Top 10 Construction Companies in Islamabad

Top 10 Construction Companies in Islamabad Construction

Islamabad is one of the most important cities in Pakistan. Being helmed as the capital city of Pakistan, it is the center of all the major federal and economical decisions in the country. Islamabad is also a major tourist attraction. It is widely known for its natural aesthetics, stunning landscapes, and visuals. Thus it is not a secret that the real estate sector is also flourishing here. It is the city that hosts the first ever smart city in Pakistan – known as Capital Smart City.

Thus, the prospect of construction companies in Islamabad is not a foreign concept. The hype is justified and the curiosity is understood. These are responsible for adding value to the economy of the country. These are the vessels that provide the construction of tangible and world-class assets for the people.

Moreover, the construction companies in Islamabad are also responsible for the providence of numerous employment. opportunities. They understand the need, demands, and requirements. That is how the top construction companies in Islamabad are fleshing out the best possible real estate infrastructures that the eyes have ever seen.

They understand all the minor and major things of construction and are thereby the talk of the town.

Let us have a look at the top 10 construction companies in Islamabad. And analyze why these are ruling the real estate sector:

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Construction Companies in Islamabad

We have compiled a healthy and full-fledge list for you to take inspiration and draw knowledge from:

Imarat Group of Builders

There should be no doubt why this one is the first on our list. It is a premium construction company in Islamabad – one that is known for its overall authentic and relative services. They have been providing top-notch services for at least 15 years and there is no one else that does it like them.

The company has also received The Leading Construction and Real Estate Group award at the ICCI Achievement Awards in 2020. The ceremony was held at Serene Hotel in Islamabad.

Given below are some of the best-known projects of this construction company in Islamabad:

Mall of Arabia
Imarat Builders Mall
Amazon Outlet Mall
Gold Floras
Florence Galleria

The company is an expert in both residential and commercial real estate projects in the city.

Zem Builders in Islamabad

If you are a fan of Bahria Town, then you should know that Zem Builders are the ones that have built the infrastructure of the residential scheme. They are the reason for all the innovations and creativity that people are admiring in the latest real estate sectors of Pakistan.

In addition to quality real estate infrastructure, Zem Builders are also recognized for the following:

Zem Ark
Zem Liberty
Zem Heights

These projects are a true testament to their good and reputable name in the market.

AAA Builders

AAA Builders is a construction company in Islamabad that is ruling the cityscape and the hearts of people alike. This company consists of engineers, architects and designers – all of whom are working in close proximity to ensure innovation in the capital city of Pakistan.

The company is known for providing its services in the following context:

Infinity Pool
Mall of Street
Executive Clubs
PC Suits

They shine in providing exclusive infrastructure and they take pride in their good name.

Jaffer Group of Companies

Another name that is leaving a solid mark in the real estate sector of Pakistan is the Jaffer Group of Companies. They are recognized, respected, and reputable among the masses. This group of companies was established in 1984 as a construction firm. Since the day of its birth, the company has been providing several projects for the masses.

The company is also known for providing its services as a subcontractor. The company has provided various services to the following:

Encorp (USA)
Taisei Corporation
Northrop Grumman

Listed below are some of the landmarks that the company has created:

Weather Forecast Radar Stations, Rahim Yar Khan
The Educational TV Station
Housing Complex, Haripur
Gravity Water Supply System, Abbottabad
Children’s Hospital, Karachi
Kohat Tunnel and Access Roads temporary facilities and Box Culverts, Kohat
Construction Machinery Training Institute

Zarkon Builders

Another name that resonates the best with craft and creation is Zarkon Builders. Zarkon Builders. It was established in 1985 in Rawalpindi and since then has been providing world-class construction services for the people.

One of the best things about Zarkon Builders is the uniqueness that they can bring to any project. The clients admire them for their soft work ethics and stunning designs.

J7 Group

J7 Group is now a household name in Islamabad. The construction company has successfully completed many residential, commercial, and mix-used property projects. The designs that they produce all bring a hint of luxury and sophistication to the craft. Moreover, the company also caters to the natural appeal of the city as well. It tends to strike a balance between state-of-the-art infrastructure and professional architects. This is why they are always in demand because they know how to create innovation from natural settings.

ZKB Engineers and Construction 

ZKB engineers and constructors need and require no introduction. They are hands down one of the most sought-after construction companies in Pakistan. Known for their resilience and innovation. This construction company in Islamabad is known for providing the following services:


They provide both – the design and the infrastructure. Therefore, if you are thinking of hiring them you are killing two birds with one stone. Back in the day, the company and its services were only limited to Balochistan. But now, this is one of the top construction companies in Islamabad.

Habib Construction Services

No top 10 list of construction companies in Islamabad is complete without the mention of Habib Construction Services. The company is the perfect blend of young minds and professional ideas.

They are widely recognized for providing a new look to the conventional ways of construction. They have built a wide variety of projects in the past which showcase their ability to provide a wide variety of tough and complicated designs as well.

The company is known for building the following infrastructures:

Power and Energy
Flyover and Bridges

Sardar Group of Companies

Sardar Group of Companies is a name that needs no introduction. They are the best. They have got the best policies, the best team, the best designs and the best projects to boast about.

Given below are some of the best examples of their craft:

Taj Residencia
Pak Gulf Pvt. Ltd.
Centaurus Apartments

These above-mentioned projects are a testament to their craft and are a clear indication of how meticulous their work ethics are. This is why the Sardar Group of Companies is one of the best construction companies in Islamabad.

Hardbone International Private Limited

If there is one construction company in Islamabad that is the crown jewel and has received all the ISO certifications. It is this one. Hardbone International Pvt Limited has the following major certifications:

ISO 14001:2009
ISO 9001:2015|
IOHSAS 18001:2007

The company is one of the ruling names in the industry. They offer the following services:

HVAC System
Solar System
Security System and Equipment
Fire Safety Alarms
Integrated Technical Systems

They are a trademark of nothing but the best in the business from farmhouse construction to multistorey buildings, they have done it all.

The Bottom Line

Construction companies in Islamabad play a crucial role in maintaining and regulating real estate. These companies are known for adding value to the scene by providing top-notch services. That is why we have compiled a healthy list of the top 10 construction companies in Islamabad that can help you build the house of your dreams.

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