Know About Thinner Price in Pakistan – A Helpful Guide

Thinner is a term that people are not very well-versed with. Apart from its obvious name meaning, a thinner is one of the most widely applicable man-made materials that is making lives easier around the globe.

But, one should keep in mind that thinners are mostly strong and powerful compounds that can tamper with the nose, mouth, and lungs. Therefore, using personal protective equipment is highly advised in these cases.

This guide contains all the necessary information regarding thinners. Thus, make sure to pay attention.

What is a Thinner?

Thinner or paint thinner is a highly dissolvable solvent that is used to either reduce the viscosity of oil-based paints or to clean the post-paint mess. Thinners are widely used because of their practicality and flexibility.

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What are the Types of Thinner?

Listed below are some of the commonly used thinners in Pakistan:

Anti-Chill Thinner

One of the most commonly used thinners in Pakistan is an anti-chiller thinner. An anti-chill thinner is a sophisticated and right blend of all sorts of mild solvents which makes the chilling effects soft and less dramatic. An anti-chill thinner is effectively used in those areas which suffer from either high atmospheric humidity or low ambient temperature.

Ink Thinner

Using the same core solvent system that is used in inks but minus the color pigmentation. Ink thinners are used for the following purposes:

  • Mixed With Inks So That the Drying Time Can Be Increased 
  • Applied to a Stamp Pad to Rejuvenate
  • Clean Equipment and Rubber Stamps

Epoxy Thinner

Various sorts of hydrocarbons are utilized to produce a thinner which is then used to produce a dropping and rankling-free experience. Epoxy thinners are mostly used because of their traits such as sprout-safe, quick-drying, and self-leveling.

Polyurethane Thinner

Polyurethane thinner is a high-quality paint thinner that is used in combination with Nitrocellulose and single-part paints. This one is used to either preserve or enhance the overall quality of the object. It is used in various sectors such as automotive, construction, marine applications, and furniture.

What are the Qualities of a Good Thinner?

What are the things that make a thinner, worthy of application or purchase? Here are some top traits that are a must-have in any good thinner.


One of the most important things in a thinner is its purity factor. A good thinner is an unaltered product that is not subjected to vigorous changes. If a thinner is riddled with particles, reused dissolvable and other sorts of material then it is an impure one.

Less Amount Usage

Thinners are mostly used in a very humble amount to add up or increase the overall application of paint. In case you are using a lot of it in products such as in your paints then it will affect the paint’s ability to stick to the wall. That is why they are used in fewer quantities.

Easy Post-Painting Cleanup

Thinners are also used for post-paint cleanups. They are used to clean the following:

  • Spraying Tools
  • Roller Plates
  • Clean Rollers

In addition to all this, thinners are also used to clean up the brushes after painting.

How to Choose the Right Thinner?

Choosing the right thinner mainly depends on various factors such as the purpose of use, the equipment of use, and the after-effects of use.

It is important to note here that not every thinner has the same components. Some are oil-based and some are designed just to clean equipment. Therefore understand where you need to use that thinner and then purchase one which satiates your needs the most.

Thinner Prices in Pakistan

Here is your guide to the thinner prices in Pakistan: 

Name  Price 
ICI Dulux Woodcare Special Thinner PKR 3,425
Brighto Wood Finish Thinner PKR 1,064
Berger Timbercoat Thinner PKR 2,350
Nippon Timber Finish Thinner PKR 4,408
Diamond Paint Ace Timberlac Premium Thinner Gallon PKR 1,769

The Bottom Line!

Thinners are an important compound that holds a wide range of usage. Therefore learning about it in detail is highly important. Apart from everything else, thinner prices in Pakistan is a curious subject for many. We are hopeful that this guide will be helpful for you in some context.

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