Best Farm Houses in Lahore for Events

Farm Houses in Lahore for Events Blogs

What is Farm House: 

A farmhouse is a home surrounded by a garden and used for residential purposes. It is built on a large piece of land with lots of large living spaces, exposed wood, front porches, and a focus on functionality above all else. Farmhouses are primarily used for hosting activities like weeding, parties, and corporate functions.

Farm Houses in Lahore for Events:

Are you looking for the best farmhouses in Lahore? So no worries, this article will help you find the best farmhouse in Lahore. 

There are several farmhouses in Lahore for events, but some of the most popular ones, with details, are given below.

1.Sadiq Farmhouse:

Sadiq Farmhouse is located on Bedian Road outside of Lahore’s central city, and the area of the farmhouse is 14 kanals.


1. Arrange your wedding functions, birthday parties, and many more events at affordable prices.

2. A photoshoot can also be done within the photoshoot studio.

3. In Sadiq Farmhouse there is a Bridal room with a powder bathroom.

4. There is a clean pool which can be used for pool parties

5. There is a stunning  BBQ Grill, Tandoor, and mini-kitchen used for cooking purposes. 

6. Separate area in the lawn  for the bone fire.

7.  Saqib farms house is one of the best farmhouses in Lahore for events because of the capacity of more than 500 guests.

8. Price depends upon the numbers of people.

2. Grand Orchid Farmhouse

The Grand Orchid Farmhouse is located on Main Raiwind Road in Dubai Town, Lahore. The total area of this farmhouse is 16 kanals. 2 KM Away from the Maryam Town.


1.This farm house is famous for organizing mehndi, walima, and other wedding events.

2. They offer fantastic and scrumptious food.

3 .Good parking spaces are available for cars.

4 .A fantastic photoshoot studio is available for photoshoots.

5. More than 500 people can be accommodated.

3. Abdullah Farmhouse in Lahore

Abdullah Farmhouse is located in a posh and approved area of Lahore. It is located on a total land of 12 kanals


1. It is the perfect farmhouse for the events and corporate functions and parties for the families

2. They have proactive working approach with customers

3. In house electricity available

4. Offers green and clean environment for families and friends

5. There is a beautiful awning pool to beat the heat.

6. Guest capacity is more than 1000.

4. Talia Farmhouse:

Talia Farmhouse is 1 km from Lahore’s main Raiwind Road on Lasani Road, near Eden Park. Located on a total area of 8 kanals.


1. Ideal location for the university’s social events.

2. Best for family events like weddings and birthday parties.

3. There is a beautiful guest restroom and sitting chamber.

4. Capacity for more than 500 people.

5. Ali Farmhouse in Lahore:

Ali farm house is located on Multan Road, Baghdadi House Stop and 2 km away from the EME Society


1. The total area of the Ali Farmhouse is 4 Acres which are allotted for the event planning and weddings.

2. Ideal location for families function and parties

3. offering catering services with great food.

4. Heaving VIP Bridal Rooms, elegant washrooms.

5. It is safe and secure.

6. Guest capacity is more than 400 people.

7. Parking available for more than 5oo cars.


If you are looking to book the best farm house in Lahore for events so no need to worry about it property street is here and helping out for the book of best farm house with the best rates. Just visit our website and call us for more informtion.

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