5 Marla House Construction Cost – All the Important Details Are Here

5 Marla House Construction Cost in Pakistan Construction

Many people perceive owning land as one of the most difficult steps in a house construction journey. There is no hidden fact that owning the right property is essential, but the construction of a house thrives on various other factors as well. One such factor is smart planning and effective execution. From the right team of designers or builders to the absolute best construction materials, this one is a wild ride!

So, in case you have secured the right property and are planning to construct your own house, we have compiled the most sought-after information. This guide will not only tell you the 5 Marla house construction costs but will also break down the journey in steps as well. 

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5 Marla House Construction Cost in Pakistan

In Pakistan, many people prefer to construct a house rather than buy a pre-made home. This is the reason many prefer to know a bit about the total cost along with the price of each thing at every stage, so they can set their budget accordingly. 

In this blog, you will learn every single detail. However, we’d like to say that the price may differ because of the economic instability in Pakistan. 

Dimension and Covered Area in 5 Marla House

The total area that falls under the category of a 5 Marla house is 1,975 square feet. If we are following this layout, then the first floor will have a total area of 910 square feet. The area on the second floor will be 175 square feet. In this house layout, there are two kitchens available on both floors. It also comes with 3 bedrooms, 3 attached baths, and a mumtee as well. 

Now, in accordance with the urban living trends and standards, the flooring of this 5 Marla house structure is of marble and the stairs are also lined with marble to enhance the aesthetic vibe of the structure. 

Here we have divided the 5 Marla house construction cost into two categories: 

1. Building the Grey Structure
2. Finishing the Fouse

Construction Cost of Grey Structure

In order to lay out the necessary foundation and skeleton of a 5 Marla house, the basic things that are needed are kassu, rebar, sand, bajri, cement, and safety grills. In addition to the structural elements some other things are needed to enhance the operation value of the house are electrical wiring and plumbing, 

Let us dive deep into the cost of the individual entities:

Labor Required & Cost

First things first, you do not have to hire laborers. You can just hire a contractor and they will have a team of laborers of their own. These laborers will stay with the project from start to finish because they are hired on a contract basis. 

One of the driving factors of labor cost is the time of construction. The laborers mostly make money on a daily basis, therefore the chances of them prolonging the construction process to earn more bucks are highly fair. But it does not happen as the builders have a deadline to meet and a contract that have an expiry date, 

Laborers mostly charge around 390 Rs per square foot which sums up the total to a whopping PKR 770,250 (we know its a lot)

Bajri/ Crush

Construction of any house is impossible without the reinforcement of bajri or crush. It is necessary for both PCC and RCC. Bajri is necessary both for the roof infrastructure as well as for the foundation of the house. This building material is produced by processing the worlds of gravel and stones. Two types of bajri are mostly used to construct houses in Pakistan one is morgalla crush and the second is Sargodha crush. 

Margalla crush is available at the rate of PKR 124,200, and the second one is PKR 78,000


Bricks are the equivalent of construction. They are the first and basic unit of construction and are often the synonym for infrastructure. Therefore when you are on the journey of constructing a 5 Marla house, it is pertinent for you to align yourself with the current brick rates. 

A total of 56000 bricks are required to construct a 5 Marla house and if we put the price of a single unit at 13 Rs, the total amount reaches PKR 784,000.


One of the necessary elements that are needed when you are constructing a 5 Marla house is bricks and sand. The sand is not only needed to lay down the baseline but is also required for a million other functions such as plaster, lime mortar, concrete buildup, and filling the gaps. 

Make sure to choose that type of sand that is free of any sort of chemicals and is not sharp from a texture point of view. There are two types of sand available in the market, Ravi sand and Chenab sand. The rate of Ravi sand is 42Rs per cubic meter while that of Chenab sand is 60 Rs per cubic meter. This makes the total cost of sand for the construction of a 5 Marla stand PKR 132,300 and PKR 42,000, respectively. The difference in prices is because of the requirement. Chenab sand is more excellent in terms of quality therefore less amount of it is needed for such purposes


Cement comes to play the right part in your house journey during the masonry work such as joint infrastructure, pillars, roofs, lintels, and floors, and almost in collaboration with the sand work as well. Therefore one of the best pieces of real estate advice is to choose the right quality of cement for all the necessary work as it will protect your house against moisture buildup as well.  

