Jammu Kashmir Housing Society – A Detailed Guide About the Project

Islamabad – The most beautiful city in Pakistan and even the world is a place where many want to live. However, finding a property in Islamabad is not simple. Firstly, there are many housing projects available in Islamabad. Secondly, people assume that the properties available in Islamabad are quite expensive.

However, this is not the case, as there are many projects available that are known and offer plots at a reasonable price. One such project is the Jammu Kashmir Housing Society. This housing project is also known as Khayaban e Kashmir G-15.

The sector G-15 is so beautiful and has beautiful views around. This is something that gives Jammu Kashmir Housing Society a huge edge.

Also, allow us to tell you that the project is registered with Islamabad Cooperative Development. Furthermore, it is a project that has recently got approval from the Supreme Court of Pakistan.


Jammu Kashmir Housing Society Location

As mentioned above, the housing project is located at a G-15, so it is evident that the Jammu Kashmir Housing Society location is supreme. However, if you don’t know much about the G-15, allow us to tell you that it is on Srinagar Highway.

As the project is on Srinagar Highway, the benefit of it is that you can easily access it from the F-15 sector. Moreover, the project is also easily accessible from Rawalpindi, as there is a road that connects both.

This means you can easily visit the important landmarks of Rawalpindi with ease.

Access Points

As you have learned, the project can be easily accessed, the details are:

  • Motorway Chowk – 4 Minutes Drive
  • NUST H-12 Campus – 12 Minutes Drive
  • Quaid e Azam International Hospital – 13 Minutes Drive
  • Pir Wadhai Morr – 18 Minutes Drive
  • Islamabad International Airport – 20 Minutes Drive
  • G-11 Markaz – 21 Minutes Drive
  • Saddar Rawalpindi – 30-minute Drive
  • Zero Point Islamabad – 30-minute Drive
  • Capital Smart City– 5 Minutes Drive

Closeby Landmarks

The project Jammu Kashmir Housing Society is close to multiple famous landmarks. The details are:

  • Pir Wadhai Morr
  • Saddar Rawalpindi
  • Shakarparian
  • Rawalpindi Railway Station
  • Taxila
  • F-9 Park
  • Zero Point
  • Itwar Bazar
  • Islamabad International Airport
  • Motorway M1 and M2

Jammu Kashmir Housing Society Developers

Jammu and Kashmir Housing Society was established back in 1980. Then it was registered in 1981 under the Cooperative Act 1925. The revised management of the Jammu and Kashmir Housing Society took over the society’s obligations in the 1st week of June 2008.

Some other projects by the housing society are as follows:

  • Kashmir Model Town
  • G-15/f-15 (Khayaban-e-Kashmir)
  • F-15 (extension)
  • F-16 (khayaban-e-kashmir)
  • Zone-V (khayaban-e-kashmir –ii)
  • Agro Farming Scheme

Jammu Kashmir Housing Society NOC

Well, the good thing about this project is that it has no legal obligations. The main reason is one, and that is; it is developed on a G-15 sector that is approved by the CDA already. It is also approved by the other concerned authorities. Moving on, under Cooperative Act 1925, it is approved by Islamabad Cooperative Development.

Jammu Kashmir Housing Society Development Status

If you are planning to invest in this project, surely you would like to know about its development status.

We’d like to inform you that the development of this project is near completion. If you like, you can see the progress on your own by visiting the housing project. Within the housing scheme, multiple houses construction is complete, and more than 1500 houses are occupied.

Those who are living in this project have all the amenities required to live a happy, healthy, and luxurious life.

Jammu Kashmir Housing Society Master Plan

The master plan of Jammu Kashmir Housing Society is supreme. It has everything required by the residents, from luxurious amenities to scenic views. Furthermore, it brings a secure investment opportunity whether you are interested in residential or commercial properties.

To understand everything better, look at the master plan yourself.

Jammu Kashmir Housing Society Plot Sizes

  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Jammu Kashmir Housing Society Payment Plan

Sector Plot Size Dimensions Minimum Price Maximum Price
G-15/1 7 Marla 30 * 60 PKR 95.00 Lac PKR 1.25 Crore
G-15/1 14 Marla 40 * 80 PKR 1.45 Crore PKR 1.75 Crore
G-15/1 1 Kanal 50 * 90 PKR 1.90 Crore PKR 2.25 Crore
G-15/1 2 Kanal 75 * 120 PKR 2.85 Crore PKR 3.75 Crore
G-15/2 7 Marla 30 * 60 PKR 1.05 Crore PKR 1.25 Crore
G-15/2 14 Marla 40 * 80 PKR 1.50 Crore PKR 2 Crore
G-15/2 1 Kanal 50 * 90 PKR 1.95 Crore PKR 2.30 Crore
G-15/2 2 Kanal 75 * 120 PKR 3.05 Crore PKR 3.75 Crore
G-15/3 7 Marla 30 * 60 PKR 1.02 Crore PKR 1.35 Crore
G-15/3 14 Marla 40 * 80 PKR 1.50 Crore PKR 1.95 Crore
G-15/3 1 Kanal 50 * 90 PKR 1.95 Crore PKR 2.50 Crore
G-15/3 2 Kanal 75 * 120 PKR 2.65 Crore PKR 3.50 Crore
G-15/4 7 Marla 30 * 60 PKR 1.10 Crore PKR 1.35 Crore
G-15/4 14 Marla 40 * 80 PKR 1.50 Crore PKR 1.85 Crore
G-15/4 1 Kanal 50 * 90 PKR 1.95 Crore PKR 2.50 Crore
G-15/4 2 Kanal 75 * 120 PKR 2.65 Crore PKR 3.50 Crore

