3 Marla House Construction Cost

Constructing a house consists of several parts. So, as a future homeowner, you must know about them. Knowing 3 Marla house construction cost isn’t your only responsibility. So, here we have a question for you. Are you planning to construct your home soon?
If so, do you have any idea about the process details?
For example:
1.The Dimensions of 3 Marla House
2. Material Needed for 3 Marla House Grey Structure Construction
3. Construction Cost of 3 Marla House Grey Structure
4. Material Needed for 3 Marla House Finishing
5. Finishing Cost of 3 Marla House
Now the good news for you is that in the blog further you will learn about all the details from price to material required and so on. However, there is one thing we would like to tell you that the rates never stay the same. They might increase or decrease as per the economic situation. However, the rates mentioned below will give you an idea and help you set a budget.

3 Marla House Dimensions

Total Area: Do you have any idea how much area is covered by 3 Marla houses? Well, if not! Don’t worry because we are here to tell you.
3 Marla house covers a total area of 684 to 700 sq. ft.
Covered Area: Now, if you are planning to build a double-story house then the covered area will be a minimum of 1353 sq. ft.
Floor Plan: A 3-marla house can be a perfect home for a small family. 3 bedrooms, 1 Kitchen, 3 bathrooms, and might be a store room.

Material Needed to Build a Grey Structure 3 Marla House

Here is a comprehensive list of all the materials that are required for a 3 Marla House Construction:

ItemsQuantity RateCost
Bricks Awwal28,00012/brick336,000 PKR
Sand Ravi1,80021/C.ft37,800 PKR
Sand Chenab (Plaster)35037/C.ft12,950 PKR
Crush Margalla (Lenter)54086/C.ft46,400 PKR
Crush Sargodha (Floor)36070/C.ft25,200 PKR
Rori12,000 PKR
Cement, Kassu, Steel                                                      Total Cost = 405,000 PKR
DG (Cement)300690/Bag207,000 PKR
Steel (60 Grade)1,500 KG180/KG270,000 PKR
Kassu28,000 PKR
Plumbing & Wiring                                                             Total Cost = 80,000 PKR
Plumbing43,000 PKR
Wiring 37,000 PKR
Grill, Gate & Chougat                                                         Total Cost = 89,000 PKR
Chougat Steel29,000 PKR
Grills85/ sq.ft.27,000 PKR
Gate400/ sq.ft.33,000 PKR
Additional Charges                                                            Total Cost = 30,000 PKR
Termite Spray11,000 PKR
Tank7,000 PKR
Others12,000 PKR
Total Cost = 1,174,350 PKR

Note: The labor cost for the grey structure is going to be around PKR 492,000.


Grey Structure Construction Cost of 3 Marla House

Before getting into details, it is essential to understand what the actual grey structure is. Now allow us to tell you that the grey structure is an unfinished building. If we explain it to you in easy words, a building that is unpainted, with no electrical system and plumbing installed or connection with sewer is known as a grey structure.

Required Bricks and Its Cost

Now before moving on to the number of bricks needed and their cost, it is essential to know that in the market different categories of bricks are available. It is better to choose the best to construct a house. Otherwise, within some time your house may start to show signs of wear and tear. This means you will have to spend a lot of money on the maintenance. Not a good thing to hear. Right?

Now moving on to the required bricks to build a 3-Marla house in Pakistan and its cost. Well if you are planning to build a double-storey house, a minimum of 28,000 bricks are needed. The Awwal grade cost of one brick is a minimum of PKR 12.

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This takes you to a grand total of PKR 336,000.

Required Sand and Its Cost

Approximately 2150 C. ft of sand is needed to construct a double-storey house. Now, you should know that 2 types of sand are used specifically in Pakistan for home construction; Ravi and Chenab Sand.

Now the rate of Ravi Sand in the market is approximately PKR 21, and Chenab Sand’s rate is approximately PKR 37.

Moving on, for 3 Marla houses, the need for Ravi Sand is around 1800 C. ft and Chenab Sand around 350 C. ft.

Now let’s do the simple math!

Required Sand * Rate of Sand = Total Cost

Ravi Sand = PKR 37,800 approx.

Chenab Sand = PKR 12,950 approx.

Prices of Crush

For construction, a crush is also needed. Even here two types of crush are used by the experts; Margalla and Sargodha crush.

Margalla Crush is needed around 540 C. ft. The rate of Margalla Crush in the market is around PKR 86 per C.ft. So, after doing the math, the grand total becomes PKR 46,440 approximately.

360 C. ft Sargodha Crush is required for the construction of 3 Marla double-storey houses. The rate of this material in the market is around 70 per C. ft. Hence the total cost become around PKR 25,200.

Required Kassu and Its Cost

Do you know what Kassu is? Well, it is a mixture of mud and sand. This is a material that is used for the filling of the base. Now you may have to pay around PKR 28,000 for the Kassu when constructing a 3 Marla house.

Required Cement and Its Cost

Cement is the most needed material for the construction of any building. Now for the construction of the 3 Marla double-storey, approximately 300 bags of cement is needed.

When you step into a market you will find multiple brands claiming that their cement is of the best quality. However, don’t trust anyone blindly, and do your homework.

Furthermore, talking about the cost, 1 cement bag price is around PKR 690. This means the total cost of 300 cement bags will be around PKR 207,000.

Required Rebar and Its Cost

The other essential material needed for construction is Rebar. Are you familiar with the word Rebar? Well, there is another word for it and that is Steel.

For strong building professionals recommend sarya or you can say steel of 60-grade. Now to construct a 3 Marla double-storey house you need around 1.6 tons of steel.

Currently in the market, the sarya is available at PKR 180 KG. So, the grand total becomes PKR 270,000.