You might need 600 cement bags for this journey and thus the construction cost rests at PKR 636,000. 

Gas Piping

A smooth and unhinged supply of gas is necessary to keep the household chores running. A 5 Marla house requires 152 GI welded pipelines and 2 gas cocks. This makes the gas piping cost stand at around PKR 56,000. 

Electrical Wiring 

Nothing in our houses can operate without electricity and therefore electrical wiring is one of the basic necessities for a house to be deemed as an inhabitable space. But this area is a special one and needs extra attention to detail, therefore make sure to call out a team of experts in these areas. 

In order to ensure a proper electrical wiring system in a 5 Marla house you need to make sure that there are PVC pipes, electrical conduit, switchboard boxes, PVC bend, junction boxes and so much more. 

The estimated cost of electrical wiring for a 5 Marla house is PKR 736,000

Plumbing System 

Another thing that your house needs for it to function normally and operate properly is a fully installed plumbing system. This also requires the inclusion of sewerage, gas, and a functional drainage system. This comes under the definition of plumbing work in a house. 

The latest rates stand at a whopping PKR 1,340,000. Moreover, you also need to set aside a budget for the sanitary makeup of the house. 

Chaugat Steel, Gate & Grills 

Your 5 Marla house in Capita Smart City , Lahore Park View City  and Kings Town Lahore, will also have to take into account the steelwork. In order to make the house’s front door or the main entrance door, you have to use 16 gauge Chougat steel. This much steel is necessary to complete the preliminary steel framework of the house. The cost of such steek work amounts to PKR 100,000

Now for the grills and windows, you need to have a budget of around PKR 60 to 70,000. This makes the total cost stand at PKR 170,000

Extra Charges 

Now every house might have different sorts of things that are left at the end for some houses it’s the installation of a septic tank while for others it might be the fumigation. These types of miscellaneous charges are not easy to track and therefore vary from house owner to house owner depending upon the needs of the house and the people that are living in it. 

For a rough analysis, we can allot a budget of PKR 100,000 for these extra charges. 

Estimated Total Cost 5 Marla Grey Structure = PKR 5,400,130 

Cost of Finishing 5 Marla House

Once you have completed the grey structure, don’t think the house is ready to move in. There is still a lot that is still needed. You need to give your house a finishing touch as per your and your family’s preference. 

However, the common things that are needed and necessary for each property are:

Marble or Tiles

Can you imagine a home without a proper floor? The answer will be big, no obviously. Everyone prefers to have beautiful flooring that looks good, lasts for a long time, and requires minimal maintenance. Now if you look in the market, in Pakistan flooring types are unlimited however many prefer to go with the tiles, as it is the kind they know the best. 

But in case you are searching for an option that costs you minimal and lasts for a long, then the ceramic tile is the best alternative among all. 

Now you might be excited to know the price so you can set your budget. But before that, it is essential to understand in which areas tile or marble is required. So, whenever you construct a home, no one can benefit from your lack of knowledge. 

Tiles are generally needed for garages, rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and even terraces. Moving on, marble is required for stairs and even in the kitchen to make countertops. 

To cover the entire space of the 5 Marla double-story houses, you will need a minimum of 2140 tiles. It will cost you around PKR 430,000. If we talk about skirting, you will have to pay around PKR 157,080. The expenditures didn’t end here as you will also need tiles for the walls of the kitchen and bathroom which will cost you an additional PKR 159,600. The marble for kitchen countertops and stairs will cost you around PKR 150,000. Lastly, the tile band, cement, and similar stuff needed will cost you around PKR 50,000.

Accessories for Kitchen

Not the living room, no dining room, and not even a bedroom is the most important part of the home, but the kitchen is. This is the reason during house construction, people pay close attention when deciding everything for the kitchen. 

Now in a 5 Marla single-story home, you can find one kitchen, and in a two-story house, as per layout, you may find 2 kitchens. 