Jammu Kashmir Housing Society Features

Here are some of the most promising features of this housing society that you need to know about:

Modern Infrastructure

This one is a given. The housing society is a class-apart venture because of its supreme infrastructure which is a result of a highly professional team. Everything which is included in the housing society is a work of art and is the perfect blend of sophistication and modern architecture.

Gated Community

Jammu Kashmir Housing Society is a secure and gated community which is located at one of the most premium locations in Islamabad. The housing society is promising safety and security for its residents.

Sewage System

The makers of the society understand the need for a high-quality lifestyle and are leaving no stone unturned to produce a housing society that fits the right mold for the residents and investors. The developers have also included a sewage system in the society’s master plan. This sewage system promises well-planned wastewater management.

Children Play Area

It is also necessary for kids to have enough room so that they can engage in extracurricular activities. This is a basic necessity for their growth. Jammu Kashmir Housing Society understands this need and promises a dedicated children’s play area.


Mosques host a large audience of Muslims during prayer times. They are non-negotiable. The master plan of this housing society also includes a contemporary mosque in the center of the society.

Parks and Grounds

Getting in touch with nature is a necessity. Being in close proximity to natural things helps to eliminate various diseases. That is why society also includes green parks and grounds so that the residents have a chance to connect with nature.

Green Belts

This is something that is a clear vision of the environmental sustainability of any project. Green belts are necessary because they hint at a visionary project which is a testament to the dedication of the developers to producing long-term and stable real estate projects.

Commercial Zones

Nowadays real estate is an amalgamation of both residential and commercial real estate. Jammu Kashmir housing society comes with the promise of a dedicated commercial zone that is brimming with high-end and luxurious brands and retail stores.

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Why Should You Invest in Jammu Kashmir Housing Society?

In case you are still wondering about the investment prowess of Jammu Kashmir Housing Society. Here are some reasons why you need to invest in this housing society:

Passive Source of Income

Passive income is a source of income in which a person does not have to be actively present at a job to secure an income. And in that context, investment in such a sort of housing society is rewarding.

Prime Location

Location is one of the key players in the success or failure of any real estate project. That is why people are always curious about the location of any real estate project. And in terms of that Jammu Kashmir Housing Society is a safe investment. It is accessible from various locations.

Renowned Developers

This one is a project of the Jammu Kashmir Housing Society. The name is a well-known real estate developer in Islamabad who is famous for a plethora of other projects of such sorts as well. This is not the only project by the developing body. We have discussed some other projects of that company in the article as well.

Affordable Project

There is no denying the fact that the Jammu Kashmir Housing Society is one of the most affordable projects of recent times. The developers of the project are on a mission to make real estate easy, accessible, and affordable for the people of Pakistan.

Massive Land Coverage

Apart from all the life facilities that this society is offering, Jammu Kashmir Housing Society covers a massive land of 4474.48 Kanal. This massive land coverage offers that everything is available and a subjective part of the real estate project.

Wide Range of Residential Plots

Another reason why investing in a project of this caliber is a high investment is because of the plethora of residential plots that this housing society is promising. Whether you are looking out for a 5-plot or 1 Kanal Plot, you will find it in this housing society.


All those who are on a hunt for procuring the best possible real estate investments either for further or for residential options, should definitely secure money in this project. Therefore if you also want to purchase a plot so that you can build a home, you need to secure investment in this project. It is also a CDA-approved housing project.

For more details, plot information, and additional project details, reach out to Property Street at your earliest possible convenience.


What is Jammu Kashmir Housing Society Location?

Jammu Kashmir Housing Society is located on Srinagar Highway.

Is the Jammu Kashmir Housing Society Affordable Project?

Yes, Jammu Kashmir Housing Society boosts a payment plan that is easy to follow.

Is Jammu Kashmir Housing Society an Accessible Project?

Yes, the project is located at one of the most accessible locations in Islamabad.

Is Jammu Kashmir Housing Society a Legal Project?

Yes, this is a CDA-approved housing society.

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