Lahore versus Islamabad – Which City Is Better?

Living in Islamabad VS Lahore – Which City Is Better?

Pakistan is the fifth most populous country in South Asia. It is also known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, as it is the second-largest Muslim country in the world. But the demographics are not the only stand-out thing about this country. Pakistan is famous for its cuisine and hospitality. But there is something else that contributes to the overall reputation of Pakistan. Lahore and Islamabad – are two of the mainstream cities in Pakistan.

Both of these cities are famous among the residents and hold a special reputation on a global scale as well. Migration to cities is a trendy concept. People do this because of the ease of lifestyle that the cities are offering. But above all, it is important to address the elephant in the room. Which city is better to move to, Lahore or Islamabad?

Today we will be exploring the pros and cons of living in both cities on the basis of some subjective parameters. We do hope to keep our opinion as unbiased as we can.

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Overview of Both Cities

Pakistan hosts almost 8 populated cities. These numbers are not only jaw-dropping but are also a clear indication of the rich culture of the country. With a plethora of different cultures and traditions, every city is brimming with high prospects of migration. The same is the case with two of the most well-known cities, Lahore and Islamabad.

Lahore – For Those Who Know How to Live Life to the Fullest!

Lahore is undoubtedly the heart of Pakistan. It was a famous city and the main center of attention during the Mughal period. This is clearly visible through the rich cityscape which is headlined with stunning infrastructure and places that are too good to be real. Everything about this city screams tradition and royalty.

Islamabad – The Aesthetic Capital of Pakistan

If there is one word that comes to mind when we are talking about Islamabad – it is tranquility. The city is known for its aesthetic vibes, lush greenery, and weather that is hard to miss. Islamabad has a healthy amount of hills and forests and is one of the main tourist attractions in the country. This one is also famous for its calm and peaceful ambiance.

Islamabad VS Lahore – Details

Now moving on to the Lahore versus Islamabad debate, the details are as follows:

Whether Conditions

Starting with the weather, the weather of Lahore is a story of its own. The summers are long and humid and a clear test of one’s patience against all the precipitation. The hottest season tends to over welcome its stay and can stretch from May to October. The highest recorded temperature in Lahore is 48°C. Winters, on the other hand, are short and cold. The months in which cold weather is at its peak are from November to January. The coldest month in Lahore is January with the lowest temperature of 7°C.

Islamabad on the other hand is a city where the temperature does not fluctuate aggressively. The summers do not make you sweat, the winters don’t make you shiver. Because of all the greenery that is encapsulating the whole atmosphere, the seasons are fresh, breathable, and breezy. The coldest month is January with the lowest temperature of 3°C and the hottest season is June with the highest temperature of 37°C.

Education Institutes

Even from an unbiased judgment, the city is a clear winner in the context of better educational prospects is Lahore. But there is not a single shadow of a doubt that Islamabad and Lahore both hold good reputations in the context of world-class educational institutes. In terms of literary rate, Lahore with a 64% rate sits higher on the throne. The literacy rate of Islamabad is 20%.

Famous universities of Lahore are:

  • LUMS
  • LSE
  • UET
  • PU
  • UVAS
  • UCP
  • NCA

Famous universities of Islamabad are:

  • NUST
  • Quaid-e-Azam University

Real Estate Trends

Both cities are progressing productively in the real estate department. Lahore is the house of Pakistan’s second smart city, Lahore Smart City. Some other real estate ventures that are present in Lahore are:

  • Park View City
  • Lake City Lahore
  • Icon Valley
  • DHA Lahore
  • Bahria Town Lahore
  • Al-Jalil Garden Lahore

On the other hand, Islamabad is the proud presenter of the first ever smart city in Pakistan – Capital Smart City. Some other promising real estate projects in Islamabad are:

In terms of real estate investments, both cities are booming with the promise of high-quality projects.

Population & Traffic

One of the biggest gripes while living in Lahore is that this city is subjected to extremely nauseating traffic jams. Due to overpopulation and urban expansion, the city is expanding aggressively. This is causing the main premises of the city to exhaust and people have to suffer from cramped spaces. In order to deal with this issue, the management of the city has started to build various flyovers, corridors, and adjacent structures. All of this roadside infrastructure and architecture is giving Lahore a new and refined look.

Islamabad is a totally different story. The roads are wide, the population is less and the people are more calm. This is why there is a notion that Islamabad and the people living there are all peaceful. Thus, if you are a fan of calm vibes, you know what you should pick!

Pollution & Cleanliness

There is no clear winner in this category. Pakistan as a country is struggling with the aftermath of climate change and pollution.

Lahore has been a constant resident on the most populated cities index for various years. It is right there between Delhi and Beijing. Moreover, the city is also struggling with the health and environmental impacts of Smog – one of the biggest health hazards of the 21st century. The lack of awareness and greenery are the main culprit behind this notoriety.

Islamabad is dealing with land pollution. But because Islamabad is the capital and federal center of Pakistan, the situation is not that worse in the city. The city is maintained properly because of foreign visits and for the appeal. Moreover, the presence of trees and green belts reduces pollution to various degrees.

Islamabad Vs Lahore – Choose Your Pick!

We are hopeful that the aforementioned guide will help you in making an informed decision. This unbiased review of both the cities, paints a clear picture that at the end of the day, one has to decide which city suits their residential prospects the most.


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