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Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society Real Estate

Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society is one of the most famous and sought-after housing projects in Islamabad. An effort of the senior employees of Islamabad, it is a legally approved housing society that offers great residential options for people.

Not only is this housing society considered to be one of the most stable real estate ventures, but it is also located at one of the best possible locations in Islamabad.

If you are eager to learn more about Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society (PECHS) then you are in for a ride. We have accumulated everything that you need to know about PECHS.

Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society (PECHS) Location

In terms of success and ease, one of the most prominent factors for real estate is location. And PECHS scores high on the real estate grounds. The society is located in close proximity to the New Islamabad International Airport.

The main entrance of the society is via Fateh Jang Road which is close to the PAF fair housing society. In the case of The second entry which is from the K Block, it is located on Srinagar Highway.

The society’s master plan also contains a boulevard that will connect the Kashmir Highway to the PECHS’s Jinnah Avenue.

There are many other housing societies that are in close proximity to this one:

Top City 1
Blue World City
Capital Smart City

University Town

This cements the fact that all the nearby areas of the society are real estate marvels and an area that promises a luxurious residential experience.

PECHS Owners

The name of the society is a clear indication of the fact that this society belongs to the government employees of Pakistan. These employees were associated with the working class of ICT Islamabad. They took it upon themselves to establish a social cooperation that can tackle Pakistan’s inflation-ridden real estate sector.

But in the absence of professional guidelines and advice, the development pace was slow. This leads to the creation of the blocks such as A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, and J. After the official inauguration of the society Extol – a rather new construction company took over the society’s premises.

The company which started on humble grounds is now the leading developer of home complexes in Pakistan. This private construction company is now known as the proud developer of PECHS.

PECHS is the first-ever project of Extol. Mr, Gohar Rabbani is the owner of the company. The allotment letters of the residents of the society are also signed with the sealed stamp of Mr. Gohar Rabbani.

The development of society is happening at a vigorous pace since the company has taken over. Extol has produced the K block of society in record time.


If we are to talk about the map of the society. The map is a clear indication of the fact that the society is promising ease and comfort coupled with accessibility. The society is located on Fateh Jang Road which is one of the most sought-after roads in Islamabad.

Moreover, you can easily access the PECHS from zero point as it is located at a distance of 25 kilometers. It is 30 minutes away from Kashmir Highway. Furthermore, the society is just 15 min away from Islamabad Motorway Chowk. New Islamabad Airport is on the south side while the H19 sector lies on the east of the society.


Wondering whether you should acquire a plot in PECHS or not? Well, if you are wondering about the legal status of society. Rest assured!

Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society acquired its legal status a long time ago. This housing society is registered on the list of approved housing societies by the RDA. RDA is Rawalpindi Development Authority.

Moreover, PECHS is also affiliated with ICT (Islamabad Capital Territory)’s administration Registrar Cooperative Housing Societies Department.

What is the Investment Potential of PECHS?

Real estate is a dynamic sector that promises leaps of growth and a stunning ROI. But having a keen eye for investment is the main factor. No matter how good and promising real estate is, it is important to know when and where to invest. And you can easily invest in PECHS. There are many reasons for this good repute of this society in the market. One of the main ones is the developers that are behind this project.

We all are aware of the increase in the prices that are happening in the country. Finding a real estate project that promises and provides everything that people are looking for is a hard nut to crack. But that is where PECHS scores high. This housing society promises everything that you are looking for in your dream housing project. It is in close proximity to the Islamabad Airport and the M-2 Motorway is also in the nearby premises.

All of these things are helping to increase the investment potential of this housing society. Therefore if you are looking for an investment venture, make sure to invest in this one. It is real estate at its affordable best!

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Premium Perks of Living in PECHS

Some of the premium benefits of residing or investing in PECHS are as follows:

Prime Location
Centralized Healthcare Facilities
Profitable Venture of Investment
Outdoor Ambiance
Premium Education Facilities
Commercial Hub

Prime Location

Islamabad and Rawalpindi are globally known as twin cities. The cities have everything connected from entertainment facilities to commercial aspects. Therefore traveling between these two cities is something that people are often looking for. That is when PECHS and its close proximity to Rawalpindi come into the picture.

People can easily access and travel between these cities because of the connected roads. Some of the most prominent landmarks are as follows:

Lahore to Rawalpindi Motorway Road
Grand Trunk Road Rawalpindi
Kashmir Highway

Centralized Healthcare Facilities

People, whenever they are investing in society., tend to look out for healthcare facilities. Because when someone is in dire need of medical assistance they can’t afford to lose time. If you are investing in PECHS, then you can rest assured. This housing society promises various healthcare institutes which are nearby.

Given below are some of the healthcare facilities that are in close premises to the housing society:

Quaid e Azam International Hospital
Nustral Hospital
Bismillah Clinic
Quaid e Azam International Hospital

Profitable Venture of Investment

For any real estate sector to thrive it is important for people to realize the future prospects that are associated with the project. PECHS is an affordable housing society which is located in an area that is rapidly developing. One of the main reasons behind this is the world-class infrastructure and top-notch facilities that PECHS is offering.

Outdoor Ambiance

In this modern day and age, people tend to settle in those areas which offer calm and composed surroundings. That is why PECHS is your safest bet. You can easily relax in this area after an exhausting day because this one is far from all the chatter of the streets. Therefore make sure to reside in PECHS because it has everything for everyone.

PECHS promises luxurious housing facilities because it has lush and green sidewalks and parks with stunning tracks. It is the perfect place for those who crave nature and peace.

Premium Education Facilities

Education is something that no one can compromise on. Parents always seek those areas which are either in close proximity to educational institutes or have educational prospects within the society.

Therefore, it does not matter if your children are in need of school, university, or college, this society promises everything and offers everything. All of the educational societies are within 2 to 7 kilometers of the housing society.

Commercial Hub

Real estate projects need to find the right balance between residential and commercial prospects. Even if the society is not offering anything like a commercial plot it should be located in those areas which are closer to commercial sectors.

Moreover, a closer radius to the commercial opportunities also offers great commute options. PECHS is one of the most sought-after options in this category because it also promises easy transportation for residents and investors alike.

The bus channel of the society offers connectivity to Fateh Jang Road, Peshawar Road, Jhansi Syedian, and Rawalpindi City.

The Bottom Line

PECHS is a great housing society that is offering sustainable and affordable real estate. With the ease of access and the promise of luxury, this is the ultimate real estate investment that you need to make. For further details and plot updates feel free to contact Property Street any day!

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