So moving on, let’s talk about the cost that is required to get quality accessories for the kitchen. A single kitchen hood will cost you around PKR 35,000, a sink & tap PKR 10,000, and a sink mixer around PKR 6,000. You can double the price if there are two kitchens in your house. 

Accessories for Bathroom 

Other than the kitchen, the bathroom is also an important part of the home. It must have all the fixtures needed to make it comfortable. Now in 5 Marla houses, you can find 3 to 4 bathrooms max, as per owner requirements. 

Now each bathroom must have beveled edge mirrors, water closets, vanity basins, basin mixers, Muslim showers, soap dishes, toilet paper holders, and shower sets. 

One water closet will cost you around PKR 20,000, a vanity basin around PKR 12,000, a shower set PKR 22,000, and all the remaining accessories will be around PKR 34,000.

Painting Work

No house is complete without the paint and ceiling work. Without both of these, the house seems like a skeleton. 

However, paint isn’t the only option available in the market for walls, as you can go with PVC sheets. But this option isn’t for all, as the price for it is quite high. On the other hand, a paint job can be done on a very limited budget. 

While choosing a color scheme for your home, don’t focus on the interior only. Pay equal attention to the exterior of your home. There are multiple paint brands in Pakistan. As per your budget, you can choose the brand.

Lastly, if we talk about the cost, the 5 Marla houses interior paint job might cost you roughly PKR 302,000. For the exterior, the expenditure will be around PKR 50,000

Ceiling Work

These days countless ceiling options are available in the market. As per your lifestyle, you can either go with traditional or innovative alternatives. However, keep in mind that what you choose will directly affect the price. 

If you are constructing a double-story 5 Marla house, you will have to pay around PKR 108,000 for the ceiling. 


In order to make the house more appealing and captivating, people are sometimes also interested in woodwork. There are many areas in your house that can entertain the woodwork such as wardrobes, doors, kitchen cabinets, LCD racks, and door handles. A house owner mostly has two choices in this context, one is to hire a carpenter and the second is to get their hands on products that are already available in the market and then customize it according to their house needs. 

The total cost of the woodwork for a 5 Marla house stands at a whopping PKR 820,000. This estimate includes all the wooden costs from the main entrance to the roof door. 

Electric Work

Electrical wiring isn’t the only work needed when constructing a home. There are other elements that are required during electrical work. These factors play a crucial role in giving the entire house a finishing touch. Now you might be wondering what those are. So, here is the list:

1. Fans
2. Power Plugs
3. Switchboards
4. Exhaust Fans
5. Lights of Multiple Types
6. Labor Cost 

Now let’s have a rough estimation of how much all this will cost you.

In a normal house, a total of 11 fans are needed. A single good quality fan costs you around PKR 5,750 in the market. This will take you to a total of roughly PKR 63,250.

Around 18 power plugs are needed in 5 Marla houses. It will cost you around PKR 9,000, which means one single power cost is PKR 500.

You might need 15 switchboards to complete your house. The cost of one switchboard in the market is PKR 850. So the total will be around PKR 13,500.

These days exhaust fans are not only in the kitchen or bathroom but even in the bedroom. However, if we eliminate bedrooms from the picture for a double-story home, you will need 6 exhaust fans. One exhaust fan will cost you around PKR 3,000, and the total will be around PKR 18,000.

Lights play a key role in giving a final look to any home. You get multiple options when you look in the market. You might need around PKR 150,000 to illuminate your entire 5 Marla house. 

Last but not least, don’t forget about the labor cost, as it is obvious you will not manage everything by yourself. The labor might cost you around PKR 90,000

Estimated Total Cost 5 Marla Finishing = PKR 3,500,000

5 Marla House Construction Cost in Pakistan = Approx PKR 8,900,130

5 Marla House Construction Cost – Build Your Own House Today

In light of the above-mentioned information, the total cost of a 5 Marla house might vary from region to region depending upon various factors such as inflation crises, construction material costs, regional requirements, transportation costs, or delays in the overall process. No matter how much the cost fluctuates, one thing is for sure, you will construct a house according to your own needs and values. And at the end of the day, having a place to call home is all that really matters!

Reference: https://themrl.com/10-marla-house-construction-cost/



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