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Omega Residencia Faisalabad Real Estate

If you are a real estate lover, surely you will know a lot about the real estate market of Pakistan. It is a market that never stays the same. There are times when this market is in favor of buyers, and at times it benefits the sellers. However, no matter what the scenario is, investors never stop looking for profitable projects.

So, are you doing the same? Are you in search of a real estate project in Faisalabad that promises you a great return on your investment? If so, Omega Residencia Faisalabad is an excellent option for you.

The project is approved by the Faisalabad Development Authority (FDA). Moving on, if we are to talk about the location of Omega Residencia in Faisalabad, it is at Faisalabad Bypass Road. Quite an ideal location, right?

These two are the main points that are playing a huge role in grabbing the attention of the investors towards this project.

Developers of Omega Residencia Faisalabad

Would you invest in a real estate project whose developers are unknown? Indeed, your answer is going to be a big no! 

No one likes to invest considerable amounts of money in a project that has zero credibility.

So while knowing everything else, it is essential for an investor to learn about the developers of a project.

Therefore, obviously, you would like to know who the developer of Omega Residencia Faisalabad is. Well, the makers of this magnificent project are Omega Developers.

The Omega Developers CEO is none other than Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar. He is a known real estate personality all around Pakistan and has years of experience in infrastructure development. 

We’d also like to inform you that Omega Developers has done several successful projects in the past. The projects they have done are:

Omega Residencia Paradise
Omega Residencia Jhang
Omega Residencia Homes

Well, you also might be wondering how the concept of Omega Residencia came into existence. Well, Omega Developers first launched Omega Residencia in Lahore. And after the immense success of this project, the developers launched this project in Jhang as well as in Faisalabad.

Location of Omega Residencia Faisalabad

Investing in a real estate project is one of the most significant decisions anyone has to make. So, no one takes it lightly, and an individual pays attention to every little detail.

Now in every detail, location tops the chart. No one likes to be a part of a project that is in an underdeveloped area and is not easy to access.

So, the question here arises, what is the location of Omega Residencia Faisalabad? Well, as mentioned before, the housing project is located at Faisalabad Bypass Road.

This is a prime location and is accessible from various points.

Access Points

This residential project is accessible from various points, such as:

Location – Faisalabad Bypass Road
Almost Twelve Min Drive from Millat Road
Almost Eighteen Min Drive Away Jhumra Road
Almost Two Min Drive Away Sargodha Road
Almost Nineteen Min Drive Away Canal Expressway
Almost Five Min Drive Away Faisalabad-Multan Road
Almost Twenty-Two Min Drive Away Ghanta Ghar/Clock Tower

Map of Omega Residencia Faisalabad

Is all the discussed information related to a location above confusing for you? If so, don’t worry, as the map will help you to understand everything in a much better way.


No Objection Certificate of Omega Residencia Faisalabad

The other great thing about Omega Residencia in Faisalabad is that it is approved by the development authorities.

The entire project is approved by FDA (Faisalabad Development Authority). This is another thing that played a crucial role in increasing the popularity of this project.

Master Plan of Omega Residencia in Faisalabad

Would you like to know about the details of the master plan? If so, allow us to tell you! The master plan of Faisalabad’s Omega Residencia is planned and designed by a qualified, expert, and known team.

Within the team, town planners, architects, and engineers were included.

If we talk about the area covered by this housing project, the entire housing scheme is spread over 382 Kanal, and each corner is approved.

Within this huge area, commercial & residential plots are included. Along with this, other amenities are also included.

Lastly, if we talk about the rates of properties in this project, they are very pocket-friendly.

Number of Plots Available in the Housing Scheme

As mentioned above, the housing project has not only residential but commercial plots as well.

The number of residential plots = 561
The number of commercial plots = 79

Available Sectors in Omega Residencia Faisalabad

Society comprises multiple blocks. The details are as follows:

Sector A
Sector B
Sector C

Sizes of Residential Plots

3 Marla
5 Marla
7 Marla
10 Marla
1 Kanal

Sizes of Commercial Plots

3 Marla
4.5 Marla
|8 Marla

Payment Plan of Omega Residencia Faisalabad

As you know now about the master plan, available plots in the housing scheme, and much more. Now you surely would like to know about the plot prices.

