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Weather Sheet Price in Pakistan Construction

Weather Sheet Price in Pakistan – All the Latest Details Are Here

Are you looking for something that makes your property weatherproof? Well, if this is the case, weather protection is the perfect solution for you. The main thing that you need to do is find someone who is offering you the best service at a reasonable price.

Allow us to tell you that weather sheet prices in Pakistan differ from city to city and area to area. So, if you live in Lahore and someone from Multan is telling you the weather sheet price. Keep in mind the rate isn’t going to be the same. Therefore make sure to do your research. 

Now it is not possible to tell you about the weather sheet price from city to city. However, we will give you an idea that will help you in setting up your budget.

Weather Sheet Price in Pakistan 2023

As we mentioned before the weather sheet and even weather sheet paint price in Pakistan varies area to area. Allow us to tell you that size, quality, and other factors also affect the price of the sheet.

The price mainly ranges between 3,800 PKR to 22,000 PKR. The main benefit of these sheets is that they offer great protection from extreme heat and even cold.

Now after getting to know about the price range, you might prefer to go with the sheets that are available at a low cost. But keep in mind that it will not benefit you much as after some time you might have to pay for its maintenance or need to replace it.

Therefore, as per professionals, it is better to invest in good quality sheets that will last for a long and save you from day-to-day hassle.

Down below is the chart that will tell you about the weather sheet price in Pakistan 2023 in detail. Have a look at it!


Name  Price of 16 Liter Drummi Price of 4 Liter Gallon Price of 1 Liter Quarter
Brighto Weather Sheet 18,225 PKR 4,640 PKR 1,300 PKR (1liter)
Master Weather Sheet 15,000 PKR (16 liter) 3,800 PKR (4 liter) 1,150 PKR (1 liter) 
Alwan Weather Sheet 15,000 PKR (16 liter) 3,900 PKR 1,100 PKR
Happilac Weather Sheet 15,500 PKR 4,000 PKR (4 liter) 1,100 PKR (1 liter)
Diamond Weather Sheet 18,406 PKR 4,686 PKR 1,324 PKR

The most famous brand in Pakistan for weather sheets is Masters. It is because the rates they offer are mainly budget-friendly for many. Also, the quality of their sheets is also extraordinary.

However, the other brands are also doing a good job, and you can pick any according to your convenience. As there is a slight possibility that the Master is not available in your area.

Now one thing which you also need to focus on is that ensure you buy the right size of the sheet for your property.

If you are confused and don’t have much idea about the product, don’t hesitate to take advice from the experts. It is something that will save you time and money.

Benefits of Weather Sheet

The perks of investing in weather sheets are unlimited, such as:

  • It plays a key role in protecting the structure of the property.
  • They also make a huge difference when it comes to reducing energy costs.
  • Your property will stay safe from the destruction of moisture.
  • Moreover, the indoor air quality will improve too.

Now, do you have any idea how moisture can destroy the property? Well, let us tell you that moisture is the main cause of mold. Mold not only causes destruction to the property but it also pollutes the air quality. This means you can face respiratory issues.

Disadvantages of Weather Sheet

Now if there are multiple advantages of weather sheets, there are a few disadvantages of this product too. We would like to highlight those for you, so you understand everything before making an investment.

There is a possibility that the weather sheet doesn’t provide your property protection from all sorts of weather. However, on the product, it might not be mentioned.

Moving on, some have sheets that are too old. Still, they sell it in the market, as they know people have little knowledge about them. So be aware of such scammers and always choose a reliable source when making a purchase.


Now as we are about to conclude the article, allow us to tell you that the weather sheet paint price in Pakistan is not affordable for all. However, there are ways that can help you save money, such as visiting different markets and comparing the price of the product and so on.

Moreover, it is advised that always go for the product that comes with the warranty. In this way, your property stays safe and even you and your family are able to live a peaceful and comfortable life.


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