How Technology has Changed the Real Estate Industry

How Technology has Changed the Real Estate Industry Real Estate

Technology is everywhere. It stays with us whether we are awake or sleeping. And we are so used to it that it isn’t possible for us to imagine living without it. Just think for a second that you wake up one day, and there is no phone, internet, smart appliances, or similar stuff around you. How would you react to it? Surely an instant change will make you crazy.

Moving on, technology hasn’t brought a change in certain departments but overall in everything, including real estate. Also, it isn’t wrong to say that the change is positive. The times are gone when people used to visit every property in order to find out whether it was suitable for them or not. Nowadays, they prefer a virtual visit first. After that, they made a decision whether to go for a visit or not. 

Similarly, the way of selling properties and managing one is also transformed completely. Would you like to learn more in detail about all this? Surely, you do. However, before that, it is essential to understand what real estate technology is and how it works.

As the world keeps on growing, in terms of technological innovations, every sector is subjected to progressive developments. Real estate is one such sector that is thriving on cutting-edge technology and recent innovations. All the changes in technology and advancements are leading to a better understanding and performance of the real estate market. 

It has changed the way this sector used to operate and function. The rate of successful incorporation of all these innovations in the real estate sector can be determined by the enhanced performance of the sector. Let us dive deep into the details of all the significant impacts that technology is leaving on the real estate sector. 

Real Estate Technology – What is it?

An umbrella term that is used to combine and define all the latest innovations in the real estate sector such as property management software, and home devices, is better defined as Real estate technology. 

Real estate technology is paving the way for better customer dealings on the end of both buyers and sellers. It also helps in the source dealings and assists in delivering effective customer services that are comprehensive, to say the least. 

Real estate property technology is expanding at an aggressive pace. Now it is not only restricted to pop-up notifications but also includes cloud-based software. 

Technology changed the Real Estate Industry through Mobile Apps, Ai Systems, online listing, IoT, CRM System Data Analyst etc which are given below.

Online Listings

This is something that is progressively used by all the realtors and property listers out there. They develop sites where the customers can view all the inventory, the latest market happenings, and photos of the property. The property owners put up photos and product descriptions so that the customers are able to take a detailed look at the property even when they are at home. 

These websites tend to provide comprehensive insight about the property such as tax and purchase history, neighborhood information, and school details. 

Mobile Apps

This informational insight is not only restricted to the website. The website owners have also developed mobile apps. These apps tend to provide more on-the-go solutions for real estate services. Mobile apps provide the latest updates and notifications about property listings and new properties in the area. 

You can also connect with agents through this mobile app system because they are available with just a click. 

3 D Virtual Tours

Gone are the days when people used to pay a physical visit to view a property. Now with all the latest technologies, people can take a virtual tour of commercial and physical accommodations. These 3-D tours help customers to make more informed and optimized decisions regarding a property. 

E-Signing Services

In this age and time, people prefer to stay on top of the game. They do not cater to the idea of inconvenience and prefer to visit those sites that promise nothing but comfort. These websites also provide e-signing services to customers as well. These platforms also provide other sorts of services such as file sharing, legal e-signatures, and secure e-signatures. 

All of this culminates in a more profound and optimized way of living that is customer friendly. 

AI in Real Estate

You must be living under a rock if you are not familiar with AI. Artificial intelligence is changing the world, revolutionizing it to become a better haven for safe investments and secure capital gains. One of the most well-known examples of this one is the incorporation of chatbots on the website. 

These chatbots are swift and serve as a quick way to answer customer queries. This leads to a better and more synchronized experience. This one is best known as RAIYA. RAIYA is Real Estate Artificial Intelligence Your Assistant. If you want to thrive in the real estate market by gathering potential clients and turning them into transactions, then this one is your best friend. 

Data Analytics

One of the must-haves for any real estate agency is a Customer Relationship Management System. It is also known as a CRM. CRM is an integrated system that allows real estate firms to stay updated and trendy against market demands. It helps people to get rid of tough market competitiveness which leads to the loss of leads at the end of the day. 

CRM Is considered one of the primary real estate necessities. It is an absolute must for productive lead generation and a strong marketing process. 


If there is one thing common in all the Smart cities around the world, it is IoT. Pakistan’s forest ever smart city, Capital smart city, and its successor Lahore Smart City both boost a healthy incorporation of IoT in the system. 

This real estate technology is innovative, smart, and an integrated solution to all the head-scratching queries of real estate. IoT can be used in smart houses, apartments, and urban infrastructure. 

How Technology Has Changed the Real Estate Industry – Conclusion

So, what have we learned from the above discussion? The answer is simple! Technology has a significant impact on the real estate market, and it is time that we change accordingly. Remember, the involvement of technology will help this field to be better in every perspective. So rather than complaining, we have to learn how to adjust to it.

You might have noticed that these days even cities are turning smart. Every country is trying to introduce technology to transform infrastructure and minimize the loss of natural resources. Even underdeveloped countries like Pakistan are trying to be friends with technology and have launched not one but two smart cities in different cities. The 1st one is in Islamabad under the name of Capital Smart City, and the 2nd one was launched in Lahore under the name of Lahore Smart City.

And don’t think that the change is done and you will see nothing new in the future. Surely future advancements will not only give you shock but excite you at the same time. And, of course, the change will be the best for both consumers and professionals!



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