Fly Ash Bricks Price in Pakistan 2023


Fly Ash Bricks

Fly ash bricks are in high demand nowadays and are used in the construction of various types of buildings instead of clay bricks.Fly-ash bricks are lighter, more powerful, and cost-effective.

Nowadays, fly ash bricks are the best choice to construct any building in Pakistan. 

There are many factors involved in the construction. But the fly ash bricks are one of the most vital elements to be considered.  These elements play an important role in the formation of a building and its framework.

Bricks are divided into different types on the basis of their price and quality, so when you are planning to begin the construction of a new building or project, choose the best types of bricks. If you are concerned about how to select the proper material for the construction building, you have come to the right place; simply visit for a free consultation and to choose the best construction material.

Benefits of the Fly Ash Bricks

1. The price of fly ash bricks is low as compared to red bricks.

2. Fly ash bricks are light in weight, more powerful, and cost-effective.

3. higher in strength, up to 2000 PSL.

4. Heaving high fire and sound insulation properties

5. Fly ash bricks Durable and lasts for a longer time

6. does not emit any greenhouse gases during production.

7. Take less space then normal clay bricks

fly ash bricks price in pakistan

If you are looking for quality fly ash bricks at affordable prices in Pakistan, Property Street is the place to go. They can provide you with the discounted prices that you require for your budget.

In Pakistan the Fly ash bricks price is 16.5 Rupees Per Block. However, rates vary from city to city.

1000 Bricks Price in Pakistan today:

Are you looking for information on the correct prices of bricks in Pakistan? If so, the property street can help. Today 1000 Bricks prices in Pakistan is 

1000 Fly ash bricks price is = Rs 14000

1000 Awwal Bricks Price is = Rs 13,200

1000 Doam Bricks price is = 9200


Property Street is one of the real estate agencies in Pakistan that provides real estate , construction, and architecture services. Property Street has an expert team of civil engineers who can freely advise you on how to select the best material for your new building or project. 

If you need any assistance about the information about bricks in Pakistan, then just call us or email us; we’ll be here to assist you.

Apart from this, the property street is the authorized dealer of the Lahore Smart City, the Capital Smart City, and King’s Town Lahore.

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