful incorporation of various moments of your life on the wall with the help of frames and shapes.

You can add various sorts of art, photographs, and hangings on the wall to create a sense of unity in your sense. This way, you are able to transform the concrete jungle into a place that you can proudly call your own – your home.

Another key tip is that you should extend your gallery wall to cover the whole ceiling. This way, you are able to create an illusion of a wider space.

Sculptural Sconces

What’s stopping you from going a bit overboard? Be daring in the context of house decor. Sculpture sconces are the perfect way to illuminate the space by adding some depth to the room. This feature wall design is a hit among residential investors.

But in order to make this one, you have to have an eye for design and style. Choose an eye-catchy design that can leave your spectators mesmerized and spellbound. However, this one is a perfect blend of usefulness and style.

Mount Your TV

If you are looking for the best wall designs in Pakistan for your bedroom, then this one might be it for you. It is a rather new trend but an effective one. Mounting the TV on the wall not only stylizes the wall but also helps to bring attention to a giant TV in the middle of the room. This is called a smart utilization of space.

Books Look Good on Walls

Out of ideas but have a lot of books on hand? Well, try to convert your wall into a bookshelf and satisfy the book reader in you. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. A bookshelf as a wall design provides a nice spot to keep all your books safe and also helps to upscale the vibe of the house.

Try this tip and thank us later!

Constellations Are the Best

Starry night, cool breeze, and a possibility of million galaxies. If you are someone who has a soft spot for space and wants something space worthy on your wall. Try this feature wall design. You can curate a small galaxy on your front wall and roam in space in your dreams.

And the best part of this popular wall design in Pakistan is that you can DIY it. Watch a relative YouTube video and then make one for yourself. Make a template, stick it on the wall, and then string some white yarn to give a sophisticated vibe of style to your walls.

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Well, if there is one thing that looks sophisticated, is cost-effective, and gives sleek vibes on the walls, it’s a mirror. Not only are they the perfect way to keep an eye on your reflection, but mirrors add more depth to your space. They are also the best for creating a sense of illusion in your house via your walls.

Hanging mirrors on walls is an all-time classic. It is premium, comprehensive, and style at its best!

Removable Wall Art

Removable art can be best described as art that is temporary. This one doesn’t leave a permanent mark on your walls. If you are opting for this wall design in Pakistan, then you are giving your DHA Multan house renovation a breather. Because too many embellishments on the walls can lead to permanent scarring of the place.

Try any online decor house or visit a retail store for this one. This removable art gives a matte finish to your walls. This one is also the best choice if you are staying in a rented apartment.

Rugs on the Walls

Who doesn’t adore good rugs? Rugs are your best friends if you are trying to stylize your house with effective things that can be used later as well. You might not have heard about stylizing your walls with rugs. It is a rather novel concept but one that truly uplifts the mood and vibe of your house.

Hence an effective wall design in Pakistan is to hang up a rug in the room. Try to be as creative as you can and open a door of countless possibilities.

Best Wall Designs for Style Inspiration – Pick and Choose

The above-mentioned guide contains some of the best wall designs in Pakistan that you can choose from. Remember to choose one that sits the best with your smart city house vibe. You can also ask an expert for their opinion. Get help from the guide, and thank us later!

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