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There is no shadow of doubt regarding the fact that real estate is a dynamic and ever growing industry of Pakistan. It is known for growing passive income and is a stunning way of building a capital. There are many things that make real estate sector this worthy of your investment. But hands down one of the most important thing that ensures quality investment in real estate is the infrastructures. And who are behind those stunning infrastructures – builders. 

Builders in Islamabad are known for producing infrastructures that are adding value and depth to the overall real estate sector. They are necessary for reshaping empty spaces into quality structures and for making real estate stand out in the crowd. 

If you are also a property owner who wishes to make the best of their property then you are at the right site. We have compiled a list of the top builders in Islamabad that are shaping the real estate history for better! 

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Imarat Group of Builders 

One of the most recognized builders in Islamabad are Imarat Group of Builders. The company has been considered as the best builders in Islamabad and are known for producing real estate buildings that are nothing short of a marvel. The company has produced some of the most well-known buildings in the pasts which are an instant fan-favorite. 

Moreover the company is also known for producing those sorts of real estate projects that are adding value to the capital and cityscape of the area. 

From location to the design, Imarat Group of Builders are leading the real estate world thanks to their leadership, designs and a team of professionals. 

Zem Builders 

Zem builders is another widely recognized name in the real estate industry. The company is known for providing the masterplan of Bahria Town which is a real estate marvel in Pakistan. The company is known for changing the real estate horizon in Pakistan and is a testament to the builders reputation and craft. 

Following are the projects of these builders in Islamabad that are a true proof of the company’s dedication and detail: 

Zem ark
Zem liberty
Zem heights 

Zarkon Builders 

Zarkon Builders are among the top builders in Islamabad. The company’s origin city was Rawalpindi but the company’s services also extend to Islamabad as well. From top-notch architectural services to contemporary infrastructure, the company is known to be the best in the business. 

Zarkon builders has been in business since 1985 and consists of a healthy team of professional designers that are a master of their craft. They operate in both twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad and do not compromise on the quality of their services. 

Therefore make sure to rely on them if you want to build a house in Capital Smart City Islamabad

ZKB Engineers and Builders 

ZKB Enginners and Builders are another name that shines because of their vigor, dedication and oath to change the real estate scenario for bigger and brighter future. They make sure to deliver the projects on an early basis and that too without any cost overrun. Moreover, the company also ensures that there is no burden of financial loss on the company or the investors. 

ZKB Engineers and Builders consist of a team of professional designs and developers who are known for producing the best possible infrastructure in the twin cities. From Motorway construction to the CDA projects there is a long list of projects that are a proof of their attention to craft. This is what signifies their importance as the top builders in Islamabad. 

Sardar Group of Companies 

Sardar Group of Companies is one of the most reputable builders in Islamabad. They have over 170 projects to boost about and a whopping experience of almost 40 years. Both of these  things combine make them nothing but the best choice for building a new home in Islamabad. 

The builders in Islamabad are also known for their construction services which can extend to both residential and commercial capacity. Their creations have held the test of the time and are known for building resilience among the masses. 

AH Group of Companies 

Given below are some of the projects of the AH Group of Companies that you need to know about: 

Mall of Hangu in District Hangu
091 Mall
Florenza KP
North Hills in Murree

The infrastructure detail and time invested in the projects are a clear indication of the fact that AH Group of Companies are highly thoughtful in creating architects that are nothing sort of creations and innovations. 

J7 Group 

If there is one company on our list that has done all the main types of real estate such as 

Mix use 

It is J7 Group. The company is reputable among the masses for its wider than life approach but also keep a keen eye on the integration of all the basic facilities of life. They make sure to stay in line with the demands of the public and their innovative building designs are a foolproof evidence of that. 

AAA Builders

AAA Builders are one of the best builders in Islamabad. They boost a rich team of professional designers, developers and architectures. All of these people sit together to flesh out the best of architecture for the people of Islamabad. 

Moreover the team is striving day and night to cultivate a habitat where they are producing stunning real estate projects for the greater good. This is why all the things that they have build, all the structures that they are completed are nothing short of a marvel in its own. 

Jaffer Group of Companies 

Another name on the list that needs no introduction is the Jaffer Group of Companies. They are known for changing the real estate scenarios and have been providing their services for over 150 years. 

The builders in Islamabad are known for proving the following services: 

Construction supplies

Mega-sized projects

Building supplies

Furthermore, company is known for producing real estate projects of all capacities such as agricultural or sustainable. 

Habib Construction Services

No list of the top ten builders in Islamabad is complete without the mention of Habib Construction Services. The company is famous for producing the large scale constructions such as roads, highways, mega-scale complexes and bridges. All of these structures are highly important because they play a key role in keeping things grand and larger then life. 

As the company is involved in the production of large scale buildings, it is also important to note here that there is a large duty on their shoulder to produce nothing but the best structures. And they have been doing it for quite sometime. 

The Bottom Line 

It does not matter whether you want to build a home from scratch or want to make some significant changes in the house, whatever you choose to do, builders in Islamabad will help you. They are the ones who will give vision to your ideas and design to your theories. Hire them today and make your dream home come true. 

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