How to Ensure Smart Cities Benefit Everyone?

How to Ensure Smart Cities Benefit Everyone Blogs

Have you ever imagined being a part of a city that not only offers luxury, comfort, and peace but is equipped with technology? If not, it is the time you think about it!

As everyone knows, the trend of smart cities is growing very quickly. The main reason behind it is that it is filled with technology that plays a key role in making people’s life efficient and seamless.

But the question here is how to ensure smart cities benefit everyone. There are many countries that don’t have enough resources. So what can they do? Well, here you will get answers about everything.

However, before moving further, it is essential to properly understand the concept of smart cities. If you agree, the next point is for you!

What are Smart Cities?

For you the concept of the smart city might be new however it has been in the talks for a very long time. In the 1960s, the word smart city was discussed for the first time. However, at that time the technology was not very advanced.

But as time passes humans start to progress in every field including technology. Because of this, the making of smart cities has become simple. The use of IoT devices to gather data from the entire city makes things pretty easy for the security forces and even for the health and other departments.

In short, smart cities are a good place for every individual to live in. Here each individual will be able to live a better and stress-free life.

How Many Smart Cities Are in the World?

If we talk about the smart cities present all around the world, the list is long. However, allow us to tell you that the one that tops the chart is:

  •  Singapore

After that 

  • Helsinki, Finland
  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • Oslo, Norway
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • New York, United States
  • Seoul, South Korea

However, there is one thing everyone should focus on. The developed countries are not the only ones taking the initiative these days.

Even countries that are not considered developed yet such as Pakistan are working on becoming smart. They launched the very first smart city in Islamabad on Sunday, 6th Oct 2019, with the name Capital Smart City.

This is a project that has gained a lot of popularity, not only in Pakistan but even among Overseas Pakistanis. Considering this, the developers of CSC, HRL, and FDHL launched the second smart city in the capital of Punjab Province, Lahore with the name Lahore Smart City in August 2020.

How Many Smart Cities Are in Pakistan?

Allow us to tell you that in Pakistan, currently there are two smart cities:

  • First in Islamabad with the name Capital Smart City
  • Second in Lahore with the name Lahore Smart City

How are Smart Cities Changing the World of Real Estate?

Below are the points that are the true explanation of how smart cities are changing the real estate of Pakistan and the World.

Environmental Sustainability

One of the greatest ways smart cities are helping the real estate of Pakistan is by providing sustainable venues for investment. In recent times, there has been an aggressive focus on the importance of the environment and its stability for the survival of everyone. This is an act that demands swift and prompt planning as well as a good analysis of the urban areas.

From architects to designers, everyone needs to be on the same page. We cannot live in a world that is only making progress on the economic front. We have to strike a balance between economic growth and environmental stability. Smart cities are exactly providing that.

These cities are offering residents a chance to enjoy a quality lifestyle because these cities are keeping pollution at the lowest possible level. These cities come with a pre and properly planned design which also ensures architects keep in mind the following details related to the cities such as:

  • Water Sensors
  • Temperature Analysis
  • Air Quality
  • Sound Limitation

This data is also known as the fitness tracker of the city, leading to environmental stability at all possible points of the journey.

Residence Assistance

This is a point where smart cities shine the brightest. These cities are designed to facilitate the residents and they are doing exactly that.

Following are the avenues where smart cities are helping the residents:

  • Good Housing Opportunities
  • Educational Services
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Mental Peace
  • Strengthening Community Relationships

Now, smart cities are ensuring all this with the interconnected network of data. The data is everywhere, scattered in place. But the management and concept of smart cities are making sure that the data is streamlined and available to everyone.

The use of this data is for:

  • Health Tracking
  • Fighting Neighborhood Blight
  • Reducing the Onsets of Discrimination
  • Deploying Autonomous Vehicles
  • Increased Resident Safety and Mobility

Focus on Services

According to the traditional ways of real estate, cities were designed with the idea of serving the government and the authorities. The benefits were then expected to move from the authoritative figures to the public. This was mainly because of a prior belief that what benefits the government will, in turn, benefit the public.

There was one issue with this set of thinking. There was no direct focus on the public benefits. The main focus was on maintaining the administration with minimal efforts but there was no direct attention to the available services.

This is what smart cities are providing to the general public. A smart city is the way forward. Many world leaders are already commenting on smart cities as a refined way of real estate. With smart cities, the services are more profound and resident-centered. From greater connectivity and technical aspects to improved trade opportunities, it’s a productive way to do real estate.

Efficient City Benefits

What’s the one thing that rings in your mind when you hear the word, cities? Ease. 

People all around the globe associate cities with ease and comfort. This comfort is not only instigated in the mindset it is enhanced with the help of many factors as well. But smart cities are not this predictable. Yes, the ease is there but it is more progressive and healthy.

There is no lost data or resources along the way. It’s all there and is being taken care of at great lengths. These projects are making the economy grow into a giant which in turn feeds innovation, making life all the more easy.

The developers are also making sure that the smart cities are not just superficial in their concepts but have a nuanced solution coupled with adaptive nature.

This way smart cities can serve the residents by allowing cities to become more efficient in their ways.

Smart Cities – Leading the Way for Social and Real Estate Transformation

After all of the above-established context, it is natural to think that who is going to be benefitted from a project of this caliber? The obvious answer to this question should be the people. And it is the right answer. Smart cities are designed by the people for the people. They are the best way to live life in a habitat that is natural and progressive.

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