LDA Approved Societies in Lahore

LDA Approved Societies in Lahore Real Estate

A List of LDA Approved Societies in Lahore

Are you all set to buy a plot or house? However, you aren’t sure in which city and housing society you should invest your money. Well, your struggle is real. So, here is a suggestion for you!

It is better to invest in housing schemes available in Lahore due to so many different reasons. Firstly, Lahore is one of the biggest cities in Pakistan and has so much to offer. From a luxury lifestyle to good jobs and so on. Secondly, the culture of Lahore is something everyone admires. So, if you have big goals and dreams, Lahore is the city you should be in. 

In Lahore, when you research a “housing society near me,” you get multiple options. Now the sole issue is that not every housing scheme is LDA approved. Now you might be wondering what actually LDA-approved housing society is. Here is the answer!

What Are LDA Approved Societies?

It means that the housing scheme is legal as it has been approved by the city’s development authority. In order to get approval, the housing scheme must provide basic necessities such as gas, water, electricity, a proper sewerage system, and so on.  

The investors also prefer to invest in the housing scheme that Lahore Development Authority approves. The reason is that, in this way, they have a very minimal chance of losing their investment. 

So, when researching a housing society, make sure it is legal.

Along with this, there are some other features you must focus on, such as:

1. Location of the Housing Scheme
2 .Safety & Security Measures

LDA Approved Societies in Lahore

A few of the renowned and affordable LDA approved societies in Lahore are:

Al-Kabir Town
Al Noor Orchard West Marina
Lahore Smart City
Bahria Town, Lahore
Dream Housing Society
Etihad Town
Icon Valley Lahore
Jasmine Avenue Homes”
Kings Town by Al-Kabir Town
Lake City
Maryam Town
Safari Garden Housing Scheme

Al-Kabir Town

Al-Kabir Town is a stunning housing project that boosts a quality lifestyle and is laced with all the basic amenities as well. It is an LDA-approved housing society in Lahore that was launched in 2016. The location of Al-Kabir Town is at Raiwind Road Lahore, making it one of the most sought-after Raiwind Road societies. 

This housing project is currently divided into three phases I, II, and III. Further classification makes the plots fall into various blocks such as A, B, C, D, and E. From aggressive developments to the availability of top-notch facilities and amenities, Al Kabir Town is an alluring real estate project for people to both live in and invest in. 

One of the main things and striking features of this housing scheme is that the developers are offering quality real estate opportunities at affordable rates. Al-Kabir Town provides residential plots in the following capacity

3 Marla
5 Marla
7 Marla
8 Marla

Moreover, this housing society also provides commercial plots in the given below sizes: 

2 Marla
4 Marla
6 Marla

This housing society also shares its premises with other top-notch real estate projects in the areas such as Bahria Town Lahore, Beaconhouse National University Tarogil Campus, Eden Park, and Pakistan Medical Housing Society. 

Al Noor Orchard West Marina

A right blend of modern and contemporary is Al Noor Orchard West Marina. This is a project of Al-Jalil developers and is located on the west side of Lahore City. This one was launched back in 2018. The main aim of this housing project is to keep the essence of Lahore and its Mughal Era intact while providing a thorough and once-in-a-lifetime living experience. 

Here are some of the available districts for residential and commercial bookings in Al Noor Orchard West Marina, Lahore: 

Water District
Canal District
Education District
Medical District
Garden District and
Central Business District (Coming Soon)

Al Noor Bahria Orchard West Marina is an LDA approved housing society that is a gated community and therefore a secure investment opportunity for people. The No objection certificate is a clear indication that it is a legal investment. 

Moreover, this housing society covers a whopping area of 40 acres of prime land which makes the master plan of this one all the more enchanting and glorious. Al Noor Bahria Orchard is located on Lahore Jaranwala road and is just a few mins away from Al Jalil Garden. 

Lahore Smart City

These days the one housing scheme about which everyone talks in Lahore is Lahore Smart City. It is one of the new housing schemes in Lahore and also the first-ever smart city of Lahore. 

The best thing about this project is that not only is it LDA-approved, but it is a project of famous and renowned developers FDHL and HRL. 

Now that one important factor is here, let’s see if LSC has all the other factors that will make it the best to invest. 

If we talk about the location, this housing scheme is situated in one of the finest areas. It is at one of the famous roads Grand Trunk Road and also quite close to Ring Road, which will provide residents with ease when commuting anywhere within the city. 

Moving on, this luxurious and state-of-the-art housing scheme has plots of all categories. So, even if you belong to the middle class, don’t hesitate when planning to invest in this project. 

Bahria Town, Lahore

Bahria Town is not only known as the best housing society in Lahore but all around Pakistan. It is the real estate project that is, to this date, considered among the largest. Also, it is not wrong to say that it was the project that changed the entire real estate of Pakistan

This project offers all the facilities, including basic and luxuries. This project is also legal as it is approved by LDA. Now many, to this date, believe that this housing scheme is only for the elite class. However, this isn’t the case. This world-class housing scheme has something for everyone. 

Bahria Town was first launched in Islamabad. After seeing its success of it, Malik Riaz, a renowned personality of Pakistan, launched Bahria Town in Lahore and later in Karachi too. 

There are so many unique things that you can find in Bahria Town, Lahore. Pakistan’s 3rd largest mosque is in this society. Furthermore, a replica of the Eiffel Tower is also there. 

It is not wrong to say that Bahria Town in Lahore is like a city within a city. And if you are looking for a housing scheme that offers peace, luxury, and safety, then this is the project where you must invest. 

Dream Housing Society

Another housing scheme where you can build or find your dream house is Dream Housing Society. This project is located at Raiwind Road, Lahore. The housing scheme is quite close to Lake City and is by the side of the Superior University Campus. 