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Wiring & Plumbing Cost

Wiring and plumbing are two of the most basic things that are needed in a house. No house can be functional without the prospects of wiring and plumbing. There are many things that come under the context of plumbing and wiring in your house for example sewerage system, drainage, and water supply.

The total plumbing cost of a 3-marla house will be around 43,000 PKR, This cost also includes the material and labor costs. On the other hand, the cost of wiring a 3-marla house will be around 37,000 PKR.

Gate, Safety Grills & Frames Cost

The door frame of your 3-marla house will cost you 29,000 PKR. In case you are installing girls and windows then you will have to pay 27,000 PKR. Your main house gate will be around 33,000 PKR.

Other Expenditures Needed for 3 Marla Grey Structure Construction

Keep in mind that your budget needs to cater to some emergency funds as well. One can never know what works and what one might require at the ninth hour. Therefore it is important to keep your miscellaneous fund budget between the range of 30,000 to 50,000 PKR.

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Material Needed for the Finishing of 3 Marla House

Some of the materials that are required for the finishing of the house are as follows:

Switches and Black Boxes180,800 PKR
Conduits and Accessories32,500 PKR
Wires and Cables200,600 PKR
Lights, Fans, and Chandeliers200,016 PKR
Labor Cost55,890 PKR
Wood, Metal, and Tile Works                                         Total Cost = 22,600,00 PKR
Paint and Ceiling Works300,480 PKR
Tile Work600,000 PKR
Wooden Doors400,000 PKR
Windows100,760 PKR
Metal Works100,930 PKR
Wardrobes and Cabinets400,480 PKR
Fittings and Fixtures                                                      Total Cost = 400,780 PKR
Kitchen60,740 PKR
Bathroom30,800 PKR
Geyser and Manhole37,000 PKR
Total Cost = 3,378,000 PKR
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Finishing Cost of 3 Marla House

Finishing is a term used to describe the process that comes after the architects are done with the grey structure of the house. This step is necessary because it gives a final and neat appearance to the overall look of the house. This one caters to the installation of tiles/marbles, electrical work, woodwork, and paint.

Tiles and Marbles

An aesthetic option for many people, high-quality tiles and marble are an absolute necessity. The cost of the tiles might differ depending on the design, quality, and the supplier as well as the amount.
According to the experts for 3-marla house construction, almost 96 tiles are required, especially if we exclude the bathrooms, terrace, and garage.

Keep in mind that the cost of bathroom tiles will be a bit different because of the change in the per square meter. An estimated terrace of a 3-marla house would require a total of 15 tiles.
In the case of marble, people might want to include marble on the staircase and kitchen shelves. The estimated total of marbles will be around 30,000 PKR.

Electric Work

Electric work is inevitable in any house because it leads to the operational capacity of the house. The number of switchboards, power plugs, lights, and fans might differ from house to house depending on how the homeowner wants it to be.
The cost of these things differs on the basis of the company, number, quality, and size.

The total cost of electrical components is 159,000 PKR.

Labor Cost

The labor cost in the finishing cost of 3 Marla houses mostly caters to the electricians involved The cost of labor will be 25,000 to 30,000 PKR.

Kitchen and Bath Accessories

This is an important thing to keep in mind, especially when you are keeping track of the 3 Marla house construction costs. Kitchen accessories include a hood, sink, and some cabinets.
A kitchen hood is estimated to be around 50,000 PKR, a sink cost 15,000 PKR and accessories mount up to 70,000 PKR.

While the bath accessories include bath hangings, porta commodes, and bath sets. Now it depends on how many floors your 3-marla house has. In the case of two floors, you need bathroom accessories for the number of bathrooms that your house has.
The cost of these accessories depends on various factors such as the price of the items required, the number of items required, and the cost of installation. The total cost of kitchen and bath accessories is 177,000 PKR.

Ceiling and Painting

Painting is one of the most important aspects of house finish. If you are calculating your 3-marla house construction cost, you need to incorporate these aspects in the calculation as well. The ceiling and painting cost for a 3-marla house construction heavily depends on the type of material that you are using and the way you are utilizing those materials.
The cost of ceiling and painting is also dependent on the brands that you are using and the designs that you are opting for your 3-marla house construction. The cost of the painting of a 3 Marla house is 200,000 PKR.
If you are choosing a false ceiling then keep in mind that this will cost you a huge amount of money. The cost of a ceiling can differ depending on the way you are choosing the ceiling. As for a false ceiling, it is 70 PKR per square foot.

The total cost of painting and ceiling is 262,350 PKR.

Windows and Mirrors

You can opt for both aluminum and glass for your house structure. This is a costly affair as it demands precision and the use of the best possible materials for the sake of your house’s functioning capacity. The cost of aluminum is 15,000 PKR and the staircase installation price is 40,000 PKR.


One of the highlights of your house can be the woodwork. Woodwork is a premium factor that alleviates the entire experience of home decor. The cost of the woodwork in a 3-marla house construction cost takes a larger chunk.
If you are taking into consideration wardrobe assorted fittings and other wood-associated works then it is a costly affair with a range of 40,000 to 50,000.

The total expenditure for finishing 3-Marla House Construction is 1,582,475 PKR.

3 Marla House Construction Cost Grand Total

Grey Structure Cost + Finishing Cost = 21,18,870 PKR

The Bottom Line!

Building a home is a costly thing to do especially in recent times when inflation is everywhere. We have tried our best to bring to you some of the expected costs of the things that you will be needing for the construction of your 3 Marla house. But keep in mind that these costs can differ from region to region, to market fluctuations, and the number of things you are installing in your house.

We wish you the best of luck with the construction of your new home!

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