Tulip City Hafizabad – A Great Residential Project

Hafizabad is a small city. So according to the investors, there are not many investment opportunities available in the city. Similarly, those who are planning to buy their forever home prefer to purchase a property in some other city, such as Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, or Multan.

However, there is one great thing done by the known developers, and that is the launch of Tulip City Hafizabad. This is a housing project that is more than a blessing for the residents and even for the investors.

This housing project has everything from comfort to luxury. Also, the plots available in this housing project are quite affordable. You will learn about the rates down below when we will discuss the payment plan.

However, before that, you will learn about other details related to this project, such as the location, master plan, and much more.

Tulip City Hafizabad

Tulip City Hafizabad Location

The management of this wonderful project has done everything fantastically for this project. Here, if we tell you about the Tulip City Hafizabad location, it is quite prime. It is not wrong to say that the housing project is at the center of the city.

The housing project is very close to the vegetable & fruit market. If we tell you the exact location, the housing project is at the back of the market. Also, the project connects two main roads, the roads are JalalPur Link Road, JalalPur Bhattian Road, and Hafizabad bypass.

Access Points

  • DHQ, Hospital Hafizabad – 5 Minutes Away
  • Iqbal Town – 5 Minutes Away
  • Akhtar Town – 6 Minutes Away
  • Hafizabad Bypass – 9 Minutes Away (When Traveling From Jalalpur Bhattian Road)
  • Hafizabad Train Station – 10 Minutes Away

Tulip City Hafizabad NOC

We know that you want to know whether Tulip City Hafizabad NOC is approved by the development authorities or not.

Well, allow us to tell you that this housing project is the only housing project of Hafizabad that is approved by the TMA. In other words, the NOC is approved. So, there is no need to hesitate when investing in this project as your money is going into safe hands.

Tulip City Hafizabad Master Plan

The Tulip City Hafizabad master plan is one of a kind. If we talk about the features available in this housing project, everything is phenomenal. As per the developer of this project, this real estate project will surely change the dynamics of the real estate industry of Hafizabad.

Also, the residents of Hafizabad will be able to enjoy luxury and comfort. Here not only water, electricity, and gas are available but modern-day facilities too, about which you will learn further.

Moving on, allow us to tell you that the entire project is divided into 3 blocks.

  • A Block
  • B Block
  • C Block

In each block, you get multiple options from private to public plots. The available plot sizes are 2, 5, 8, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal.

Tulip City Hafizabad Payment Plan

Now that you have learned a lot about this housing project, we think it is the right time to discuss the Tulip City Hafizabad payment plan.

Before getting into details, allow us to tell you that as per the management of the housing society, the plots are available on both installment and cash. So, according to your convenience you can choose the option.

If we talk about the availability of plots, the plots available for clients are of multiple sizes. If we talk about the residential plots, the available plot sizes are 5, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. Moving on to the commercial plots, the plot sizes available are 2 and 8 Marla.

Tulip City Hafizabad Residential Plots

The residential plots available in Tulip City Hafizabad are multiple. The options available for you are:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

We’d also like to tell you that all the residential plots come with a 2 year of installment plan. You have to pay 8 quarterly installments. The rate of 1 installment per quarter starts from 193,750 PKR and goes up to 643,750 PKR.

Plot Size Total Price Down Payment Installment Per Quarter
5 Marla 1,850,000 PKR 300,000 PKR 193,750 PKR
10 Marla 3,450,000 PKR 500,000 PKR 368,750 PKR
1 Kanal 5,950,000 PKR 800,000 PKR 643,750 PKR
  • Now if you are planning to buy a corner plot, park-facing plot, or a plot at man boulevard keep in mind that you will have to pay 10% extra.
  • If you pay an amount in cash, it is when you enjoy a 5% discount.

Tulip City Hafizabad Commercial Plots

  • Well, the good news for the investors and clients of Tulip City Hafizabad is that commercial properties are also available to make an investment. Here you can find 2 Marla and 8 Marla commercial plots. If we talk about the rates of the commercial plots, the per Marla plot is around 1, 500,000 PKR. Also, you don’t have to pay the entire payment at once, as you can follow an installment plan of 2 years.

Even when it comes to commercial plots, you are able to enjoy a 5% discount when paying in cash.

Note: All the plots are available for booking. In case, you need any more details regarding Tulip City Hafizabad payment plan or something else, feel free to contact us any time of the day.

