Gray Structure House Construction

Gray Structure House Construction Construction

People don’t know much about the gray structure house construction process. This is the main reason people face a lot of problems when they plan to build a house from scratch.

You have to consider so many things, from design to layout and so much more. Other than this, you also need to focus on the construction cost. Moreover, you should have an idea that how long the process will take to complete.

So, do you have enough knowledge about gray structure house construction from beginning to end? If not, you have landed on the right page, as here you will learn everything.

What Actually Gray Structure Is?

In simple words, you can say that the skeleton of any commercial or residential building is known as a gray structure.

To make sure the entire building lasts for a long time, the structure must be strong. So, whenever building a grey structure make sure you hire professionals. Also, ensure the experts pay attention to every detail. As it is the only way you will be able to save yourself from future problems.

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Process of Grey Structure House Construction

As mentioned above, many steps are included in the construction of the grey structure. As a layman, you may not know about all. This is the reason we have compiled all the steps. So, you can learn and be able to hire the right contractor before construction.

Clearance of Site

So, what do you think is the first step when it comes to constructing a grey structure house? Do you have any ideas?

Well, allow us to tell you that sit clearance is the most important and very first step. You have to clear and clean the land well. There shouldn’t be any garbage, bushes, tree branches, or similar stuff on the site.

The clearance of previous material that is there on the site after demolishing the old building is also included in the process.

Site Layout

Once the site clearance is done, the next and most crucial step is to focus on the site layout. You may have a model in front of you and a layout on the paper but the layout should be on the site too.

You can use a powder to mark the lines on the ground. In this way, the chance of making a mistake ends. So, don’t overlook this point at any cost.

Substructure Construction Phase of House

Do you have any idea what the house substructure construction phase is? If not, here are the details in simple words.

Now the substructure is something that happened beneath the ground. It should be strong. The substructure bears all the dead load. So, it is not wrong to say that substructure is the backbone of any house or building.

Well, this is the stage where experts do the investigation of the soil. They make sure it is good enough to work on.


Now moving on to the steps, the very first one is the excavation. It is not wrong to say that it is a key step in order to lay the foundation of the house.

Once the experts finish the layout, the excavation begins. Heavy machinery is used for this purpose, such as bulldozers. Now allow us to explain to you that normally when the dig begins the measurements are around 2 ft 9 inches, 4.5 inches thick wall, and 4 ft columns footing.

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Termite Proofing if Required

Termite issues are quite serious. And people get to know about it once the construction of the house is complete. So what to do about it? Well, as per experts during the construction, this matter should be taken care of.

So once the excavation is complete, the anti-termite chemicals are used to get rid of termite issues.

Application of P.C.C (Plain Cement Control)

Once the termite proofing is done, it is when the dug land is filled with cement concrete. The ratio of Plain Cement Control is around 1:4:8 or can be customized as per the need of the client or building.

However, do you know what 1:4:8 is? Well, allow us to tell you that it simply means 1 part of good quality cement mix, then 4th part of quality sand, and lastly 8th part of quality crush.

Brickwork Foundation

Once the application of P.C.C. is done, the next step comes and that is to start laying a brickwork foundation.

Well around the world different kinds of bricks are used. However, if we specifically talk about Pakistan, red clay bricks are used. However, technology is also taking over the construction industry of Pakistan.

So, a new type of brick is introduced, known as “fly ash brick.”

Also, keep in mind that the foundation thickness isn’t the same for every house. It varies per floor and even the structure.

1st Layer of Brick

  • Thick = 3 Inches
  • Wide = 22.5 Inches

2nd Layer of Brick

  • Thick = 3 Inches
  • Wide = 18 Inches

3rd Layer of Brick

  • Depth = 3 Inches
  • Wide = 13.5 Inches
  • Also, up to the Plinth level, 9 Inches wide wall is laid

Damp Proofing

Now moving on to the other step, damp proofing comes in. Now the definition of damp proofing is simple as well. It is a process to prevent or secure walls and roofs from moisture.

However, allow us to tell you that for damp proofing different companies use different methods. So, make sure you hire someone who does the best job for you at the best price.

Reinforced Column Footing

Now you might think that the above-discussed points are enough and the only point to ensure a strong foundation. However, this isn’t the case.

Reinforced column footing is another step. It is a process in which the laborers use M60-grade steel. To level the base below this a concrete bed is made that is around 3 inches of plain cement.

Once it is done the steel and shuttering are also used along with concrete. Also to prevent dehydration proper curing is done.

Plinth Level Filling

Once everything is done, then comes the process of filling. To fill the void area within the plinth Ghassu filling process is begun.

The materials used to make the substance for filling are soil, crushed, and sand. However, during the process don’t forget about the compaction. It is necessary to make a smooth concrete surface that stays safe from cracks too.

Super Construction Phase of House

The next step after the substructure phase is the super-construction phase of a house.

It is a process in which the labor works on the house drawing. It is a stage that allows you to see how the house will look once it is complete. This is a process in which roofs, floors, walls, water tanks, windows, doors, and sidewalks are built. Also, the plumbing and electrical work is done at this stage.

Floor Construction

The construction of the floors is the key, be it the ground floor, first, or second floor. However, the work needs to be done in a systematic way. You may not know much about it but the professionals know well.

However, as per professionals, it is better if the customer knows a bit about the process as in this way you will know whether the contractor is doing a good job or not.

(O.H.W.T) Over Head Water Tank

An overhead water tank is a large container that is used for containing large volumes of water. It is installed at a height and is used to supply water to keep the house or the structure functional.

Some of the commonly used materials for the installation of an O.H.W.T are as follows:

  • Concrete
  • Plastic
  • Steel Tanks

Water Proofing

Waterproofing is an important and inevitable thing to keep in mind to ensure that your building or structure remains intact for a long period of time. To make your buildings water-resistant and waterproof it is important to integrate waterproofing services in the whole scenario of your grey structure house construction.

The laborers will lay down 1.5” mud mortar and will grout the earth cover with 1:3 CSM over. Then there comes the addition of a polythene sheet. The flood coat is done with the help of cold bitumen and a reinforced concrete slab.

Few Other Tasks

Just building a structure that promises an exoskeleton is not enough. There are several other things that are important as well. These tasks ensure that the house is functional, safe, and stable.

These miscellaneous tasks are the following:

  • Boundary Wall
  • Side Passage
  • Installation of Gas and Sewerage Pipeline
  • Electrical and Plumbing Work Plastering
  • Underground Water Flooring
  • Septic Tank
  • Tank Site Clearance


Strong foundations are what promise a strong and sturdy build. It is necessary and a necessity – all in one. Building a house is not a fleeting thing. It is a decision and a process that needs to be rigid, operational, and able to stand tall despite everything. That is why grey structure house construction is an important aspect that should be non-negotiable.

If you need further information, make sure to contact Property Street. They have solid experience spanning more than 3 decades and are providing competitive construction services in Pakistan!


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