Mall of Gujar Khan – A World of Its Own

You are not interested in investing your money in housing projects available in Gujar Khan. instead of that you are looking for some sort of shopping mall to invest your money in? If so, no option is better for you than the Mall of Gujar Khan.

If we look at the land area, Gujar Khan is the largest tehsil in Pakistan. If we talk about the location of Gujar Khan, it is in the Rawalpindi District. The distance between Gujar Khan from twin cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi is approximately 30 km.

Now coming back to the shopping malls, allow us to tell you that in Gujar Khan very few malls are available and not all of them are up to the mark. However, the Malls of Gujar Khan is a special one.

This mall is specifically built for commercial purposes and covers a huge area of around 150,000 sq. ft (17 Kanal). Moving on to the location and developers of this project, the location is supreme, and even the developers are known. You will learn about both and other details further.

Mall of Gujar Khan

Mall of Gujar Khan Developers

Be it a commercial or residential project, investors want to know the details of the developers. Once they learn about the developers, they are able to decide easily whether they should invest in a project or not. If the investors of the project are unknown or have a bad reputation, the investors reject that project on the spot.

Now coming back to the Mall of Gujar Khan, the project is owned by Royal Business Solutions (RBS). RBS is a known name in the real estate industry.

The company has been working in the real estate industry since 2014. The company knows well how to deliver a project successfully without causing any trouble.

The vision of RBS is quite clear. They want to be a top real estate company in Pakistan in the coming years. And there is no doubt that they will achieve this goal, as they have a team of qualified experts who know their jobs well.

Now allow us to tell you that RBS is not the only one responsible for the development of this project. AXIS Design & Build Pvt. Ltd. is also a known name among the Mall of Gujar Khan Developers.

If we talk about the projects AXIS Design & Build Pvt. Ltd. has done in the past, the details are:

Construction of Nafeh Tower (King Mall)
Comsats University Islamabad
Center of Advanced Studies UAF Faisalabad

Mall of Gujar Khan Location

The other thing that investors focus on when investing in a commercial project is its location. The location should be easily accessible from various points.

Well, the Mall of Gujar Khan location ticks all the boxes. It is located on the main G.T. Road. This means even if you are traveling to Gujar Khan from some other city, you can visit the mall with ease. Also, as mentioned the mall is a one-stop shop, you can buy everything or anything with ease here too.

Access Points of Mall of Gujar Khan

This commercial project is easily accessible from multiple points, such as:

Located on the National Highway System Route 5
From the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital – 5 Minutes by Car
From the Government Degree College – 6 Minutes by Car
From the Training Technical Institute – 6 Minutes by Car
From the Railway Station – 7 Minutes by Car

Nearby Landmarks

Now the other good thing about the Mall of Gujar Khan is that it is close to many landmarks:

Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Gujjar Khan
Government Training Technical Institute
Gujar Khan Railway Station
Government Degree College

Mall of Gujar Khan NOC

Would you like to invest in a project that is not approved by the development authorities? Surely, your answer is going to be a big no!

So, now the question arises, what is Mall of Gujar Khan NOC status? Well, we’d like to inform you that there is no authentic information available regarding its NO Objection Certificate. However, you can directly confirm it from the management of the project.

There is no need to worry much, as the management or you can say the developers of this project are trustworthy, so your investment will not go to waste at all.

Mall of Gujar Khan Master Plan

The Mall of Gujar Khan master plan is the one to look at. Here you will find everything from brands to food outlets and even gold mart.

Allow us to tell you that this mall consists of 5 floors. Each floor has its specification. In short, you can find anything of your liking without an issue within this mall. As said previously, this mall is a one-stop shop.

Floor Plan of Mall of Gujar Khan

Now moving on to the Mall of Gujar Khan floor plans, the details are:

Lower Ground Floor

Ground Floor

Mezzanine Floor

First Floor

Second Floor

Food Court

Development Process of Mall of Gujar Khan

Well, if you are planning to invest in the Mall of Gujar Khan, surely you would like to know about its development status.

As per the news and the management, the development process is going on at a steady or you can say, at a good pace. However, the details are not yet provided from the side of the management. We are sure that soon the update will come, so stay tuned as will update you shortly.

Mall of Gujar Khan Payment Plan

As an investor, you would also like to learn about the Mall of Gujar Khan payment plan. It is something that will allow you to set your budget. Or more importantly, allow you to decide whether you have enough to be a part of this project or not.

The details of the payment plan are as follows:

Mall of Gujar Khan
Payment Plan
Floor Wise


Size Price
Ground Floor 55,000 PKR
Mezzanine Floor 30,000 PKR
First Floor 25,000 PKR
Second Floor 20,000 PKR
Food Court 25,000 PKR

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Unique Features of Mall of Gujar Khan

Here are some of the key points that make the Mall of Gujar Khan a luxurious and unique venture in the nearby premises of Gujar Khan.