Tulip City Hafizabad Available Facilities & Amenities

Well, after knowing everything about the project, such as its developer, NOC, location, payment plan, and so on, it is time to learn about the available facilities and features of this project. So are you ready to learn? If so, the details are as follows:

Grand Main Entrance

The entrance of Tulip City Hafizabad is grand and quite unique. Once you visit this housing project, you will surely get a feeling that you are entering some other world. So, what are you waiting for? As you know the location of this project, it is time to visit and enjoy the grand entrance on your own.

Grand Mosque

The management of the housing project ensured that the residents don’t face any trouble when it comes to praying. So the grand mosque is being built within the housing scheme. Furthermore, a few of the small mosques are also being constructed by the management, so no one misses their prayers.

Availability of Schools

No one likes to move to a place where there is zero availability of good schools. The management of TCH knows about this well and considering this they have chosen a prime location. In other words, the great schools are nearby and even within the housing society. So, if you have children or plan to expand your family shortly, moving to this place is the best for you.

Health Facilities

Would you like to be in a place where there are no health facilities available? We are sure that your answer is going to be a big no! So, surely you would like to know whether health facilities are near or within Tulip City Hafizabad. The answer to this question is yes, there are, so don’t you worry while relocating.

Safe & Secure

Furthermore, the housing project has high walls all around and even the CCTV cameras are also installed. At each entrance, the guards are present. They collect the data of everyone entering and exiting the housing scheme. So be sure that you will not face any trouble when it comes to safety and security within this housing society.

Wide Road Structure

To ensure the residents don’t face any trouble when traveling within the housing scheme, a wide network of roads is being built. All are connected and you will not have to face problems like traffic jams and so on. It is because everything is designed by professionals fantastically.

Underground Wires and Water Wastage

To secure the premises for the residents, the developers have ensured underground wiring of the premises. This provides clear and clean premises with little garbage. This also hints at the futuristic design of the society.

Parks & Zoo

In order to keep the people engaged and provide them with high-quality recreational facilities, the master plan of the society also contains parks and zoos. These areas are great for community engagement and children’s welfare.

Peaceful & Environment-Friendly

The ambiance of society provides people with a chance to live in a peaceful environment. From the lush green landscape to the thoughtful division of the blocks, everything about the master plan is thoughtful and innovative. 

Perks of Investing in Tulip City Hafizabad

It is common for investors to inquire about the prospects of a particular investment before diving into one. A real estate investment should be value-adding, rewarding and secure. Here are some of the key benefits of investing in Tulip City Hafizabad.

As an Investor, You Enjoy High ROI

One of the biggest merits of a real estate investment is the promise of an ROI. ROI is the generation of a stable stream of income with a considerable investment. By securing a plot in this location, you are earning yourself a pass at hassle-free returns.

The Location of the Project Is Supreme

Another main perk of Tulip City Hafizabad is its location. As this one is located at one of the most pristine locations in the city, there is not a single shadow of doubt about the connectivity that this one offers. This location promises everything, ease, comfort, and connectivity.

No Need to Worry About Losing Money

As this one is a project of known developers, there is no denying the fact that this one is a secure housing society. The housing society is offering people a chance at high-quality real estate at affordable prices. Therefore, if you book a plot in this housing society you are sure to enjoy long-lasting returns.

Multiple Investment Options Are Available

Tulip City Hafizabad is a secure housing society which is offering everything from better residential perspectives to commercial opportunities. This wide canvas of opportunities provides chances for people to invest in a project of their liking.

Allows You to Generate Steady Income

A real estate investment is one of the most stable ways for people to generate a passive income. Passive income is something that one generates without an active job. Real estate is one of those venues which enable people to generate a steady income.

Provides Affordable Options

Tulip City Hafizabad is a premium chance for people to secure an investment that is long-term and yields a secure flow of money. It also allows people to indulge in real estate at an affordable rate. Therefore investing in this project is truly rewarding.


Tulip City Hafizabad is a premium housing society located at one of the most desirable locations in the city. From providing people with a chance to acquire affordable real estate in the city.

In case you wish to learn more about Tulip City Hafizabad, then contact Property Street now.

We’d also like to tell you that other than this housing project, we deal in other projects too, such as Lahore Smart City plots, Capital Smart City, Royal Orchard Multan, Urban City,  Lahore Smart City and so on. To learn about these projects you can visit our website or call us!


What is Tulip City Hafizabad Location?

The project connects two main roads, the roads are JalalPur Link Road, Jalalpur Bhattian Road, and Hafizabad bypass.

Who are the Developers of Tulip City Hafizabad?

The exact information regarding the developers is yet to be provided by the team.

Is it a Legal Housing Project?

Yes, it is approved by TMA.

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