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Are you among those who still need to build a great connection or friendship with math? Even solving small equations causes trouble for you. Well, we understand your feelings, so there is no need to feel ashamed. As not everyone can be a math mogul. However, even after losing a battle against simple math, you are all set to understand Kanal to Square feet conversion. 

But you have failed to find the simplest method to do so. To solve this problem of yours, we are here for you. In this blog, you will learn the simplest method to understand the conversion of Kanal to Square Feet or vice versa. So, are you in for a ride? If so, let’s begin!

Before getting into complicated stuff, it is essential to learn about Kanal and Square Feet separately. So, here are the details. 

What Is the Definition of Kanal?

Excluding Pakistan and a few parts of India, the land is usually measured in different units, such as Hectare, Square Yard, and so on. However, it doesn’t mean at all that the importance of Kanal, the local measurement unit of the land, ends or decreases. 

Now, 1 Kanal is usually 5445 sq. ft, and if we talk about Acre, it is 1/8th of the Acre. But there is one thing that you have to keep in mind in India and Pakistan, the 1 Kanal measurement in Square Feet isn’t the same.

So, how many square feet in one Kanal? If we take a standard measurement under consideration then 1 Kanal is equal to 5445 sq. ft, then the measurement of Kanal in other units is as follows:

kanal to square feet

What Is the Definition of Square Feet?

Square Feet, a famous measuring unit, is an abbreviation of sq. ft. This unit is usually used to measure the area of the apartments. However, in the market, it is used to measure everything, including residential, commercial, and other types of land. 

So, it is essential to have knowledge about the sq. ft too. You must know that 1 sq. ft is equal to 0.11 sq. yards. And if we talk about a square foot to Kanal, then 1 sq. ft is equivalent to 0.000183655 Kanal. The other measurement details are as follows:

how many square feet in one kanal

How to Convert Kanal to Square Feet – Formula

Is it hard for you to remember numbers? Well, to make it easy for you, here is the formula that can help you. 

You know well how many square feet there are in 1 Kanal. Now, if you would like to know how many square feet there are in 2, 3, Kanal, or more than that all you need to do is follow this simple formula:

Sq. ft = Kanal * 5445

What’s the Main Difference between Kanal and Square Feet?

So, if you are all set to buy a property in Pakistan real soon, it becomes essential for you to understand the difference between both units. This is something that allows you to stay away from scammers. As there are times when people try to benefit from the buyer’s lack of knowledge.

To save you from such trouble, down below are the significant differences:


1. Kanal: Kanal is a measurement unit specifically used to measure lands in Pakistan and India (rural regions).

2. Square Feet: Square Feet are also a measuring unit; however, it is known as the imperial measurement unit. In the US, or you can say in the international market, the Square Feet is used to measure area. 


1. Kanal: Kanal = 5445 Square Feet

2. Square Feet: Square Feet = 0.000183655 Kanal


1. Kanal: There isn’t any abbreviation or symbol for Kanal. In English and even in Urdu, Kanal is called “Kanal.”

2. Square Feet: There is a shorter form of Square Feet, or you can say a symbol or abbreviation, and that is sq. ft.


1. Kanal: Kanal word is mainly used to measure the small plots in rural areas of Pakistan and India. 

2. Square Feet: Square Feet is a term used worldwide in the real estate sector to measure land specifically. 

Make Well-Informed Decisions – Learn the Right Conversions

In order to make sure that the construction process of your house is not a bumpy ride. A mutually beneficial relationship must be in the cards between you and conversions. Unit conversions are like the home construction guide step one. Even though you have a strong team of professionals who are by your side to aid you in the whole process. Learning things ahead of the way so that you are relatable and understand the complexities of this niche is highly recommended.

We understand the difficulties that may arise while you try to align yourself with arithmetic problems, but the above-provided guide is to solve this issue once and for all. Learn how to convert Kanal measurements into square feet or vice versa, efficiently. This way you will be able to understand the market a bit better. Moreover, it will also protect you from deceit and fraud. 

We wish you nothing but good luck on this journey of yours!







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