Well, the management has tried their best to keep the prices as low as possible. Furthermore, the entire payment plan comes up with the installment plan. The details are as follows:

Payment Plan of Residential Plots

Here is the detail of residential plots rates:


Total Price = Pkr 1,185,000
Booking 20% = Pkr 237,000
Balloting 10% = Pkr 185,000
60 Monthly Installments = Pkr 6,500
10 Half Yearly Payments = Pkr 32,100

Final Land Payment
= Pkr 118,500


Total Price = Pkr 1,975,000
Booking 20% = Pkr 395,000|
Balloting 10% = Pkr 197,500|
60 Monthly Installments = Pkr 10,000
10 Half Yearly Payments = Pkr 58,500
|Final Land Payment = Pkr 197,500


Total Price = Pkr 2,765,000
Booking 20% = Pkr 553,000
Balloting 10% = Pkr 276,500
60 Monthly Installments = Pkr 15,000
10 Half Yearly Payments = Pkr 75,900
Final Land Payment = Pkr 276,500


Total Price = Pkr 3,950,000
Booking 20% = Pkr 790,000
Balloting 10% = Pkr 395,000
60 Monthly Installments = Pkr 20,000
10 Half Yearly Payments = Pkr 117,000
Final Land Payment = Pkr 395,000


Total Price = Pkr 7,900,000
Booking 20% = Pkr 1,580,000
Balloting 10% = Pkr 790,000
60 Monthly Installments = Pkr 40,000
10 Half Yearly Payments = Pkr 234,000
Final Land Payment = Pkr 790,000

Payment Plan of Commercial Plots

Here is the detail of commercial plots rates:


Total Price = Pkr 3,000,000
Booking 20% = Pkr 600,000
Balloting 10% = Pkr 300,000
60 Monthly Installments = Pkr 21,000
10 Half Yearly Payments = Pkr 54,000
|Final Land Payment = Pkr 300,000


Total Price = Pkr 4,500,000
Booking 20% = Pkr 900,000
Balloting 10% = Pkr 450,000|
60 Monthly Installments = Pkr 28,000|
10 Half Yearly Payments = Pkr 102,000
Final Land Payment = Pkr 450,000


Total Price = Pkr 8,000,000
Booking 20% = Pkr 1,600,000
Balloting 10% = Pkr 800,000
60 Monthly Installments = Pkr 48,000
10 Half Yearly Payments  = Pkr 192,000
Final Land Payment = Pkr 800,000

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Available Amenities in Omega Residencia Faisalabad

Now that you know almost everything about this project, are you looking forward to learn about the available facilities and amenities?

If so, the details are gathered by us for you!

SUI Gas Supply
Gated Community
Water Purifying Plants
Lush Green Environment
Modern Villas
Schools & Educational Complexes
Highly Maintained & Monitored Security System
Shopping Malls
|Parks & Jogging Tracks
Less Electricity Load Shedding
Best Community Structure
Grocery Shops
Advanced Sewerage System
Gymnasium & Sports Complex
24/7 Security
The Modern & Convenient Infrastructure
Wide & Fully Maintained Roads

Invest in Omega Residencia Faisalabad and Enjoy High ROI Today!

Now that you know everything about this project, indeed, it is more apparent than ever that investing here is a great decision, as you will be able to enjoy a high return on investment. In short, a lot more than your expectations.

Firstly, you don’t have to worry about spending extra, as the rates are pretty affordable. For details and a better understanding, you can look at the payment and installment plan.
The location of the entire project is also ideal, without a doubt. So, the buyers will always try to buy a property in this project. It means, in the future, you can sell your property without an issue and at a reasonable price.
Luxury and basic facilities are available in this housing scheme.

And the list goes on. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on this opportunity! If you would like to learn a bit more about this project, you can contact Property Street – a known and trusted company!

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