Now you might be looking for the answer to the question that is in your mind. Is the housing society LDA approved or not? Well, the Dream Housing Society is approved by LDA. 

Furthermore, if you are researching the plot sizes available, the society has residential plots of 3 and 5 Marla. The installment plan is also quite easy to follow as it extends to 48 months. Moving on, the commercial plots are also available, and the options here for you are 2.5 and 4 Marla. 

Etihad Town

One of the best housing schemes in Lahore that is a testament to the developer’s dedication and experience is Etihad Town. This one is the brainchild of Etihad Holdings and was launched back in 2016. This housing society is developing at a progressive phase and will soon be available for residential accommodations. This one covers a land area of 530 Kanal and boosts an array of world-class services at best. 

Etihad town is a luxurious housing scheme that provides world-class amenities at cost-effective rates and is a secure investment for people who are in need of stable ROI. Therefore if you are in need of a place that resonates the best with the concept of home building. 

The master plan of this one has been designed by keeping in mind all the details of revamping the real estate history in Pakistan. Etihad town is ambitious, splendid, and a design marvel in every aspect possible!

Icon Valley Lahore

Icon Valley Lahore is true to its name and is an iconic real estate project that promises and rightfully delivers so. It is considered to be one of the pioneers in changing real estate prospecting in Pakistan and making real estate investment a bankable market or niche. Icon Valley was launched in 2008 and boasts a high-quality lifestyle at surprisingly low prices. 

This one has everything such as houses, villas, commercial centers, VIP apartments and so much more.

Moreover, it is also an LDA approved housing venture that is catering to the inflation crises in Pakistan. The developers of Icon Valley are not only properly utilizing the already available resources but are also multiplying them in the right projection ensuring quality real estate accessible for everyone!

Jasmine Avenue Homes

Looking for economical housing schemes that are providing a luxurious lifestyle experience as well? Well, worry not as Jasmine Avenue Homes is the new name of comfort, style, and affordable rates. It is a joint effort of Q Links Developers and Lal Estate. One of the best things about this housing society is that they provide built-in homes which are ready to move in for the investors, especially for those who are not aligned with the concept of house construction. 

Jasmine avenue homes is a dream venture which provides quality and classic opportunities to reside in class- apart from residential abodes. It is a project in Maryam Town. This association makes this an unmissable opportunity for residents and investors alike. 

The location of this one cements the fact that it is an accessible housing venture. It is located on Main Raiwind road and shares access with Adda plot and Lahore Ring Road. 

Kings Town by Al-Kabir Town

Kings Town is an exquisitely designed landscape that serves the very purpose of a modern lifestyle fused with classic and optimized infrastructure. Prime location, easy access, and incorporation of the best possible facilities make it a stunning venture which is equal parts lucrative and sustainable, to say the least. 

Not only the location is accessible, but Kings Town Lahore also has some unmatched features which further the cause of sustainability and modernism all in one place. It is located at a 10 min distance from Lahore Ring Road and a 20 min drive away from Park View City and Thokar Niaz Baig. 

Moreover, it is an LDA approved housing society which means it’s legal and therefore you do not have to suffer from the hassle of lazy documentation. 

Lake City

Lake City – The society that has been developed with one goal in mind facilitates buyers and investors in the best way possible. The good thing is that they are doing it very well. The society is approved by the LDA, which means investing in it causes no trouble for sure. 

The location of Lake City is also ideal. It has many entrances. The main and second entrance of this housing project is from Raiwind and Ring Road. 

This society is very environmentally friendly. Wherever you see, you will find greenery. This is something that is something hard to find in the busiest city in Pakistan, Lahore. But here, developers had done an extraordinary job of ensuring health and luxury side by side. 

Maryam Town

Maryam Town is another great project of Al Kabir Developers. They launched this housing scheme after the huge success of Al Kabir and Kings Town. This isn’t wrong to say that Maryam Town is a real estate wonder. The infrastructure and everything else within the housing society are unique. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the budget when investing in this project, as it is known for its affordability. 

This grandeur project of Al Kabir Developers is also located at Raiwind Road Lahore, close to Bahria Orchard. If we talk about the distance of this project from Thokar Niaz Baig, it is only 4 km away. And from Kings Town, the distance is only 1 to 2 km. 

And yes, the housing scheme is legal. It is approved by Lahore Development Authority and has all the documents needed as proof. 

Lastly, 3 to 5 Marla residential and 2 to 4 Marla commercial plots are available in this housing project. To book the plot for yourself, all you need is a down payment, and later you can follow a simple 3-year installment plan. 

Safari Garden Housing Scheme

Connecting the two main roads, Ferozepur Road and Raiwind Road, the Safari garden Housing Scheme location is one of the finest among all. The project is of renowned developers, Hajveri Builders & Developers. If we talk about the exact location, it is at Sue-e-Asal Road. This is a clear indication to the investors that investing in this project is beneficial. 

The other thing that makes this housing scheme more desirable is its legality. The society is not only approved by LDA but by other authorities too. This means that you don’t have to worry that you might face electricity, gas or water-related issues in the future. 

Moving on, the options available when it comes to plot sizes are many. Residential plots of 3, 5, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal, and commercial plots of 2, 4, and 8 Marla are available. 

LDA Approved Housing Societies- A Safe Bet for Secure ROI

The approval of the Lahore Development Authority is a deal breaker for housing societies, as it can either justify the legality of a housing society or can discard it overall. People often purchase real estate with their hard-earned money. Therefore they always seek out those areas of investment that are legal and trouble-free. This guide to LDA approved societies is a need for the hour when inflation is breaking the spines of the middle class and wreaking havoc on the economic budget. Make sure to invest in these approved societies and stay away from any sort of legalities at the end of the day!



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