Park View City Islamabad Location – A Detailed Overview

Park View City Islamabad Location Real Estate

Whenever investors plan to invest in a project, location plays a key role in the decision-making process. Even the newbies know the importance of location even when they know nothing about real estate.

So are you researching a grandeur project in Islamabad that is located in one of the supreme locations and has other top-class features too? If so, the good news is right here for you!

Park View City Islamabad will put an end to your lifelong quest for quality real estate. The developers of this magnificent and beautiful housing scheme are none other than Mr. Aleem Khan.

And moving on to the most important point for which you are here, Park View City Islamabad location is the best.

PVC Islamabad is located on Malot road – within close proximity of Bahria Enclave. The best thing about Park View City Islamabad location is that it also shares one of its premises with the Imran Khan Bani Gala house.

There are multiple housing schemes around PVC Islamabad. However, no other society enjoys such perks.

If we are to talk about the main or grand entrance of the housing project, it is from the Rawal Chowk side. The second entry provided by the developers is from Bhara Kahu. You can also have access to this grandeur project from Kurri Road.

Access Points

Now that you have learned about the location of the PVC Islamabad, why not learn about the access points a bit in detail? Details are down below:

  • Rawal Chowk (Main Access Point)
  • Bhara Kahu (Second Main Access Point – Even Connected with the Malot Road)
  • Botanical Garden (One Min Drive Only)
  • Bahria Enclave & Bani Gala (Five Mins Drive Only)
  • Serene Hotel & Main City Islamabad (Fifteen Mins Drive Only)
  • COMSATS University Islamabad (Twenty-Two Mins Drive Only)

Nearby Landmarks

Park View City Islamabad’s nearby landmarks are as follows:

  • Bani Gala
  • Bahria Enclave
  • Botanical Garden
  • Safari Park Enclave (Spring Valley)

Map of Islamabad’s Park View City

To understand the location discussed above, here is a visual aid for you. This will surely give you an idea that the money you are investing will give you great returns in the upcoming future.

Picture of the map

What do We conclude from This?

As we all know, investing in real estate means you will spend a hefty amount. So, it is essential to take all the right steps in order to grab the best deal. It isn’t wrong to say that the first step towards the right deal is finding a project that is at a great location, such as Park View City Islamabad.

Are you willing to know more about this residential project? Are you all set to invest your money here? If so, Property Street will assist you in every possible manner. Give us a call now!

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