Food Court

This one might look like something that is not that extraordinary. But trust us this one is of supreme importance. When people are out there either doing groceries or just visiting the mall, they might need to take a break and some refreshments would be lovely. This customer-centric approach paints a very thoughtful picture.

Fun House

A highly attractive feature for kids and adults alike is the integration of a fun city in the premises of the mixed-use project. The developers are taking the provision of fun for its residents very seriously. That is why they are providing various venues for fun such as high adrenaline-producing rides, arcades, play areas and so much more.

Supermarkets & Department Store

The makers of the Mall of Gujar are very much involved and aligned with the whole definition of resident ease. That is why the master plan of the real estate project is brimming with every possible facility of life such as supermarkets, departmental stores, and spots for community gatherings.

It will also have world-famous Cash n Carry stores for people to buy from.

Gold Mart

One of the biggest perks for all the investors of the Mall of Gujar Khan is the Gold Mart. It is a luxurious and splendid place for people to buy gold from. From a wide collection of gold to the promise of an authenticated experience, the Gold Mart of Mall of Gujar is the perfect place for people to visit.

 Well Managed Water Resource

The water resources of society are very well-managed by the makers of society. The water resources are intrinsic and promise the residents a hassle-free experience which ensures ease, and better lifestyle prospects.

Outlets of Different Brands

What is the point of a mall if there are not various and luxurious brand options available? That is why the Mall of Gujar Khan ensures the provision of various different brands in the mall so that people have access to various and diverse options all in one place.

Proper Safety & Security

Another thing that is premium in terms of the Mall of Gujar Khan is the promise of better safety and security. The Mall has a built-in security system and CCTV surveillance which promise better and enhanced security.

Huge Car Parking & Valet Service

The Mall of Gujar comes with a huge parking space which is coupled with valet service. Although the exact car capacity is still unknown, the mall can hold a huge number of vehicles.

Fire Fighting System

The Mall of Gujar Khan comes with its own firefighting system. The people can therefore take a sigh of relief because the mall is sprawled with all the best options for protection in the context of an unprecedented accident or incident.

Why Invest in the Mall of Gujar Khan?

Wondering why you need to invest in a project such as Mall of Gujar Khan, listed below are some of the reasons which are enough to compel you.

Trusted Developers

The developers of this project are a force to be reckoned with. They are widely known in the real estate sector of Pakistan for their attention to craft, high-end dedication, and for transforming the real estate sector of Pakistan, as we know it. RBS Developers are well-renowned and reputable in the real estate niche.

Affordable Prices

This investment venture is available at highly affordable prices. As the developers are making sure to produce high-quality projects, they are leaving no stone unturned to make these projects affordable. With a highly flexible payment plan and the ease of installments, this project is for everyone.

Speedy Development

The pace of development in the Mall of Gujar Khan is tremendous. Investors like to invest in those real estate projects that not only promise the availability of the best life qualities but also ensure a steady development pace. The Mall of Gujar Khan developers is very peculiar about the delivery of this project within a record time.

Legal Project

A main query of most investors is often regarding the legality of any project. The legal status is a deciding factor and paints a picture as to why people need to invest in such a project. Although there is no direct information of this sort, this is something that should not bother the investors. The developers have forwarded the NOC application for this one and the approval is in the pipeline.

Ease of Accessibility

The mall of Gujar Khan is located at one of the most accessible locations in the city. It is surrounded by a variety of amenities such as hospitals, grocery stores, shopping centers, schools, and other important landmarks.

Business and Commercial Hub

The Mall is a stunning amalgamation of the residential and commercial facilities made available for the people. Therefore, this one not only leads to a better residential experience and also caters to commercial needs. This one is a true hub and a standard of living.


There is no denying the fact that the Mall of Gujar Khan is a reliable, affordable, and highly functional real estate venture. A project of RBS Developers, this one is an effort to make commercial and residential real estate available in Gujar Khan.

In case you need more information regarding the development status, or retail information, reach out to Property Street now!


What is the Mall of Gujar Khan’s Location?

The Mall of Gujar Khan is located on the main G.T. Road.

What is the legal status of Mall of Gujar Khan?

There is no definite news available regarding the NOC Status of Mall of Gujar Khan.

Who are the developers of the Mall of Gujar Khan?

RBS Developers are the well-known name behind this project.

Is Mall of Gujar Khan an affordable real estate venture?

Yes, Mall of Gujar Khan is an affordable real estate venture.

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