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M Tag is not a foreign concept if you are a frequent traveler on the M2 Islamabad to Lahore Motorway. You have to carry a M Tag ID Card with yourself, especially when you are driving through the motorway. This is something that promises extreme convenience to the travelers and car owners because it reduces the hassle to carry cash all the time.

You do not have to handle your money. All you need to do is provide them with an ID card to scan and the amount will be deducted from your account in the meantime. This is a rather sound way to travel with your family.

Wondering about the necessary details related to the M Tag recharge and M Tag registration. Here is what everyone need to know about this:

How to Proceed with M Tag Motorway Pakistan Recharge?

You can recharge your M Tag via the following payment methods:

Credit Card
Debit Card
Scratch Card
Motorway App Recharge
Motorway Customer Care Recharge

An In-Depth Guide Related to M Tag Recharge

If you need an M Tag ID you can get it by sending an SMS to 9909.

Here is what you need to type in the message:

MTAG<space>CNIC Number

Then you will receive an ID. Once you have that ID, make sure to follow the given below steps:

Open the Motorway Website (Here Is a Link to the Site https://nhmp.gov.pk/)
Click on the Recharge Icon
Enter the M Tag ID That You Have Received via the Above-Mentioned Process
Choose the Payment Method That Suits You
Provide the Remaining Necessary Information

How to Check M Tag Balance?

One of the most commonly asked queries is how to check the M Tag balance. This is a must-ask question for all those people who are often traveling or have commercial necessities in other areas as well.

This is how they can do it:

Type a Message
Type Balance <space> M Tag ID
Send This Message to 9909
Your Remaining Message Will Pop up on the Screen

What are the Requirements for M Tag?

It might look like you need a lot of things before acquiring your M Tag registration but the process and the requirements are quite simple. You just need your CNIC number to get your M Tag.

You do not even have to keep your car registration documents if you need to get an M Tag.

As per the updates till March 2023. You just need to submit a fee of 200 rupees to gain you M Tag for M2 and M9 Motorway.

How can I Check M Tag ID?

One of the simplest and easiest ways to check your M Tag is via the Network’s official app. Here is the process you need to follow  to check your M Tag ID:

Go to the Apps on Your Phone
Click on Your One Network App
Tap on My Tag
When You Tap on the Tag You Will See All the Available Balances Alongside Your Credentials and Other Sorts of Information

You can also check your M Tag by calling on 1313.

What is One Network M Tag?

One Network is a company that is widely recognized in Pakistan for its technology-based solutions for both logistics and transportation. The M Tag or Motorway Tag is one of their many innovations. It is a prepaid RFID tag that is helpful for electronic toll collection in almost all of the motorways in Pakistan.

What is One Network Smart Motorway Contact Information?

Given below are the details on how you can connect with One Network Smart Motorway authorities:

Email: connect@onenetwork.pk

Phone: +92 51 8896676

Address: 509, Kashmir Road, RA Bazar, Rawalpindi

The Bottom Line

M Tag is an effort of the government to ensure that the citizens are traveling on the motorway with as much ease as possible. In case you need to verify your vehicle you can visit the ETO Islamabad office. Get your vehicle registered and then you can process with the M Tag registration.

Although not a necessity M Tag is a novel thing to keep your travel journey as light as possible. If you do not have it, this is your time to acquire it and use it for making your traveling journey comfortable.

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